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I am a type 2 diabetic from last 15 yrs with moderate control. currently taking following Medicines. I am 58 yrs male, vegetarian south indi

Ongliza 5 mg (1-0-0) , Diapride 4mg (1-0-1), Volix 0.3 mg (1-1-1), Melmet SR 1000 (1-0-1), along with multivitamins, calcium and atorva . Also Arbital 80 mg (1-0-0) for BP. I walk all the 7 days for 3 Kms and swim for 4 days in a week. Eat rice and vegetables in the morning and 3 chappaties in the night. With all the above my FBS still remains at 130-140 and RBS at 150-160. No other complaints. Pl suggest any better method of controlling my sugar levels

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Thank you Mr Ram. I will go through and come back to you for any clarifications













If you adopt LCHF Diet, you will be perfectly alright. Reduce your intake of carbs.

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Saw the question of eugine at healthunlocked.com/diabetes... ?


A simple solution before adopting any other suggestion try to reduce your food intake every time and check your B/S level you will be astonished.


Too many drugs u r using.....

as suggested by many above reduce quantity of food , specially Carbohydrates.

Even a 1 Re tab of DAONIL will give u equal results as a 40 Re tab of ONGLIZA.. Chek with ur Doc.

Must reduce carbs and walk minimum 1 hour a day.


Thank you. Will check with doc and try to limit minimum carbs per day. Actually I am spending almost 3000/- per month on these costly medicines. Actually even Doctors also do not prescribe low cost medicines.


Very true, Drs prescribe costly drugs due to pressure from pharma companies... U can chek same drug economical brands, from other companies on cimsasia.com

Some useful tips.... must take cinnamon, curry leaves, replace chapati with salads.

Avoid bakery products.

MELMET SR 1000mg must be Metformin. There are more than 500 brands..chek economical one..

ARBITAL may be Telmesartan 40 mg ..if correct there are many economical brands.

U can reduce your medicine budget upto half.



u r taking too many drugs...

first u consult doctor for medicine, stop rice immeditely, take two chapati with green veg.,dal, paneer etc in morning, after noon take apple, pappaya or some almonds in dinner time u take soup, plenty of salad, if u need more, than u take kichri (moong dal + two spoon rice) and just 30-40 minutes walk daily is sufficient, after 2 weak you check your sugar....result good...


You need to have a retrospection of your condition within yourself and come to a conclusion as to what is manageable and what requires medicine. Present day tendency is to prescribe a medicine for every condition you state. If possible visit a Sr.Physician of old school. Without feeling bad about it you can be frank with the doctor and tell him what you can afford. For every expensive medicine there is an equivalent less costly medicine. Doctors know and will prescribe if you ask. There is another aspect to this. If you go to a specialist and if he prescribes a cheap medicine you may feel not satisfied and may think the dr. is no good so they tend to prescribe costly ones. But if you are frank with him you will get the best at the right price.

I have been managing type 2 for last 13 years and mostly with expense on medicine less than Rs.100/- a month. So have a talk with your doctor with your latest hba1c report.

Your random sugar level is not alarming. Your high fbs may have reason or bearing on what you have for dinner. Check this out. What is PPS level?

One of the best suggestion of this forum is to go for LCHF diet. Go for it, it is easily followable and has immediate effect and not expensive. You may need to progressively reduce your medicine to suit the reducing sugar levels. I have been following this for 6 months now and my HbA1C has come to 4.9 from 6.3 in six months. While I would not wish to generalise based on my experience you can take the best out of it. My medicines have also now come down to 25% of earlier.

To get a good grip on what happens with change in diet and medicine on sugar levels I have been frequently checking sugar levels at home and formed my conclusion on the medicines. No doctor can understand how your body behaves to medicines and food on a daily basis better than you. Once sure you follow a set regimen. Discuss with your doctor at least once in 3 months. Good luck.


Stop sweets.Take fruits moderately.Do brisk exercises for sweating.Not increasing quantum of food increase frequency (no of times) Avoid constipation by taking more water.YOU CAN GO FOR WATER THERAPY MODERATELY.THIS WILL AVOID ACCUMULATION OF FOOD IN THE SYSTEM


Components in Colostrum Balance Blood Sugar Levels

and Reduce Insulin Requirements

Diabetes is generally divided into two categories. Type I diabetes requires often does not require insulin, although it can develop to the point where insulin is required. Type I diabetes is often referred to as juvenile onset diabetes and can progress rapidly. Frequently, it develops as an

autoimmune disease, where antibodies attack the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. One early treatment for this form of diabetes is the use of immuno suppressive drugs which may cause other complications. As a viable

alternative, colostrum contains a substance known as PRP, which has been shown to balance the overactive immune response associated with autoimmune diseases. Rather than suppressing the immune system with drugs, colostrum can balance overactive immune responses to reduce the attack on pancreatic cells. Diabetes requires careful dietary and exercise programs. Even though Type II is a milder form, it is not without

secondary complications which include heart disease, kidney disease, atherosclerosis, vision problems and circulatory problems. Those with diabetes, regardless of the type, are 5 times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those without diabetes. Often diabetes is diagnosed for the first time following a heart attack. Colostrum is known for its ability to regrow heart tissue and supporting blood vessels, and for its ability to reduce the bacteria associated with arterial plaque. Colostrum has also been shown to balance blood sugar levels. This is due, at least in part, to a growth factor known as IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor). A 1990 publication in “Diabetes,” suggested that colostrum supplementation

would be a very beneficial treatment for diabetes, based on the fact that IGF-1, can stimulate glucose utilization. Researchers found that IGF-1 levels were lower in diabetic patients than in healthy individuals. After administering IGF-1 to patients, doctors noticed a two-fold increase in glucose transport to the muscles, potentially treating hyperglycemia and the dependance on insulin. As a naturopathic physician, I was using colostrum 20 years ago. Back then, I could get it from organic farmers in

the Midwest - and I used it as a liquid. However, when I moved my practice, I was no longer able to obtain it from the local farmers and so I investigated numerous forms of dried colostrum on the market. None of them even came

close to the track record I had established with true colostrum, so I eliminated it from my practice for a number of years. Finally, several years ago, I discovered the Immune-Tree brand. Just tasting and feeling it, I knew I had found the real thing. And sure enough, when I gave this to my patients, they experienced the benefits I knew they could. So, once again, colostrum is an integral part of my practice. For diabetic patients, colostrum is unbeatable. Within months, every one of my patients have either greatly reduced their levels of insulin or they have eliminated it altogether. That’s quite a track record, but it’s true. Of course, they are also drinking plenty of good water, exercising and eating an enhanced diet of “live, whole foods,” but it is the colostrum which makes the program work. In my experience, given enough time, colostrum can completely eliminate the need for insulin. It balances the pancreas just like it does the thymus so that blood sugar levels are able to normalize. I have also used colostrum with a product called “Hydroxygen Plus” for the resolution of diabetic ulcers on legs and feet. As a poultice, it heals ulcers which have been untreatable by conventional methods. Most ulcers of this nature will heal within a matter of weeks. For the diabetic, colostrum is a Godsend - literally! Please note, that especially with insulin-dependant patients, it is very important to consult a health care practitioner before taking colostrum and/or making changes in medication.

if any quireies



Thanks everyone for your valuable suggestions and feedback. Will make it a point to adopt suggestions and hopefully my sugar lever should come back to normal reading within a month. Thanks once gain


Do Mudras for diabetics.It has a very good effect.

Apana Mudra

Gently touch the tip of the thumb with the tips of the middle finger and ring finger (both hands preferable). Don’t apply any pressure. Gentle touch will do.

This is useful for diabetics since it removes toxins from the body.

Prana Mudra

Gently touch the tip of the thumb with the tips of the ring finger and little finger (both hands preferable). Don’t apply any pressure. Gentle touch will do.

This is useful for diabetics since it improves energy level.

Gyan Mudra

Gently touch the tip of the thumb with the tip of the index finger (both hands preferable). Don’t apply any pressure. Gentle touch will do.

This is useful for diabetics since it gives deep relaxation.

Water Mudra

Gently touch the tip of the thumb with the tip of the little finger (both hands preferable). Don’t apply any pressure. Gentle touch will do.

This is useful for diabetics since it quenches thirst.

Do it for 15 minutes in the morning and evening/night before meals.


Thanks. Pl help and explain what is OGTT


Hi Lochnraj,

I got diabetic at a early age of 25 and since then I am having bunch of medicines to reduce the levels.

But when I read the affects of Yoga mudras, I started doing 30 mintues of Pran mudra and also 30 minutes of Apana Mudra while I walk for 1 hour. I do 5 rounds of surya namaskar and 20 turns of cobra pose. Happy to say that my levels are very much low after a single week compared to earlier times.

There is nothing to lose in trying. I would suggest you to give a try on these two mudras and see the results.


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