Food intolerence, severe gastritis and diabetic

Hi diabetic for d past 8 yrs and also I have fasting sugar is between 115 to 130 with medicines or even without medicines..tabs r making me more weak..Also I have a severe gluten and lactose intolerence. I have a svevere stomach bloating and am not able to eat proper food..pls suggest a good diet and also is it ok if I can travel with such food intolerence?

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  • Sanra

    Two main causes:

    1) Lactose

    2) Gluten. Why don't you stop taking wheat for a few days and try?

    Also keep your bowels clean.

    You are a diabetic so best diet for you is lchf.

  • Sir,

    Thank you for the reply...what is LCHF?

  • Low Carb High Fat diet.

  • Tks

  • But with high fat will my digestive issues and my leaky gut due to food allergies become ok? Can anyone explain about how I can go about with my food intolerence like lactose and gluten and how I can cure it..pls suggest..

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