All food have carb

For last two months, after I took medication for some allergy, my sugar levels are not coming down properly even after taking medicines and consulting doc and are still high, though I am doing all efforts. Doc suggested Insulin plus medicines as well. As I am vegetarian all foods are having carb. so how to proceed with low carb. Definately I donot want to continue with insulin longer.

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  • Hope @anup and suramo can guide you...

    Plz post your reports and the medicines which you took for your other condition.

  • my fasting is not coming below 130/140 and PP around 170. Presently started taking Januvia ( 1 tablet), Glucophage XR 1000mg (twice daily) and started insulin novomix 12 units ( for last 10 days). HBA1 8

  • cure

    Shashikantiyengar has been managing his D very efficiently. He also is a good adivser. One of the best.

  • No need to be zero carb

    Can reduce down carbs and gain control .

    Can u take eggs..?

  • yes but less

  • Then knock off grains in Breakfast

    have 2 eggs omelete

    Some sprouts & Cucumber.

    Mushrooms. Paneer. Cheese.

    All these option have less carbs & can improve your levels

    Close monitoring of levels needed to adjust the dosage accordingly

  • Shashikantiyengar


    Go grainfree. Learn lchf concept. Carbs are not at all essential. You can live on prots and good fats. You can take 75% fats as your caloric requirement.

  • Are you type 1, 2 or LADA (1.5)?

  • type 2 as took place at age of 45

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