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Weight loss for type1 diabetic



i have put on lots of weight in past 2 years. i tried lots of things in the internet tablets/ powders etc.. but no use. I have taken tests for Thyroid which is also normal. i am single, and don't have any other problems except type 1 diabetic. need to loose weight at-least 12-15 kgs as per my BMI. i am not able to do any work outs due to the job and my lifestyle. Can any one of you suggest me any medicine with which we can loose weight in 1 month/ 2 months?

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Being a type 1 diabetic, I eat a low carb high protein and gluten free diet to control my blood sugars. I count carbs. and use insulin for meals and bedtime. Does your doctor have you counting carbs. each meal and snack? When was your last doctor’s appointment?

ya, my last visit is on 19-Jul-2018. My diet is also below the carbs calculated for my age and weight. My problem is lifestyle- no exercise and sitting job. Which i could not make any

DeepikaG you have not mentioned your age. How old are you. I presume that you must be around 30 plus. Any way please consult your doctor and please do some physical activity as well. Also please take medicines as well.


Welcome to the group. DeepikaG . Members of this group cannot prescribe any medication for you. You have to discuss with your Doctor for any new medications or change in any medications.

Regarding your weight loss goal, it is possible to lose weight with dietary changes alone. Yes, exercise is always beneficial for general health and therefore one must include some form of physical activities in daily routine. Even walking 3 - 5 km a day should be good. As such, contribution of exercise in weight loss is not much, unless one is involved in heavy exercise.

Being T1D also means that your insulin dose and oral medications, if any, are are strongly dependent on diet and exercise. While changing diets and physical activities, one has to keep monitoring the blood sugar levels and adjust the insulin and medications accordingly in order to avoid any HYPO episodes. It is advisable to implement these changes under the supervision of a Medical professional in case one is not confident .

I assume you may be aware of LCHF diet. It has worked very well in majority of the cases for blood sugar control and weight loss. You should aim to lose about 1 kg/week which means in about three months you can lose 12 kg or so. Your insulin requirement will also drop.

I am T2D following LCHF diet to maintain my blood sugar in non-diabetic range and keep my weight in healthy range without any medications. Any questions? Please let us know.


Think of vegan diet.Watch Dr.Neal Bernard"s videos on youtube.MIGHT HELP.


You also need to count calories adjusted for your age and lifestyle.

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