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DI has been a lifeline for me through the past 6 months when my daughter Aisha 37, was diagnosed with both breast cancer and D2. We have followed the LCHF diet with excellent results: her weight has gone down from 130 kgs. to 103 kgs. We will be doing a HB1AC test in 2 days time to see how much it has gone down from the 10.3 at time of diagnosis in July 2016. Now the radiologist is interested in the LCHF diet!!

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Thanks for sharing your experience!

Yes,LCHF works!!


Hi suryakaizen,

Welcome to the group. Please feel free to continue to post postings and comments of your own and commenting on postings of the other members, asking questions, taking the polls on the Polls section, and of course, meet the other members of the group. Everyone is here to help everyone else.

Has your daughter's doctor for diabetes said that she should be on the LCHF diet? Please talk with the doctor for her diabetes care before starting a new diet. Not all diabetics are the same. One thing is good for one person may not be right for another person.


Latest A1C reading is 6.4.My daughter is off Glycipage (Metformin 1 gm) + insulin injections (10 units/night). She is now on Galvusmet 50mg/1000 mg twice daily. She is on LCHF, though not strictly so. Sugar level FS 118.

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That's getting better. Keep posting.


Galvus Met (Vidagliptin 50 mg/Metformin 1000 mg) is a combination of two active ingredients, both of which are used to control and treat patients suffering from type 2 diabetes.







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