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Diabetic from 19 years

I am diabetic since 19 yrs - i am taking Actrapid three times 34 , 30, 34 unit + Amaryl 2 two time + Glycomet 500 two time -- after daily checking of my fasting sugar is remain under 160 but PP is always high as above 230,

now my Creatinine level is also increase as 1.65

uric acid is also increase & protein found in urine ,,

facing diabetic Retinopathy

pl help & suggest

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What is Glycomark blood test?



You are juvenile onset D. Lack of insulin. So you will need to take insulin lifelong as of the present knowledge.

But you can cut down your insulin dosages and D complications. Keto diet. Moderate to severe. Look for ketogenic ratio on G. We don't need carbs to live. There are people who live on zero carbs. Just prots and good fats. Take carbs as less as possible.

And of course exercise too will help you a lot.

Gud luk.


this is link for barley drink . This drink rich in fiber help not to convert carbs as a glucose. Drink one glass before meal if you are taking carbs. please check you glucose levels beause this will drop your sugar levela.Also insulin machine will help proper control over diabetic. On raise of creatinine you may try herbal medicine and proper diet that will help reduce creatinine . Uncontrolled sugar or blood pressure reason for creatinine raise or kidney disease. Stop taking salt

Kidney suffer to remove salt. You may take small quantity of sea salt. With this my mother creatinine drop down from 1.65 to 1.38 in one month .god bless you


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