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Diabetic and Insurance Policy

I under IDM and maintaining with diet and excersie ..

Next month my health insurance will get over and I planning to move to different offer as I may require more coverage considering Dm2 from this year ..

My Insurance agent asking for Medical Check up ..

at this stage, my HBa1c is 8.1 ( reduced from 11.2 in one month) and i am expecting <6 in two months .. and my fasting already less than 100 and pp I can manage to be below 140.

Yesterday, Blood test in the lab

FP : 94

PP : 128

With this Figure Can I apply for insurance as non-diabetic , My Medical Checkup for Insurance will come good with above numbers .

What are the chances of rejection of claims if in future I get hospitalized and then they come to know i have DM2 ?

My Simple question: If I GET Insurance with Good HBa1c and BG levels ( with out medication ) at the time of Pre-Medical check for health insurance and later I hospitalized for either diabetic related or non-diabetic related, will the insurance company pay my bill?

My Question is not ABOUT HIDING IT FROM INSURANCE COMPANY , Its about simply going

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You need legal expert to answer this question BangaloreMate

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It says pre existing are not covered and that you have not declared and will not be covered in future also


To check pre-existing they ask to take medical checkup in that they check BG levels also so its nothing to with declaration, Most of the people nearly (70%) are undiagnosed or unaware of DM2 in this world, I could be one of them who not aware of DM2 ( at least technically according to medical report )

How come they come to at the time of check p my bg is normal ( 95 - pp :125 ) and My HbA1c @ 5.5-5.7 ( In normal case in India its consider non-diabetic ).

I am not taking any medicines so they cant trace anything in the body also ?

Any normal non-diabetic ( with values as mine at the medical check up before purchasing Insurance ) can get hospitalised and doctors can find he is diabetic after joining hospital, in that time , cant he get insurance for that ?? how is my case is different from any normal person


Intensive Diabetes Management



Intensive Dietary management.


Sorry .. What is the difference? Its about managing blood sugar right?




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