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Detected with type 2 diabetes

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Recently i have been detected type 2 diabetes plasma glucose fasting - 320 mg/100ml & plasma glucose PP 448mg/ 100ml & HbA1c 12.0%.....please advice medicines / diets/ exercise to bring it back normal level.... My father was also a diabetic

11 Replies
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You require doctors intervention

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You must have immediate medical attention indeed.You have to also make some lifestyle changes to protect yourself against long term complications.I am mentioning those changes briefly here:

-Do not get agitated or worried about your condition.Most diabetics live a long and productive life by taking proper care of themselves.

-Thorough knowledge about diabetes is essential to manage your diabetes.Use the search function on this web page to access innumerable posts made by diabetics and professionals on every subject connected to diabetes.Knowledge gained through study of those posts will make it easier for you to tackle your condition.

Diet plays a preeminent role in managing diabetes.You should be very conscious at all times as to what you eat,how much and when.Understand the concepts of glycemic index and glycemic load and guide yourself about your eating choices.You can still enjoy tasty foods but you should do it wisely.

-Physical activity plays a decisive role.Increase your physical mobility by planned walking/jogging,play a game or swimming.

-A disciplined and stress free lifestyle will help you to control your sugar levels.Please note that stress is a major trigger for diabetes manifestation.

-Be aware of long terms complications of uncontrolled diabetes.

-Inspite of all your efforts,you will need medicines to complete the job.Follow the guidelines of a good diabetes doctor in this regard.Go for quarterly and annual checkups.Start monitoring at home and keep a record.That will help your doctor to advise you correctly.

-There are any number websites on diabetes.Visit them to gain uptodate knowledge.

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Go and meet endocrinologist right now otherwise all your organ will stop working

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Take medicines as prescribed by doctor and then start with excercise

Excercise will help your liver kidney heart eyes lower limb ...take care

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Your levels are severely high, and you should seek the assistance of a health professional.

You are eating way too much carbohydrate. All carbohydrate is turned to glucose in our body. Follow this link to make critical dietary changes

Good luck!

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I would say that cut carbohydrates in your diet and if possible go go grain free completely immediately. You will see the results from first meal that you will change.

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What is ur Ur age ,wt and ht deepraj

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Your first priority as suggested by all members should be to see your Doctor. At the same time consider Ketogenic/LCHF diet along with some exercise.

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You should immediately see the endocrinologist and climatologist and take medicines accordingly.

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Santoshi2203 in reply to sattu1959

What does the climate have to do?

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Post your profile first. Age, height, weight, profession, etc.. Your levels are pretty high. But don't panic. Cut down all the carbs. Try keto range/LCHF diet for 15 days. Get basic blood reports done to know the level of organ damage. And repeat after 15-30 days with lchf diet. If things are under control carry on with strict dietary plans. Medical advice is recommended. Find someone who is not just a medication/medical prescriber. Exercise and yoga would certainly help.

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