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Recently, two days ago to be precise. I have checked my hba1c, it was 5.6 and my fasting was 100. I still drink and smoke regularly. I just stopped taking sugary tea and potatoes. The rest are all same.

Can I be real diabetes or just too much drink and stress spiked up my blood sugar.

Two times in the month of Dec, 16 and Jan, 17. I tested my hba1c, it was 8.6. Why on earth by April without meds, I have became 5.6 pls. Help

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In my opinion,your reports are rather confusing and need further testing after about three months.But,one thing is clear.You do have a tendency to become a diabetic as indicated by your testing in January.If I were you I would consider the following:

1.Continue monitoring regularly.

2.Keep the dietary habits as of now but be moderate.

3.Smoking does no good.In fact,smoking and diabetes cause similar problems and together,they can cause significant damage.

4.I hope your drinking very moderate.

5.look into the possibility of reducing your weight moderately.It depends,however,on your present weight.

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Thanks for your kind reply. During Dec, 16 and Jan, 17. I was a little stressed out. I drink and smoke heavily.

Different labs from Nov, 16 till today showed different hba1c as I tested and monitor regularly. Although, for sure, I'm path to diabetes, luckily, if I am not yet diabetes or If I am from my different testing result. What do I need to do to help keep my body in tact please.



Cholesterol (Enzymatic Method) 150 mg/dl

HDL 50

LDL 100

But GGTP is high I guess, it's 376 u/l during Jan, 17



From your reports you are not only D but also has substantial liver damage. Stop alcohol and smoking.

1) get usg abd for nafld

2) 5 hr ogtt with insulin levels at least fasting, 2 hr & 5 hr.

3) What is tg reading ?

4) your height weight and diet habits ?


But Creatinine is 0.8 mg/dl

Pls help. I'm I prone to liver disease?


Stop smoking immediately. If difficult take help.


16 April, 2017.

Dear Kahrelo:

I see no point in your dieting, or getting hba1c, regularly or otherwise, as long as you keep smoking and drinking heavily, ds you yourself admit. Have you heard of Bernard Shaw’s description of who is a smoker? “Fool at one end and fire at the other”! After a quarter century of smoking, I gave it up in the middle of a pack of cigarettes in my pocket, in 1981, with a commitment to myself that I would not smoke again. I have stayed that way. I gave up eating pan the next year. I have been a diabetic since 1982. Although I drink and keep stock of liquor for decades now, I have never been drinking alone or on a daily basis. The urge to have a drink has virtually petered off to a point that now I do not drink except on rare occasions, and limit to two or three smalls. These disciplines and diet control, medication and exercise have helped me to not only survive as a diabetic for 35 years, but also lead a reasonably active life, despite the mild stroke I suffered 3 years ago.

My wife of nearly half century of my married life, is an angel, who never objected to my smoking, drinking or eating paan, however she disliked these vices. This induced me not to displease her when I gave up these. She checks my BP and sugar levels twice a day, twice a week and maintains the copious data base of the same. The readings on most days are within limits.

“Friends” will always goad you, as they did to me, that “one cigarette will not hurt or ”one drink for the road is not too much”! The choice in reality is between getting hanged or escaping that consequence. Let the other fellow take that choice, not you!

A cousin of mine, also a diabetic, and as young as my second son, suffered a complicated heart attack, requiring major surgery a week ago and has now given up smoking, not as a virtue, but as a necessary condition for survival.

Good Luck, Good Health.



Thanks for your kind advice. I'm planning to stop smoking soon.

Btw, Can I be diabetes from my readings? Or just a temporary spikes due to too much drinking, smoking along with high level stressed during Dec, 16 and Jan, 17 pls


even though temperorily sugar was high it all show indications that you can turn diabetic. i suggest continue what you are doing now, 20 minutes of walk in morning will be hlpfull


Dear Kahrelo. I do not understand your statement "I'm planning to stop smoking soon." The right time to give up the vice of smoking and drinking, is here and now. If you believe in astrology (which I hold in contempt) and your astrologer indicates some other time as being more "propitious" for giving up, offer him also a cigarette and a drink and both of you resolve to give it up these!

Don't fool yourself with words like "temporary spikes".

Good luck, good health.

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What an inspiration to others! Thanks N. Narasimhan for sharing your stories.

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Thanks all. From my accucheck, during the weekend when I do not play Table tennis, it shows bs is higher side than week days. And, mat be, all these meat soups may make it higher, I hope so. What's your Idea pls


sir , could you please provide your diet plan and medicine

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Exercise and staying active Sir.


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