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Hello all dear members. Need ur advice on my FBS figures. It was checked at home only not in lab. 1. 17/3/2017 : 91 FBS. 2. 26/4/2017 : 97 FBS. 3. 22/5/2017 : 106 FBS. 4. 6/8/2017 : 192 FBS . No restriction on carbs till 6/8/2017. Eating sweets too much chapati biscuits etc. .have sweet tooth from starting. Can I control it by diet and exercise without medication as I think it is in initial stage. Haven't gone for any lab test till now. Wats ur advice? Age is 42 years . After 6/8/2017 completely eliminate sugar started drinking tea and milk without sugar. No sweets. Then 20/8/2017 checked FBS after all these changes in diet it was 90 only FBS. Then feeled relaxed and have moderate in diet little bit and measured FBS on 27/8/2017 it was 158 . please give advice . ur comments are welcomed. No lab tests till now. No hb1 ac test.


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  • The answer is in your question only.The mistake we all diabetics make is,once we hit good number,we think everything is hanky dory.We relax and cheat here and there.Maybe there was a child's birthday,anyone of numerous festivals or a visit to in-laws place.The result is immediate and inevitable.So,no relaxation like in Doklam.

  • Sir can it be controlled by diet and exercise only ? As I think it is in initial stage. Wats ur opinion? Initial because in march it was 91 then in April 97 and in may it was 106 . not checked in June and July. Then checked in Aug it was 192. So I call it as initial stage. Ur advice sir?

  • Important point is you are still young and the body will be resilient and responsive.It is possible to keep diabetes at bay through diet,exercise and equally important,leading an orderly and disciplined life.A diabetic need not starve but should be aware of what,how much,and when he is eating.All foods have what is called glycemic index.You can learn more about it i yo google search.Basically it means how much a particular food spikes the BS for a given unit,For example pure sugar has GI of 100,eggs and greens 0 and rice/wheat about 55.So,you can make out which items spikes your BS and which do not.You have to go in for a mix and match so that your taste and cultural preferences are satisfied.Next be aware off glycemic load.That means even if an item off food is of low GI if you eat too much off it you ill end up with problems.You should use your judgement about about your diet.Exercise is very important.Do it reglarly,in a dedicated manner.Walking for about 40 min at a reasonably brisk pace elevates your breathing,blood circulation and blood pressure.But do it without feeling any stress in pleasant enjoyable way.After completion of the walk,you should come back to absolute normalcy within about 5 to 10 minutes.Buy a pair of good walking shoes and do not indulge in chit chatting while walking.More important than these,leading a disciplined life.For example sleepless nights do not help your BS levels.Drinking heavily is another adverse factor.Avoid stress of any kind.If unavoidable,be aware of it and take recourse to some relaxation methods like yoga,music,reading etc.Diabetes demands a particular way of life.You have to work it ou yourself.For that you have to gain thorough knowledge about diabetes.This website is is a wonderful source of knowledge for a diabetic,I hope I have anwsered all your doubts.

  • Sure Sir. Thanks a lot for ur advice and support. Today I checked BFS was 132 from 158 of last week. Read abt glychemic index and load also. Sir please clarify can these foods be taken 1. Paneer 2. Soya paneer tofu 3. Milk without sugar 4. Daliya 5. Sabudaana khichdi 6. Desi ghee home made of buffaloes milk.

  • Start focusing aggressively on PPBS. LCHF diet will help you quickly gain control of that. CARB counting and restriction to 20% max of total calorie intake is the key. We eat to satiety on LCHF diet and don't bother about calories at all. Still we land great numbers :)

    Soya is CRAP.

  • Only sabudna kichidi and dalia have sgnificant carbohydrate.You canbe rather very frugal while cosumin them Others are Ok.You can be liberal with them.Best thing is to combine these items so asto get a satisfying meal.You hve to improvise a lot to satisfy your palate and a healthy meal.

  • Lose weight. Lose verry mush and quikely. Fast fast fast. 24 without water. Eat 1 meal low carb. In 1 month you wil be cured. I did it.

  • Nadir69,

    I will be sending you a PM (Private Message0 very soon today. Please look for it.

  • Please check your PMs. I just sent the note, Nadir69.

  • Thanks a lot for ur advice. I had read ur reply in mr. Fahim post that u had control ur sugar by diet and exercise . great. so i was thinkining to chat with u and u had replied thanks again.I had already started dis . eliminated sugar and high carb food and reduced weight also. Only roti I haven't got success to eliminate. Iam eating 2 in noon and 1 in night total 3. Previously it was 8 in a day.

  • Ramana 42;

    What's a great advice! I wish all new diabetics read them and make some changes.

  • Go for A1C test and depending on the result you can decide.

  • hba1c test is must for u to see whats next.

  • You should go to reputed lab and check hba1c, which will show intensity of your condition. Checking at home with glucometer can provide level of bs at that particular moment of time. Don't waste time and do the right thing.....

  • Hb1 ac test we go for empty stomach in morning or any other time? And should I go for ppbs also or only hb1ac is sufficient?

  • You may go empty stomach and give sample for fasting bs+ Hba1c (empty stomach condition not required in HbA1c test), then take normal quantity food and give another sample for ppbs at 2hrs. after starting first bite of food. These are basic tests you must undergo....

  • Thanks. I think then same time with same sample I can go for lipid profile for cholesterol, sgpt for liver, and creatinine for kidney. Any other test u can suggest that I can go with the same sample of blood and is needed. Waiting for reply.

  • Yes that will be better if you can do these other tests. I undergo following tests when I check Hba1c:

    1. Hba1c

    2. Lipid profile

    3. Liver function test (I was having elevated AST & ALT)

    4. Serum creatinine

    5. Fasting Insulin.

  • Thanks. So I will also go for 1. FBS 2. HB1AC 3. LIPID PROFILE 4. SGPT 5. CREATINIE 6. THYROID. Is PBBS Compulsory ? Can it be avoided? Cos hb1ac will tell full story. Ur advice please?

  • Most diabetics prefer ppbs more than fasting, both have their own significance. It will be better if you go for both, it is upto you....

    Testing is required to clear the picture of health issues....

    By the way, what is your age and weight...

  • Thanks. Age 42 weight approx 85 kg.

  • Height?

    Veg or non veg

  • 5.11 inches.

  • Veg

  • Your weight is on higher side, Aim to loose your weight through diet and exercise. It will be very helpful.

  • Yes already started from 6 Aug and have lost 3 KGS by elimination of sugar and sugary foods.

  • Best of luck......

  • Thanks a lot for ur advice and support and valuable time.

  • I will send you a quick note in a few minutes, Manjinder. It's okay.

  • Sent the note now, Manjinder. Please check.

  • On ly 3 kg on 1 month??? .i have lost more 10kg on 1 month. FaSt fast please. You should lose weight quiquely. Taylor newcastle is the best cure for type2. I did it.

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