how to control diabetes within 2-3 days or a week

hello sir...I want to know that how diabetes control within 2-3 days or a week..

actually my mother is suffering from diabetes (294 blood sugar level), her age is near about 48 years..she is also suffering from cataract so operation is needed.. without sugar control operation is not possible... so please give me right suggestion to control blood sugar within 2-3 days or a week to move forward for a cataract operation.....thanking you...


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  • Take medications. Consult a good dr if not done already. Get under control. Once the operation is over please follow LCHF diet as posted in this forum.

    Till then since the operation is scheduled to take medicines as prescribed by a good diabetologist.

  • Only solution is insulin under doctors supervision

  • i also had the same doctor started insulin on a very low dosage(10units only once in bedtime after food)the bs levels came to very normal(fbs 107,ppbs 138)with in three days.then i got both the eyes cataract done in one month apart(left eye nov25th,right eye dec 23rd) now i am slowly reducing the units. good luck.

  • I appreciate you may be sincere in what you believe and want to help, but what you believe is utter and complete nonsense and offering false hope to the desperate.

  • in a daily kannada news paper an article has come regarding homeopathy medicines and it says it has no value since it contains arcenic which is dangerous and it is better to have simple water.

  • Arcenic is only one of the numrrous homieo medicines. Chemical examinations have revealed that there is no ohysical oresence of the element using which a medicine is made. So there is nothing to worry much.

  • doctor will be able to tell you the right thing , but to control sugar u need to have balanced diet less starch and carbohydrate food n active life style.

  • LCHF diet will surely help you to get levels down within 3 weeks max, depending on how soon you switch all your meals.

    500+ Indian diabetics have benefited already and check my profile for forum on LCHF for Indian diabetics

    Doctors will help only to get to insulin shots sooner than ever before because they recommend a HORRIBLE diet called HIGH CARB LOW FAT and peddle it as HEALTHY. Sure, it is healthy for the drug industry.

  • First of all take your mother to a reputed diabetologist in your area. And let me inform you that diabetes can't be controlled so quickly it's a long term process by the way which city are u from.

  • For the diabetic people you know and to help manage weight and prevent yourselves from getting diabetes.

    This dropped my blood glucose levels by 90 points when I ate a 1/5 cup AFTER a meal (--didn't do much before a meal). Be careful if you are taking meds or insulin --too much could throw you too low and into hypoglycemia.


  • Do we get this in India? What is it's indian name??

  • If the patient is not on diabetic medication, simply stop taking starchy & sweet items for a few days. Keep testing FBS & LUNCH PPBS and report here DAILY. You will be surprised to see the blood sugar remaining in normal range.

  • I am doing that. From last TWO year when one time checked FBS-120 and PBS 180, I reduced intake of Sugar. I never found 100+ then.Check every 3 months.


  • That is it! Thank you for the resoonse.

  • She has to control her diet by taking limited quantity of rice or chapatis. She should walk daily for about half an hour. She should take the medicines prescribed by the Doctor timely. If She follows the above , her blood sugar levels may come down in a week.

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