Is it possible to control sugar with exercise and LCF and minimum Meds throughout life ? or we all gonna end up with high insulin ?

Hello This is my First Post here , i been reading a lot about fellow sugar posters :) i am just stating my case i accidentally came to know i am being borderline diabetes 104 so i ignored it for two years + to my surprise recently my fasting went up two weeks back to 275 fasting and Hb1ac came out 12 % ( damn ) Yup i am still in a state of shock well but the good news is this second week now my fasting came down to 150 -160 ( 4days ) i been extensively working out low carb food still learning what to eat my weight also dropped 3kgs since i get to know about high readings but then also after food readings still in 230 range ( i take food twice noon and night ) after two hours according to one doc i should start insulin ? one doc wants me to wait for 3 months get my Hb1ac done with fasting and post fasting then decide on tab ? anyone here who had high readings and it came down with right food and weight exercise ? btw i weigh 80kg as if today and height 5'9 1/2

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  • Many people here have been where you are currently & have managed to control their diabetes. Some have even managed to get rid of their medicines.

    Would suggest patience, till someone comes along & meanwhile take a look at below :


  • It would be better if you post your all details as per link given in Recyan's post. If possible also lipid profile. Everyone when diagnosed for diabetes the BS levels are mostly very high. But if you follow LCHF diet with perfect discipline and some medicines if needed then your BS will definitely normalize and in future you may not need any medicines.

  • You are over weight by about 7 or 8 kg.Get rid of the extra weight and you will see excellent results.

  • Weight reduces in 6-12 months.

    Sugar reduces from the meal you switch to LCHF. So no, weight reduction is not the primary benefit of LCHF. Weight reduction is secondary benefit. I am over weight by your standards and yet my sugar levels are in control without any drugs.

  • If you follow the LCHF DIET automatically the weight will come down.

    Do daily exercise and strictly follow LCHF DIET. If required just take metformin SR according to your needs. This is the only drug which is relatively safe. As much as possible try to control by LCHF Diet and exercise alone. Millions of people got benifit all over the world by this diet. Please go through the web site to see how people benefited. Buy glucometer and a weighing machine to count your sugar and food.

    Good luck to you.

  • The restriction on saturated fats is unnecessary; controlling the carbohydrate intake will control the blood lipids provided you don't pass into positive calorific balance.

    The term low-carb is relative; optimal carb would be the ultimate aspiration; adequate carb would suffice.

  • Aaah! so finally you started talking about 100grams carbs too and gave up the nonsensical 60% carb theory which experts recommend to anyone and everyone irrespective of their medical history. When my father was admitted in Bombay Hospital for his brain tumour in 1987, they used to feed him idli sambhar stuff, knowing very well that cancer cells love and thrive on sugar so they kept feeding carbs and low fat nonsense.

    if you set aside SAFA where does energy come from on Low Carbs? Is it from Air? When carbs are low SAFA has to be increased.

    4(C+P) + 9F == total kcal.

  • Starving is not the answer to control sugar. As long as one eats High Carb diet, sugar control will need drugs. Saturated FAT is best thing on earth for everyone who went on LCHF diet. User atma is latest example where his drug for BP, Migrane all stopped due to L:CHF.

    Eat Low Carb High fat diet.

  • Not just beginners but diabetic with history of 20 years diabetes have gone of drugs or reduced to bare minimum and yet achieved a far better control than HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense.

    LOW CARB has to be with High FAT because energy cannot come out of Air. When carbs are being reduced something has to increase for getting energy.

    4(C+P) +9F == Total Kcal needed.

    Anything above 120grams carbs is not LOW CARB.

    LIMITING CARBS means replacing carbs with something else and that something else cannot be PROTEIN as PROTEIN also spikes. So it is FAT.

    So LOW CARB will have to be with HIGH FAT.

    LOW CARB does not mean CARB counting (what you say carb counting is bit carb counting but carb substituion .... one form replacing the other.)

  • They are not recommending LCHF because then their commissions from drug industry will reduce as drug industry will have ,lot less drugs to sell. These experts are working for the DRUG industry and not for the patient.

    2/3rd America is OBESE. They should first fix that problem before trying to preach to others what is healthy diet. Obesity has crept up after Ancel Keys nonsensical study (about Saturated fat being bad) which brought in HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense diet. If they can't fix that to pre-1970 levels then their textbooks and university links on diet and health are indeed OUTDATED.

  • As a rough guide, animal protein and fat foods have little carbohydrate , vegetables that grow above ground are low in carbohydrate. All other foods require carbohydrate to be counted.

  • LCHF diet will surely give you far better control on far less drugs.

    A user "smorgan" on has come down from A1C of 12 to below 5.6 and he takes no drugs. Though he follows ketogenic diet.

    Switch to LCHF diet and you yourself will know what benefits are. Start testing PPBS at home rather than depending on once a month lab tests. Home testing is a must for tight control.

  • Recyan, shrisamarth ,venkataramana ,indiacratus ,atma ,Concerned ,medfree thanks a lot :) well i am still in the process of learning new jargon " Ketogenic diets " , "physiology and patho physiology " which confuses me but yes will Google them will learn about many things , lot of calculations and complex counting to the things i eat is tiresome i made a point to eat less not matter how much im starving not to the extreme sometimes feel like to eat in between then i go to some salads flex seeds butter milk in between the meals and milk without sugar for proper food i stick to multi grain 3 roti and sabzi in noon and in dinner hydrate my self well i eat only egg so will start that too maybe in the morning for me re learning of health benefits of low Carb HIGH FAT diet is new for me , yes i do have glucometer i m taking note of it how much i eat results to spike in BS and foremost i need to reduce weight and then maintain a certain weight thats the target . I hope in this process i will unfriend my old cloths soon flat tummy wont look bad at all i am hoping for the best :) .

  • Good. Search LCHF and learn all about LCHF.

    Since you eat Eggs --

  • Yea so you want him to be drugged whole life :)

    People are here because doctors are failing! Didn't you read about "atma" user experience?

    Why are you so jealous :D :D

  • Ninjarao, You have company. I used check my parameters every year. Suddenly in April 2013, I found myself diabetic with f/pp/a1c 290, 390 and 13. I knew if if go to a doctor with these figures, I will be under insulin shots for life. I put myself on a rigorous low carb diet and light exercise for 15 days and then went to a doctor. On that day I was 130 random and a1c 10. I knew I was on my path to control. Still my doctor insisted that I take metformin 500 twice day. I was to go to Stockholm for three months. I was in a dilemma. I purchased metformin for 90 days and a glucometer. I continured with low carb lifestyle in Sweden and checked my sugar almost daily. For all the 90 days of my stay in Stockholm I never had to touch the tablets as I never exeeded the critical sugar levels. I returned to India in August 2013 and since then on low carb diet. My fs/pp/a1c now are 90 /110/5.3. I never took any medicine. My triglyceride dropped, but ldl and hdl are status quo though both on the wrong side. I do not take any statin drugs to control cholesterol and do not intend to do so either.

    I am a regular in this forum. Plesee check my earlier posts to learn ablou my history, experience and diet plan. Cheers


  • Sharan india organise camps to eliminate diabetes.Pl. contact after searching their site on Google and about their programmes

  • Thank You Medfree , Indiacratus ,Sugu , Beasdevc

    Medfree " thanks for the advice with eggs " i am reading a lot about LCHF food in

    (counting carb , fat ) i find it interesting to know about how carbs spike the BG levels and its true avoiding certain foods for life actually reduces the load on pancreas ( which might have already compromised with this decease ) well i am looking for the different ways to experiment with foods and checking blood readings i will get a pattern according to my food habits only tricky part will come ( i dunno if that even possible ) when i be too skinny and can't avoid carbs then i think i be more on High Fat diet until i reduce the weight i just keep the Low Carb Diet Thanks :)

    Indiacratus thanks for explaining things well to start with i was 84Kg two weeks back now i checked i am almost no 80Kg just avoided full meal and avoided potato mostly avoided eating in between snacks and sugar i limited my food habit to dry roti 3 in noon and 3 at dinner with sabzi avoiding rice so far but will check how that work on my body , i know a point might come when i cant reduce more or my workout fails until then i keep trying to avoid tabs or insulins btw i am neither afraid of needles or naive to ignore readings i try to walk extensively i try to keep phyiscally active throughout the day at home and eat efficiently & sufficiently thanks for the help :)

    Sugu : well so kind of you and i really appreciate Your reply it giving me some hope and really cheered me up ! :) well exactly u nailed this topic since i was in the same path but just two weeks old in this i really got so much info on things to avoid and to eat here is amazing ! , i wonder why people not being told about this ? why carb foods still being told its ok to eat ? my doc never told me avoid carbs or even told me it is possible that BG levels can be controlled through food habits they told me to workout reduce the weight and eat less ? which means i could be eating 3 aloo parathas to make it 2 so how that would have spiked my levels only god knows , even though i am not against meds or anything i also understand maybe some point of time i be on tabs ! but how BG get spike in body ? i should have been given a detail info by health professionals , i feel bad lot among us have not even know they have Diabetics T2 and just altering few minor things and keep a positive and persistent mind can do wonders to the body rather falling for some Ayurveda and Homeopathy or some other things can reverse the decease ? , well now i wait for 3 months and that time i get my HB1ac done and see the difference . thanks a lot for the detail info :)

    beasdevc : i hope its not about doing some asanas ? i wish i can do all that maybe later but will Google and read about Sharan India thanks for the Info :).

  • ninjarao:

    They don't tell anything about diet and carbs. In fact i was told to eat 4 Marie biscuits. What a cruel joke on me. Each Marie biscuit is 4 grams with 60+ % carbs. So 10 grams carbs taken for nothing in form of Biscuits?

    They will never talk diet as that will reduce drugs sales and that's one thing that no doctor would ever want as they get their regular paychecks from industry as well. The High Carb Low Fat diet was designed to make people SICK. That's why 2/3 America is Obese and obesity is the foudnation for ensuring a SICK body.

    Do you know that the whole "cacophony of exercise preventing heart attacks" in diabetics on High Carb Low Fat nonsense has FAILED? But Doctors carry on their cacophony of walking, exercising.I am sure most so called experts wouldn't even know because it hasn't been fed to them on purpose. Here's the post to the link of largest ever funded federal study to defend HIGH CARB LOW FAT by covering with exercise. They started out with expectations that it will yield another marketing ploy in favor of High Carbs Low Fat (but failed) and relation to heart attacks.

    I have stopped walking since about a year now. Covering carbs with mindless walking and popping a cocktail of pills just because so called experts are saying it is INSANE. I prefer to keep carbs to 100grams carbs and eat lots and lots of FAT.

    1 Indian chapati (weighs around 40 grams) is about 20+ grams carbs. All grains re 60-70% CARBS. Whole grain, half grain is all marketing gimmick. At the end, CARBS will convert to sugar. So first step to cut down carbs is cut down Grains drastically.

    I really don't care what so called big UNIVERSITY say as all are funded by Pharma companies for doing the talking. The bosses at these universities doing research for them are all million dollar consultants to Pharma companies.

  • Hi Ninja Rao, How is your journey towards redusing your blood sugar levels and HB A1C now?

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