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Foot Skin became black and lost sensitivity - Diabetic since past 3 years

Foot Skin became black and lost sensitivity - Diabetic since past 3 years

I am 42 and suffering with diabetic since past 3 years. Almost all the time my sugar levels are 230 - 400 (average). Due to my previous physic history, i never look like i am a diabetic patient. Last year april 2015, i got diabetic foot and my left foot started getting too much swelling and the bottom part of my foot turned black with puss (i didn't recognize it is because of diabetic. I though it was some misquote bite . Finally i met surgeon and he made some surgery and i was suffering with pain from the time.

I was taking rice that time and now i have reduced a lot and taking very little rice. Now my sugar levels down to 170 - 300 and still i am controlling myself.

in the recent days my foot (left and right) started became blackish and some sort of pain. The skin also became reddish from knees to foot.

I would like to know why its happening and what will be the cure?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for your suggestions Mr.Anup and Mr.Sati006.

I have seen Mr.Anup posts regd the diets.

Ok let me tell you my situation. I am a freelancer working for offshore companies. so most of the time i work in the nights. If i dont take enough food i feel unconscious and too much hungry. My brain stop working.

I live in hyderabad and i am pure vegetarian. So i use to take idly, dosa, pongal, vada as breakfast.

Rice in the lunch. Little rice in dinner and oats.

So now can you please help me what to take and what not to take.




So i will strictly follow this diet.

Thanks in advance.

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Aim to get 30 to 35g of carbohydrate, mainly from vegetables, at each meal phcuk.org/wp-content/upload...

For more energy have eggs, avocado, coconut, nuts, olives or olive oil. If you eat dairy, cheese, cream cheese, butter, ghee and double cream are also low in carbohydrate (most foods contain some carbohydrate; check it, to make sure you aren't having carbohydrate you weren't aware of). Adjust your portion sizes depending on your weight maintenance needs.

All the best! Keep us posted of your progress.


Sir, be highly carefull, wear dry thick socks and diabetic shoes allways, even whne in home.


Dear technomatters ,

Please wake up!

A diabetic must take special care of his health.

Your problem is due to high blood sugar.And,high blood sugar is due to wrong diet.

Do not be hopeless!

You first consult a good doctor for immediate medication.

Then go for LC**(truncated diet).

After adopting this diet,you may not need any medication.

For more information sign in dlife.in


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