Hi, I diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 6 month ago, my sugar level was 222/322 and h1ac 9.8, my GP suggest me some test and give Glysen MF-1 1/2 tab twice a day. after 3, 4 days my sugar level drops to 118/122. I recently check h1ac and it is 5 and average Blood glucose for 3 month is 97. now my GP reduces medicine to 1/2 tab a day.

Can i stop that medicine and control sugar level by dieting and exercising


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4 Replies

  • Don't do anything without consulting with doctor

  • Hi bhajanmilind,

    As Indian1960 had said, please consult with your doctor before you change or go off any medication and/or exercise/diet. Please call the doctor and schedule an appointment for this week to ask questions. Please let us know what you find out.

  • Me i did it without consulting doctor . it is 1 years now. Fbs 0.68 to 0.97. A1c 5.2

  • Do not do anything with out Doctor advice. Reduce carb. Live with out stress.

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