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Newly diagnosed

Hello all

I was diagnosed with type 2 in March 2017. Hba1c was 15. In April came to 7. Currently on zoryl 1 mg before breakfast n dinner and teniva 20/500 mg after breakfast. Had religiously tested every year and always sugars were normal. Both parents diabetics both got in 50 s. Three siblings diabetics at age 35. I had a root canal extraction in November 2016 and was still normal sugars. Suddenly fell ill with throat infection and hoarse voice and A1c came as 15. Was schocked and could not come to terms. My ldl cholesterol was 165 and doctor has put me on atorvastatin 10 mg. maternal grandparents both diagnosed as diabetics at age 65. Only one sister still no diabetic, she is very thin. I am of medium build with abdominal obesity, used to walk infrequently now walking 1 hour everyday. I have recently tried to follow lchf diet but still not clear about it properly. I am a vegetarian South indian really do not know what to eat. Also my medication gives me hypo s if I do try. Please help me know about lchf diet and how to transition from medicines safely. I also have fatty liver grade 2



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Hi Anur,

Please check out your PMs. I have sent a message to you.



Your D went unnoticed. You didn't take care despite strong family history.

Surf net for lchf diet and intermittent fasting. There is " no " to rice, refine flour, root veg, sugar. Urad too. You must learn gi gl of the food you are eating. No medicine will help you if you continue taking high carb diet. Change your lifestyle. Only lchf will reverse your fatty liver. Get liver enzyme study including ggt levels as baseline study so that you can know progress of your nafld.

Gud luk.

Ask your nonD sister also to take care of diet. Lchf for her too.

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