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Creatine increases.0.9 to 1.12


I m t2d since last 7 yrs.i diagnosed diabetic at age of creatinine always 0.9 or 0.8.but in the last year I did test 2 times in 2 semester. First it was 1.09 and after six month it became 1.12.why it is increasing, is it side effects of medication. How can I live with it long fs is 120 to 130 and pp 160 to 180.i m taking teniva m before breakfast n glycomet 500 before dinner.

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(1) you need to control your blood sugar. Keep a target Fasting of 100 to 110 and PP max 140...

(2) It is possible if you follow a proper diet and post meal exercise along with your medication..

(3) If you are to reduce your weight...

(4) if you are already underweight, increase your weight by diet

And with Metformin it is difficult to increase your weight.. talk your doctor to change your medicine ...

(5) Now coming to your creatinine, it is ok. But since it is showing an increasing trend, you need to do further investigation...

please check your microalbuminuurea and albumin creatinine ratio which would indicate if your kidney function is deteriorating !

(5) If you find your Albuminuria and albumin creatinine ratio is high, then consult your endochrinologist or a Nephrologist who could put on a Telmasartan which is known to reverse kidney damage...

In fact nowadays, most of the Endochrinologists recommend Telmasartan for all diabetes as a standard practice even if BP is ok..

Wish you all the best


1.12 is still within reference range of 1.3 and so,it isnot alarming.But the increasing trend may have to be looked my experience,avoiding salt and spicy foods goes a long way in reducing the levels because the load put on the kidneys gets reduced.For proper guidance,better consult a good dieticien.

Your blood sugar levels are okay. The increasing trend of creatinine has to be controlled. One of the causes is metformin. How much you are taking every day. The optimum dose of metformin is 2000 mg/day. Check with your doctor if that can be reduced.

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I m taking 500mg morning with tenigliptine and evening 500mg only

Try to reduce Metformin to half and take LIGHT FRIED Menthi powder twice daily one spoon at a time .In a matter of 15 days sugar levels come to normalcy and after consulting the doctor you can completely stop Metformin .

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This is mythology or tested. My relatives tested but no result

Methi leaves, Methi powder, Methi seeds (Fenugreek) are all good for health.

All do not work in all cases . It depends on individual prakrithi (nature)

It is not mythology . It is Ayurveda . Diabetes is not a disease . It is caused by an imbalance in the three humours in the body . Predominance of vatha prakrithi gives diabetes where bitter things give relief and some times reversal . Diabetes caused by Predominance of kapha prakrithi gets relief with Ocimum , diabetes caused by Pitthaprakrithi gets cure by items which reduce heat in the body . There is no concept of free size in Ayurveda .

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