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Additional tests for a 'Diabetic'

We have so many active and non-active members in this forum...

1) Has anyone gotten tested for their own endogenous insulin production??? Fasting insulin..

2) Has anyone tried to calculate their own Insulin resistance number??

3) When FBS is going high, has anyone tried to get his liver scanned for fatty liver tissue?

If we find out the main cause of sugar imbalance then probably we can address the issue with life style modification...exercise...diet or medication.

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No replies?????


Very true anupjee....But TG/HDL is indirect indicator ...where as fasting sugar/fasting insulin is direct...

Ketogenic diet is not simple...it is for much advance practitioner like you... We are just learners... But, there is a very keen relationship of fatty liver and central obesity .... and diabetes.

I just wonder why not a single doctor is keen to check on these issues and advise patient for the same...

It is always said that obese person diagnosed as diabetic develops insulin resistance much before that. If somehow he could get over that issue he may get cured...at least able to control his sugar level by diet ...(whatever...LCHF of LW) without deadly medicines.

I am sure.....most of diabetics are having fatty liver issue.....

I am just curious....how many of us have got liver scanned for said issue...

I think many of us if not all.... if address to this issue may be able to control FBS.


All I can say is diabetes can be cured and who says it can't be are doctors are either ones who never heard of miracles..... 


Well when u utter word 'CURE'.....'Remission'...'Reversal' Doctor is bound to lose his temper and gets irritated....

May be we can say no clinical symptoms...till relapse....As is case of Anupjee....with his diet....he is not clinically  diabetic....and if he continues that ( and in all probabilities he will not leave LCHF life long) he may not get diabetic symptoms or diabetic sugar readings in his life time....


I have tested my serum insulin along with FBS as soon as it was known to me & publisged through my appropedia.org page.


George jee,

I have seen you results for fasting insulin for year 2011.You had insulin level of 10.3.

Considering your fasting sugar was 100 then also you IR was 100 X 10.3/405= 2.54.

Guess anything below 3 is good.

I am curious that have you done your fasting insulin in year 2009, when you were diagnosed diabetic???

Have you ever scanned your liver and pancreas for fatty liver??

My point is that....most of us who are diagnosed as diabetic...may be having high level of IR.Along with fatty liver.

Long wheat may be useful to give us relief from IR and fatty liver.

There is no doubt that LCHF helps in bringing down PP blood sugar levels immediately. But FBS still remains problem.Sure if beta cells are given rest on earlier day....the will work efficiently to eliminate fasting blood sugar efficiently.

However,if IR is reduced there will be less stress on beta cells while fasting and also at PP level.

Is there any way out to reduce IR???


Well anupjee...I am reading lot about this dp ..Somogyi effect effect and experiences of many ppl who snack late in night to control same....

But for me I guess this is in our genetics....my uncles cousins all have elevated fasting sugar....

Your strategy is best....no glucagon.....no sugar dump....agreed....This will also bring down the HBa1c.....

As we see in many cases ...they are able to control PP sugar...but end up in higher HBa1c due to elevated FBS.

In my case...I am able to bring down fasting blood sugar by 9-10 points by walking...

But that not solution....hmmmm I am diagnosed with fatty liver/NASH way back in 2010.I am having elevated fasting sugar since then....Does this have any connection??

Yes you have rightly pointed out fatty liver may contribute in IR..Hepatic IR.Some says that in  gastric bypass surgery bile acid response change forcing remission of diabetes .Although the how this happens is not fully understood...

Still....in fatty liver condition along with fats in liver tissues.. bile ducts are also clogged ...

During last month lab check IR was above 3. fbs still hovering 95-118


Very true anupjee....but guess there is no harm in understanding the root cause of this Diabetes.....Why this thing is happening....

may be there are very few who are having beta cells malfunction....but guess major chunk is insulin resistant.

Why doctors are not trying to find out same....further standard protocol to treat diabetic is prescribe him medicines to increase his insulin level...Where as he is already producing  three times than normal person.Like in case of Georgejee....his insulin level was 10.3 in year 2011 which is three times higher than normal...which means his beta cells are working fine.

If some how he is able to reduce his IR he can easily hit HBa1c of less than 5.


If Type 2 is not a issue of less insulin , why  advanced Type 2 gets insulin prescription ?


Doctor never check the endogenous insulin production at the time of diagnosing person as diabetic.

No doubt the person is diabetic.....but what is cause??? is it due to less insulin production??? or it is due to high insulin resistance???

I think logically doctors must to go in to these details....If not patient should insist...

if reason is pin pointed....instead of prescription of sulfonylurea to increase insulin production and taxing already tired beta cells and in killing them in long run.... and getting more insulin resistant....some other mode of action may be sought.


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