Diabetic and Insurance Policy

I under IDM and maintaining with diet and excersie ..

Next month my health insurance will get over and I planning to move to different offer as I may require more coverage considering Dm2 from this year ..

My Insurance agent asking for Medical Check up ..

at this stage, my HBa1c is 8.1 ( reduced from 11.2 in one month) and i am expecting <6 in two months .. and my fasting already less than 100 and pp I can manage to be below 140.

Yesterday, Blood test in the lab

FP : 94

PP : 128

With this Figure Can I apply for insurance as non-diabetic , My Medical Checkup for Insurance will come good with above numbers .

What are the chances of rejection of claims if in future I get hospitalized and then they come to know i have DM2 ?

My Simple question: If I GET Insurance with Good HBa1c and BG levels ( with out medication ) at the time of Pre-Medical check for health insurance and later I hospitalized for either diabetic related or non-diabetic related, will the insurance company pay my bill?

My Question is not ABOUT HIDING IT FROM INSURANCE COMPANY , Its about simply going


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8 Replies

  • You need legal expert to answer this question BangaloreMate

  • No

  • It says pre existing are not covered and that you have not declared and will not be covered in future also

  • To check pre-existing they ask to take medical checkup in that they check BG levels also so its nothing to with declaration, Most of the people nearly (70%) are undiagnosed or unaware of DM2 in this world, I could be one of them who not aware of DM2 ( at least technically according to medical report )

    How come they come to at the time of check p my bg is normal ( 95 - pp :125 ) and My HbA1c @ 5.5-5.7 ( In normal case in India its consider non-diabetic ).

    I am not taking any medicines so they cant trace anything in the body also ?

    Any normal non-diabetic ( with values as mine at the medical check up before purchasing Insurance ) can get hospitalised and doctors can find he is diabetic after joining hospital, in that time , cant he get insurance for that ?? how is my case is different from any normal person

  • Intensive Diabetes Management

  • BangaloreMate

    Intensive Dietary management.

  • Sorry .. What is the difference? Its about managing blood sugar right?

  • Yes.

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