How to control diabetes

I'm diabetic. I take Wosulin 30 / 70. My dose is 25 units on morning and 18 units in evening before food. Along with metformin 500 mg after food in mornings.I follow low carb high fat diet for the past 15 days.No carbohydrates. But my sugar level is fasting 178mg and pp is 191 mg.Why my sugar level is out of control? Should I start ayurvedic medicine.

Can anyone explain?

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Anti-glycemic Medications alone could not control type 2 diabetes. More importance have to be given for low carbohydrate diet, aerobic exercise and diabetes education.

Check your FBS or PPBS daily and avoid or reduce the foods that cause high blood sugar.

Engage in brisk walking daily for about 30 minutes. You should also walk after taking meals in your courtyard or in the terrace or within the rooms.

Undergo HbA1c test. Target 5.5% to 6.5%.

Learn more about diabetes mellitus and it's complications. It will help you to live longer.


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