Latest Lab report. Hba1c at 4.9

Latest Lab report. Hba1c at 4.9

Got my latest lab reports

Hba1c at 4.9

LFT & KFT normal

Lipids at normal level

Hscrp & Homocysteine at safe ranges

Had adopted LCHF almost 2 years back thanks to anup

My associated bone & joint disorders like OA, Cervical are under good control.

Feel energetic & active

Lost 10 kgs totally during the initial phase of LCHF

I follow the Keto range of LCHF

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  • Thank you very much Concerned

  • He is one of the three or four from the LCHF brigade that I know of who have hit sub 5 values for A1C. Truly inspirational.

  • Thank you anup

    All thanks to your guidance

  • Sr ji,

    U r the guru now :)

    Lowest that I have hit is 5.0

  • Congratulations ! great results ..

    What is LFT & KFT ? for - which organ or function

    My case is different - even with LCHF for 18 months - sugar spikes still high -

    even skipping lunch some times--

    It proves - each person has different blood chemistry and different metabolism.

  • Liver function test LFT

    Kidney function tests KFT champak

  • What is test name for liver - and what are ranges ?

    For kidney- what else -- besides eGFR ?

    Thank you - Sashibhai -

  • Message me your email id in chat

    I will email the reports

  • champak045

    He walks too much.

  • Thank you-- still depends on blood chemistry --

    I was walking 5 miles every day - 7 days a w eek - last summer --

  • Sir, are you doing pranayam ? It's can potentially help in rejuvenating pancreas and other body functions.

  • No.

    But have to start

    Thank you for reminding me

    Its in my bucket list

    I am unable to prioritize it as of now

  • You have time to do it when you’re able, Shashikantiyengar. No reason to rush.

  • HimanshuPuri ---- Pranayam and Yoga are hard to do by every one -- certain position or breathing is done wrong way--it can damage more than help-- so I avoided even learning --

    I had purchased a book 18 years ago- misplaced now- and read about some - " Asans" that can help diabetes. But NOT sure -- never had chance to

    try it .

    I suggest -- " You should get together 50 or even 300 diabetic patients -in your town ( surrounding area) and teach them and document IMPROVEMENT over six months -- and publish as proof -

    Do you have any research article - proof -- Clinical Trial- indicating and showing how it helps Pancreas or improves efficiency of pancreas ?

    Also as I understand - by definition - Type 2 - is insulin Resistance --

    meaning NOT utilizing insulin effectively to transport sugar from blood to cells -- So how does producing more insulin by improving pancreatic functions will help ?

    Please answer and explain in simple - layman's language and NOT too technical --

    Also I am requesting - My friend Prof Anup and Mr Sashi -- to explain same

    Thank you all for the benefits of all

  • Yes

    Type 2 = insulin resistance & also more circulating insulins

    But its a common notion that we need to pump in more insulins... this does not address the problem..

    But yoga is overall good & should be learnt under some expert guidance. it can cause issues if not done properly ... some exercises has to be avoided by persons with some health issues.

    But overall pancreas rejuvenation would also be helpful in long run as many tend to lose beta cell function as time progresses with high carb diet, insulin secreting pills, keeping blood sugar levels high..

    infact the beta cell function starts degrading with BS levels above 140...this is what i have read...

    anup can clarify more on this.

  • Thanks - it helps some what --

    How do we re juvenile pancreas ?

    How do we determine how much insulin resistance we have ? or up to what amount - insulin can be utilized

    to transport sugar to cells... In other words -if we can determine that --then we can cut down sugar intake ad as such have less sugar in blood and will require less insulin .. Is that right ?

  • Sir, I personally don't see any challenge. You can get trained by any yoga teacher for few days and then do it. My father also learnt pranayam now at age 64 and he is doing very well. He was not doing any exercise at all - not even simple 20-30 min walk.

    I already have been helping a lot of friends and relatives as well have taken 2 sessions in the company where I work to educate people. Doing anything beyond that needs certain qualifications in medical or nutrition field that I don't have. Happy to help in forums like these which are about sharing experience.

    Yoga and Pranayam would bring harmonal balance. I am not the right person to talk around insulin generation and triggers leading to it and if one is impacted by less generation or over generation of insulin. I read a lot and then already starting to forget now. Whatever is the case, if pancreas is impacted in functionality over or under, you would want to help it anyway.

    I follow doctor - Michaal Greger - - which in my personal opinion is the best person to follow and would provide most of the information around research articles. Other doctors that I listen to - Neil Bernard, John Bergman, Dr Hegde. I have seen few other references - AMA, ADA etc. I usually have never gone there and seen what they prescribe. I usually see criticism about their prescriptions though so decided not to waste time.

    I have stopped going into science much now. Keeping mind occupied with Diabetes all the time can potentially impact you subconscious level - just my feeling based upon how I feel our brain plays games with us :).

    This is what I learnt i.e. from the mistakes I was making and stopped thinking about diabetes on daily basis

    - stress would kill

    - exercise is a must

    - vegetables, fruits, cold pressed oils, nuts, seeds and most of things found in nature are my main food

    - eat food 2-3 times in 24 hours limited to 9 hour window.

    Note - I never went around following LCHF, Ketogenic diet etc. I don't know much about them. But eating within 8-9 hours also known as intermittent fasting is something that appealed to me as Jains follow similar model and also Ayurveda talks about eating limited times a day. Jindal nature cure gives patients food only twice a day. In yoggram Haridwar, food is given thrice a day.

    - avoiding processed, outside food , stopping alcohal and non-veg would make a difference (from my reading and general observation).

    - with above taken care off, once in a while deviation ( in my case - office parties ) can be managed without much issues.

  • That's good for you--keep it up and help as many people as you can. Take care

  • Wonderful job, Shashikantiyengar! Keep it up!😀

  • Thank you Activity2004.

  • Congratulations Shashikantiyengar ...

    You are an inspiration....

  • Thank you cure

    It was 4.8 last year.. Sept 16

    Now my next aim is to get to 4.7 in 2018 and beat both the years numbers


  • What about 3.5 ? when is it considered too low or dangerous ?

    Most recently- after trying some supplements - my Cholesterol got too low - 114 ( total) -- I am concerned --that's too low.

  • 3.5 Hba1c...?

    Even the std charts show hba1c from 4 which is 68mgdl

    No one can have 3.5 ... not possible . ..

    Can you pls clarify the question champak

  • Thank you. Just a hypothetical - curious.

    When yours is 4.6 - what are lows and highs ?

    Do you consistently get 80 or so ? 24 hours .. ?

    What is your morning - fasting and after meal BS ?

  • Kindly tell us what food do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • CONGRATULATIONS.....great work :)

  • Thank you

  • Great sir ji... keep guiding

  • Shashikantiyengar, Wow! Kudos to you for the great results. You must have put in a lot of effort to achieve this! And you like Anup are an inspiration in this forum.

  • Wonderful result. What was your Hba1c before you started the LCHF Diet?

  • 7.2 in Oct 2015 1st week.

  • You must be on a vegetarian LCHF DIET. I am not finding many resources having recepies for such diets. How did you manage?

  • I am an eggitarian ...

    Breakfast: lemon witb acv., 3 eggs fried in butter, 2 cooked vegetables non-starchy grated with coconut, 1 peeled cucumber and bullet proof coffee

    Lunch: option of 2 eggs omelette or 1 idli with butter and chutney or walnuts + almonds and cheese cube or besan chilla or just fasting

    Dinner: is paneer sauteed in veg . 1 veg cooked. 1 egg half fried.

  • If Non Vegetarian --its even better -- join and check what did you eat today - there are many suggestions.

  • Thanks

  • Great achievement .

  • Great! Congratulations, you all are an inspiration...

  • What is your Electrolytes &Hemogram-6part levels?

  • In normal lab range

    Will give the details shortly

  • Don't worry he is not anemic. He is in Keto range of LCHF diet.

  • IRON PHOTOMETRY 124.1 μg/dl

    Reference Range :

    Male : 70 - 180

    Female : 60 - 1


  • Shashikantiyengar

    Well done. You are the best example of the success of diet therapy. IDM. Kudos to you.

  • Congrats.

    You are perfect example of how LCHF diet helps.

  • There is no extra benefit a person will get with HbAIC 4.9,with eAg 94 mg/dl,in the long run, HbA1c below 5 is not desirable.

    Hypoglycemia,Vitamin deficiencies etc.likely be out come,moreover Doctors in UK,and elsewhere do not recommend this range for a healthy heart.

  • Hello.

    1st of all, I don't follow std Dr advise of high carb diet.

    Ada recommends 50 to 60 % daily carbs.

    They quoted accord study which shows increased mortality at lower hba1c .. but this is due to the usage of multiple medicines like rosiglitazones etc..

    They have not achieved this with diet ..

    Glitazones have a risk of increase heart diseases like heart failure.

    I will post the slides of Epic Norfolk studies shortly which shows lower the hba1c low the risk of all issues..

    By the way, do you know of the original Joslin diet of 1915?

    It's ultra low carb of 10gms carbs per day..

    This is hidden in old text books only and not available even in their website.

    Let me tell you that if not for this low carb diet, today I would be on some dpp4i and it sglt2i and facing roller coaster blood sugars through the day with risk of hypo and the need to go to a toilet every few hrs..

    Needless to say, I have not faced hypo in these last 2 years... can fast when I want and have only 2 meals a day with a light snack or meal in the afternoon.

    My hdl has increased from 33 to 40 now... LPa reduced from 44 to 33 now... TG from 140 to 95 now.

    Good LFT and KFT.

    Normal thyroid function.

    All these with low carb high fats with moderate proteins

    I am not recommending this to anyone. I'm just sharing my experience.

    All the best rksharmakumar.

  • They quote Accord study which shows increased mortality at lower hba1c .. but this is due to the usage of multiple medicines like rosiglitazones etc

    Actually that conclusion was based on discussion of ADA within a closed room by rejecting every opinion of the researchers involved in ACCORD TRIAL.

    Actual results are just the opposite

    Never believe in industry (ADA/AMA/AHA) sponsored conclusions.

  • Who told you there is no advantage. Listen to some videos of Dr Bernstein then you will know the advantages. He recommends A1C of 4.2 - 4.8. I would trust his experience of 70+ years as a TYPE 1 than a industry peddled LIES. Ca score of Dr Bernstein is 1, IIRC even after decades of maintaining A1C < 5 :)

    A1C < 5.3 is a must for healthy heart. Refer Kraft insulin assay papers.

    Ideal avg blood sugar is 83 for longevity. Hunt for papers and you will find them. On either side of 83, longevity decreases.

  • Actually there is no benefit to the organisations if the A1c is lower..

    Lower health issues means lower Dr visit & hence less business

  • I haven't visited doctor since Jan 2012 -- that going to be almost 6 years in a few months.

    After rigorous testing during initial years and having established a relationship between meter and lab readings, haven't even done annual tests since Sept 2013. I know (and can even predict) what my PPBS would be. Based on the averages all these years, I am sure I am below 5.6 on A1C w/o even going for tests :)

    So saved a cool 10000 bucks at least and still on ZERO Medications. 10000 is a conservative figure compared to the one's who follow ADA manuals wrt diet, testing & target numbers called SAFE (in reality they aren;t safe). Prefered spending that 10,000 on good high fat low carb food :)

  • Very well said here, thanks again Anup for guiding and inspiring us. I definitely want to avoid paying high prices and long-term use of anti-diabetic drugs. This allows me to afford and also enjoy foods on LCHF especially EVCO and organic dairy like pure double cream and yogurt as well as organic veggies. They are not cheap but I do save lot of money from buying those unhealthy refined sugary and processed foods. It's really worth it.

  • 94 eAG is very good... why Hba1c below 5 is not good?? any valid reasons??

  • EAG 94 mg/dl,means one can be hypoglycemic at any time,especially during night,hence very precarious condition especially for heart and brain.

    Type 2 diabetes is entirely different from T1 diabetes,and its ramifications are more severely damaging. As to see the doctor I also did not visited any doctor for about 10-12 years from my first appointment when it was detected, hence one cannot pat himself/or herself for that.

    Moreover when any body gets his or any blood or urine tests,the reports have to certified by a qualified pathologist,other wise these will be assumed to be prepared by any lab assistant and will deemed to be invalid es .

    Hence any body whenever gets tested /screened for any even if for any preventive diseases has indirectly visited the doctor,or doctor has visited him. There fore to say he or she has not visited any doctor for so many days/months or years has no meaning and just boasting.

  • I had a cgm called free style libre pro attached last year. For 2 weeks. It takes a reading every 15 mins for 2 weeks

    The same can be printed in a chart

    With hba1c of 4.8 last year the reading even at mid night never went below 70.

    Also hypo = 50 mgdl will be faced by those who are on Insulin or some medicies like sulphonylurea... not for those on no medicines or on metformin

    By the way why are you so sceptic ...?

    And why are so Saying "boasting "....??

    cure Activity2004 .. this person needs some watch ...

  • It’s being taken care of, Shashikantiyengar. Thank you for letting us know.

  • First read the contents,and then comments.

  • Please check your private message on HU, rksharmakumar. I just sent it now.

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