Thyroid and Diabetic

Is Thyroid and Diabetic related? I am taking thyroid tablet along with my insulin and other tablets. I have a review in 2 weeks, if my A1bc level reduces, will they stop my insulin or will they ask me to continue.?

Please advice...!


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  • Welcome to group ! What is your A1C now -last six months ? why taking insulin and not medicine ? Do not take advise here -- follow your doctor's advise.

    Experts and other members can give their opinions and suggestions - based on personal experience. But you have to follow and coordinate with your doctor.

    Yes- if A1C goes down - which it should-- doctor will reduce dosage of insulin and slowly--if good progress is made - may eliminate insulin and give you oral tablets ( medicine ) like Metformin or other.

    Add more exercise and follow LCHF diet.

  • Thank you for your reply, my last 3 month reading was around 7.6 and last week A1c reading is 10. initially i was taking glyconorm 1g tablet and optisulin, but my bad it dint work i believe, now i am taking novorapid 6 6 shot morning and noon. along with the tablets also, and another one is night 15 shots, he has asked me to review in 2 weeks. i am doing a brisk walking for 40 mins, but i dont take any content which is related to sugars, but i dont understand why it doesnt reduce :(

  • Some thing NOT right with your diet.

    Monitor.... Monitor... Monitor .... make sure to take - bs readings - one hour and two hours after meal.. for next two weeks. Also take bs reading before meal- for few days. Write down what you eat and how much. Then estimate actual net carb in each meal- each food -- so you can compare and figure out - which food causes sugar spikes - high ppbs --

    By trial and error-- eliminate foods that causes sugar spikes -this will bring down A1C --if it stays above 8.5 for long time -is not good.

    You are in Control.. each person has different blood chemistry and metabolism.

    Add more exercise and start LCHF diet immediately.

    Keep us posted with progress - next A1C .. take acre.

  • Yes I would keep posting on it

  • hmmm are you counting your carbs???

    as diabetic you should count ur carbs... are you type 1 or type 2 diabetic???

  • Type 2

  • have u ever checked your own insulin production????

    since you are on insulin therapy.... you may go for c peptide test... and understand your own insulin production..... based on that u may reduce ur carbs consumption to remain medicine free....or with minimum medicines....

  • I am really new to insulin like 3 day old I will check it sir. Do I need to keep checking my levels in the apparatus ?

  • c peptide tests are done by laboratory... which city u belongs to?? In india many labs do that....

  • I reside in bangalore

  • ok...well get it done with thyrocare if possible... that will tell u ur own insulin production level....

  • Sure sir I will do it.. taking insulin + tablets m aged 25/F feeling way too depressed! My parents r not diabetic but I don't kno why me! But m trying to fight and be fit !!

  • hmmm

    at the same time also get ur liver scanned for fatty liver.....

  • Dont worry....u will be fine soon...but u need to fight back...

    Be determined...plz search test requird some where on forum get test done and posts them sure all experienced members will guide u..

  • @ choose health...No need to depress.... pls follow low carb food... your blood sugar will come down...then you can be off on insulin.... present insulin is to bring your sugar to a reasonable level,and then you can stop insulin.... this can happen early... if you can follow low carb food and then LCHF lifestyle... This can reduce your tablets too... Many here have done can search LCHF recepes here and on I am 65,and diabetic for 25 years,maintaining A1c following LCHF,with very low diabetic medicines...Best wishes! you can share your present diet here and get guidance...and really choose your health...

  • @ choose health...There is close relationship between hypothyroidism and diabetes... hence control BS....Also take thyroid medicines regularly, on empty stomach with glass of water... ( ample water must), don't eat any thing for half an hour after this medicine.Check regularly T1,T2,TSH levels and adjust medication dosage...

  • If you stop the insulin therapy, the blood sugar level will raise. You can reduce the dosage of insulin at the rate of 2 units in relation to your blood sugar level. It may happen that you may inject more insulin when you have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or less insulin when you have hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).

    Both diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism are endocrine disorders and are considered to be inter-related. A higher frequency of retinopathy and nephropathy was observed in diabetic patients with subclinical hypothyroidism, and more severe retinopathy was noted as well. Therefore, management of subclinical hypothyroidism in patients with diabetes may prove beneficial.


  • Lose weight to have mbi under24 than you wil be able to stop all medication

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