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Diabetic from 15 yrs

I'm 62 yes old and diabetic from 15 yrs. Now it is in full control. But I'm suffering with hand(right) pain till one year. On doctors suggession l took physiotherapy for one week. But no progress.. doctor's suggested to take injection into shoulder joint. I reffered some patients who have already took the injection . According to their experience it is very painful.. no proper relief also. Now l'm in puzzle.. is there any other solution for it ?


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Dear Sir,

My wife has same problem, she has constant pain in her right arm, do you have personal experience or this just suggestion.


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Sir! After seeing your question I Have taken random check on my personal 'accu check' equipment and found it is 127. Since six months the FBS showing around 80 &Pubs showing around 120 that's why I mentioned 'full control' . Thank you very much for your valuable suggessions.


Thank you for your response & valuable succession. I will follow.



Even I was facing same problem. Morning lemonjuce in lukewarm water (Vitamin C) gave me lot of relief.I also do breathing exercises.Every 4 hours shoulder exercises.it will reduce a lot


Thank-you for your suggestions. What type of. Exercises following. I am severe pain and my hand is not allowing me to even combing my hair.


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