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Hi am Praveen, my age is 32 years, 5 years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes and doctor advised me to take insulin shots , initially I was fine , after 2 years my HBA1C levels started raising from 5 to 10 in 4 years, Please advise how to bring it down even I tried all diet plans which gave some adverse side effects.

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Hi and welcome to the group, Praveen1438. Please feel free to continue posting and commenting, asking questions, take a look at the Topics/Events/Polls/Pinned Posts sections for ideas and information/suggestions, take the polls, and of course, meet the other members of the group. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

When was your last A1c done? Has your doctor suggested that you count carbs.? Have you talked about a low carb high protein diet plan with your doctor? What did your doctor say about the dose of insulin to do for each meal?

Have you seen this Activity2004 youtube.com/watch?list=PLrV... , why low-carb should not be high protein?

Switch to LCHF if you want to get off from insulin and eventually medicines.

Does desk top job is worsening my diabetes?

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Carbs. are worsening your diabetes.

Restrict carbs to max 100 grams per day and increase your fat consumption to 225 grams per day.

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Please check your private messages on HU.πŸ˜€ It’s okay!πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Insulin is good. But it is not the last word for diabetes. You have to reduce the food after lunch. Why because the fasting sugar is to be controlled strongly. In addition to that all the organs of the body is to be saved. Be careful and test your eyes after dialating the same. Don't be silly in this. After getting control you can relax.

Imagine a tube train (body cells) where the guards (insulin) enable passengers (glucose) to board the train.

Employing more guards would only work for a short time. In the long-term, the logical solution is to limit the number of passengers to board the train.

I'm sorry the dietary solutions you've tried haven't worked. The food you are eating must be converting to too much glucose phcuk.org/nice

I switched to LCHF diet in the six months ago later I became weaker and weaker with the diet and gastric issue became more problem , could not concentrate on work also , so could not maintain LCHF diet.

If blood glucose remains high, you have more than enough carbohydrate without eating any more. You will still suffer weakness if your body is unable to use what is in the bloodstream.

If blood glucose is too low, you're having too much insulin.

Try victoza with empagliflo and piozer

Consult a good Endocrinologist with diabetic knowledge.


You were diagnosed of diabetes at a young age of 27. Was it type 2 or LADA. There may have been good reason to prescribe insulin. Do you know if your pancreas is producing enough insulin?

In any case, low carb diet will be quite effective in reducing the insulin requirements. Please let us know your other conditions in detail e.g. Height, weight, typical daily diet, fasting insulin, FBS and PPBS.

Hi Praveen55, thanks for your reply , I weigh 63 kgs , height 168cms and on 24 March I have done with FBS and PPBS so results were 191 and 353.

You are having too much carbohydrate. Your fasting level was already too high when fasting; you did not need any additional. Aim below 150 for PP.

If blood glucose is not below 72, the weakness is not lack of glucose,

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Here are my thoughts:

1. As such you are not overweight. Because of this and your young age, I will suggest you should get further tests done to rule out the possibility of LADA. Please discuss this with your Doctor. Many times LADA is misdiagnosed as Type 2.

2. You must get your fasting insulin test done in a lab along with the fasting blood sugar. That will give you an idea if you are insulin deficient or heavily insulin resistant.

3. Your high PPBS suggests your diet is rich in carbohydrate. It is highly unlikely to feel weak on a well designed LCHF diet. I will, therefore suggest, you should review your diet in favour of LCHF diet. You did not mention your typical daily diet. If you need any help with proper LCHF diet, let us know. I understand you have faced many health issues on LCHF diet in the past but that may be because the diet was not followed properly.

4. I hope you are monitoring your blood sugar at home also. If not, please buy a Blood Glucose Meter and Test Strips. This would be one of the wise investments. If you want to control something, it is important to measure that. That will make things much easier for you to decide which food ingredients spike your BS high so that you can either eliminate them or reduce their quantity.

5. Learn as much as practical about diets and diabetes. That will be helpful for you to live a comfortable life without worries.

My diet plan is as per below

Early morning as soon as I wake up will have glass of warm water, around 7.00 am for break fast I will have Oats then around 10 am I will have full green apple , lunch at 12:45 pm with half plate of curd rice then immediately I will for a walk for 20 mins then come to seat , at 3.15 will have tea without sugar then at 6 get into cab , I will get down in cab before two stops and go for a walk for 2kms and 7.30 dinner will have 3 chapathis with some veg curry and also from past 2 years I struggled get good sleep .

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Thank you very much for giving the diet information. As I suspected, your diet is very rich in carb which is not suitable at all for diabetes management. You have to make a major change in what you eat if you want to take control of your diabetes with a possibility of becoming medicine free as time goes by. Continue with your medications as suggested by your Doctor. What I suggest is a very low carb diet, net carb limited to under 40 gm in a day. You may be able to increase carb intake further depending on how your BS responds. You have to keep monitoring your BS frequently in the beginning. As your BS level drops, you reduce your medications/insulin dose accordingly in consultation with your Doctor. Remember- a diabetic need not remain hungry but has to eat right food. You have to reduce the frequency of meal also. Continue with your walking exercise as usual.

Below are my proposal based on the fact that you are a vegetarian and do not eat even eggs. Dairy is okay for you.

1. Have meter and test strips ready for regular BS measurements.

2. Get your blood work done including Lipid profile for reference.

3. Eliminate or reduce drastically G P S from your diet.

G: Grains, P: Potatoes, S: Sugar.

4. What to eat:

a. Non-starchy Vegetables that grow above ground including locally grown varieties. Choose a variety of vegetables. Both cooked vegetables and salad can be eaten. You should eat between 600- 800 gm ( raw weight) vegetables every day.

b. Avoid eating fruits if possible. You can eat some berries in moderation.

c. Sprouted Methi( Fenugreek) seeds and sprouted green moong.

d. Paneer , full fat cheese, Whole cream ( Malai), Full fat yoghurt.

e. Added fat: Butter, Ghee, Virgin Coconut Oil and extra virgin olive oil. Use olive oil in salad dressing. Use these ingredients generously. Avoid vegetable oil completely.

f. Nuts and seeds: Flaxseeds, Chia seeds, Sesame seeds, Walnuts, Almond, Pecan.

g. Eat till you are full. Eat second meal only when you are hungry and not because it is time to eat. Generally you will not need more than two main meals and some snacks when needed.


Start the morning with a glass of warm water as you are doing. Just add some lemon/lime juice in the water.

Meal 1: Seeds and Vegetables salad: Sprouted methi seeds + sprouted moong + salad vegetables. spices of your choice. Dressing with olive oil and lemon juice. You may add some lightly fried paneer if you wish. Alternatively, you can replace paneer with cheese. Tea/Coffee without sugar preferably with added cream.

Meal 2. UPMA

Ingredients: Ground almond/almond flour, dessicated coconut, onion and vegetables of your choice.

Prepare like a normal upma with ghee/butter/coconut oil - whichever you like. Add salt and spices to your taste. Pickles and coconut chutney will further enhance the taste.

You can have some full fat yoghurt at the end.

Meal 3: Vegetable curry with added chia seeds ( three table spoons). Add chia seeds towards the end of vegetable curry preparation. You should avoid boiling the curry after adding chia seeds.

Some paneer preparation of your choice. I like lightly fried with salt and pepper.

Snacks: overnight soaked almonds, mix of roasted flaxseeds and sesame seeds, vegetable salad, Cheese.

Make sure you consume 55-60 gm protein every day. 200 gm paneer, for example will provide 40 gm protein. 20 gm from other sources. Fat to your satiety.

There are many recipes available on-line using flax seeds e.g. bread. Do some research.

Hi Praveen, Thanks for installed menu, and also my job requires much of sitting than physical movement is there any solution for that?

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Can you get away from your desk once an hour and go walk around the office?

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Yes, you can join a gym and do strength training three days in a week.

You need to give full story over the last five years, why you went for the blood test?, medication? your life style? did you go on insulin straight away or how the dosage of insulin was calculated? or other medication first?

Big difference between T1 & T2 diabetes. T2 your pancreas could still work 70%. T1 it does NOT work at all. (Auto immune). Please keep to lower carb & be as active as possible. Good luck !

Your HbA1C has increased by 100% in 4 years, what else has increased by 100%, weight?

Hi Sandybrown, Thanks for the reply, my weight is 63 Kgs.

Waist height ratio good?, enjoy healthy eating, regular exercise can also help. Watch out for hidden and free sugar in all food and drinks goes into your mouth!

LCHF and Exercise.

How were you diagnosed diabetic when your hba1c was only 5? Did you consult multiple endocrinologists after one proposed usage of insulin shots?

I came to know my diabetes during annual health check in my office, it was borderline .

There must have been a strong reason for prescribing insulin shots for a borderline diabetic. That is where consultations with multiple endocrinologists help. By the way, are you Type 2 Diabetic?

Dear friend, diabetes is a disease of carb metabolic disorder.Even if on insuline you have to restrict carb.Root cause is carb.Do not go by taste of tongue.Have a strong determination not to touch high carb foods.Today my FBS is 107 ppbs is 128.I do not touch roti or rice.Most LCHF diet.My diabetes is 15 years and presently 61 years.only Metformin 500 and diamicron 30 mg.what I want to impress upon you that determination to not touch simple carb.Thanks.

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I agree, we have to watch carb!, free and hidden sugar.

My GP,in UK, 4 years ago went for HbA1C, I have not been asked to go for fasting blood test for blood glucose or blood cholesterol.

FBS is 107 ppbs is 128, "do you do this at home every day?"


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Sir,not every day but mostly once ina week.my recent HbA1c is 6.01.Thanks sir.

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Thank you sir, Please can u provide diet plan chart

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Please check with your doctor before you start a new diet. This is to be on the safe side of things and no one will get sick or worse.

My wife, her sister, and 7 other common friends have all tried the below regimen, and all are now currently off medicines and have normalized their HbA1C, you may want to consider checking this out on YouTube, Quora etc and then decide for yourself if you would like to try this out.


I wanted to reduce weight, (I am not diabetic) and have tried only the coconut oil part without all the other frills, and have reduced 4 kgs in a week.

If you can't follow it strictly and 100% as suggested you may want to do your best and you should still see substantial benefits. Good luck!

Before trying anything from the net or forwarded messages, please contact your physician.

For Diabetes, Sugar, Thyroid, and a host of other complaints this regimen is recommended:

1. 60 to 100 ml edible coconut oil per day on empty stomach early in the morning.

2. Four liters of water per day (all through the day)

3. One liter vegetable soup (included in the above 4 liters)

4. 3 numbers of lemon or nimbu juice/extract (included in the above 4 liters)

5. 2 spoons of curds & dilute it with 1 litre of water. (included in the above 4 liters).

6. Two nos. of Zotack or any other multi vitamin tablets

7. Any 2 times chewable vegetables like carrots or muli, or Daikon/Japanese radish, but no to any roots like potato, etc

8. Consume Badam 10, Walnuts 10 & Pista 10 numbers per day.

9. Any vegetable palyas one or two times a day.

10. Strictly nothing else is permitted πŸ˜ƒπŸ™„πŸ˜ƒ

11. Follow this regimen strictly for 90 days to get permanent relief from diabetes.

12. You may have to repeat it for 3 days once again after 6 months if you notice variation in sugar levels. But may not be necessary for most people & they can enjoy normal lifestyle after this regimen but should continue to avoid sugar even in the future.

If any doubts ask me as verbally telling has a different tinge & written may not communicate fully. You may want to give it a shot and lets see how it works.

Search for

Veeramacheneni Ramakrishna, or VRK diet plan for diabetes in English, Telugu or any other languages of your choice either in Google or or on YouTube Go etc

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What is missing from your list is dietary protein source. What is important is - to understand the concepts behind a diet. All these diets are basically ' Low Carb High Fat ' ( LCHF) diet which is very effective in weight loss and controlling diabetes. Proper LCHF means low carb, moderate protein and high fat.

There is absolutely no need to drink oil. One can use it in cooking to get the same effect. In fact, it is better to use it with vegetables. That way one can enjoy the food.

From 1 to 12, I can understand protein in the list of veg food.

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