Diabetic from 19 years

I am diabetic since 19 yrs - i am taking Actrapid three times 34 , 30, 34 unit + Amaryl 2 two time + Glycomet 500 two time -- after daily checking of my fasting sugar is remain under 160 but PP is always high as above 230,

now my Creatinine level is also increase as 1.65

uric acid is also increase & protein found in urine ,,

facing diabetic Retinopathy

pl help & suggest


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  • If you are in India -- it may not be available -- Get a " GlycoMark " -- blood test done.

    It seems like -you are not taking good care. Start exercises tomorrow. Also get on

    LCHF diet immediately - slowly cut down carbs to no more than 100 grams per day --

    Taking too many medicine - what is your A1C - last six to nine months ?

    Change Doctor-- or find a specialist - Endocrinologist.

    Cut down on Protein - eat more FAT ...

    Monitor.. Monitor... Monitor.... at home -

    Just before meal and one hour and two hours after each meal. Write down in note book.

    Also write down what you ate -that day for each meal. Estimate carbs in each food item

    and total -- -

    Then compare with your blood sugar readings -- which day - or which meal you had sugar spike - over 200 mg/dl. Figure out which food had highest carb ... slowly reduce and eliminate that food from meal.

    Try for two weeks -- should help lot .....

    Report your progress please.... should cut down medicine soon -- Follow doctor's advise.

  • What is Glycomark blood test?

  • prak63

    You are juvenile onset D. Lack of insulin. So you will need to take insulin lifelong as of the present knowledge.

    But you can cut down your insulin dosages and D complications. Keto diet. Moderate to severe. Look for ketogenic ratio on G. We don't need carbs to live. There are people who live on zero carbs. Just prots and good fats. Take carbs as less as possible.

    And of course exercise too will help you a lot.

    Gud luk.

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