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Sodium and Potassium management

My father 78, who is diabetic for almost 40 years now, has suddenly developed sodium and potassium issues. He had kidney problems (not under dialyses) and heart issues but BS was stable with insulin. With an infection, almost suddenly toppled him down, now with pulmonary edema, the worst thing is now BS swinging widely with going from 35 to 400 in one day. This has severally effected the sodium and potassium levels which are now fluctuating causing mental issues and fatigue. The BS is somewhat stable now, but he is bedridden with Sodium/Potassium issues now becoming worse. Doctors are pointing to the age factor and Lasix , which i do admit, any insights on how to control them other than medications

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I have a similar problems with my father only it is even worst with Parkinson's and Stroke compounded. We try to balance out with alternating between salt sparing diuretics and lasix . Sometimes give him Electral to if he looks absolutely fatigued . And do a electrolyte blood test regularly to monitor the levels of potassium and magnesium .Electrolyte imbalance common side effects are mental issues and confusion . Sugar levels to be looked into every second day as they are very erratic . Try giving some pumpkin seeds everyday as they are rich in pottasium and magnesium . Change your regular salt to Saindhav salt or Himalayan rock salt in English.

All the best to you

Please be informed am not a Dr but facing similar issues .

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Thanks for your advice RashmiP , highly appreciate!

Now rotating the diet with coconut water, banana and apple. But a bit sceptical about beetroot. Is beetroot juice advisable?

Also just confused about the interactions, some are pointing to concentrating on hiking potassium as it will bring up sodium too. Or are they working opposite?

Any idea?


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