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Dear Members,I have been listening and reading about diabetes since long.Gradually I have understood that diabetes is not a pure physical disease but also conditioned by mind.My keen observation is that most of diabetics conclude that medicines, injectibles and oral, will "control" the disease.Unfortunately it does not.This misconception about medicines lead the affected to eat and sit,thinking medicines will take care of sugar.Sometimes say many a times I have seen people prompting a diabetic to eat and drink inspite of having knowledge that the person is a diabetic.A very common statement -"kuch nahi hoga".Sadly the diabetic also starts believing "kuch nahi hoga"!Lack of self study of diet and medicines and the disease has created a situation of ignorance.I have seen patients avoiding sweets and gulping frieds.I have seen people not observing how they react to food they eat and then what to drop and what to continue.I have seen diabetics who feel proud in eating high calorie food and boast I cannot do without eating and "kuch nahi hota ".

Please try to treat diabetes in totality. The best food is as follows

Rotis and sabzis and fruits and lots of water. Do not think what else you can eat.

Walk slowly and happily for three to five kms everyday.Junk that 'brisk walk theory 'Remember a diabetic has to walk for years and keep feet and knee fit.

Do not be ambitious and be happy with what you have achieved.



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23 Replies

  • Yours is a gospel truth theory. If we can avoid yummies in eating and drinking, our 90% work is done. We should eat to survive and not the other way round. And we are not here to support the doctors who could be quacks actually.

    Kudos to your good piece! I am sure I will live a happy and contended life hereon. And your last but not the least word is- Pray. That gives the strength required to follow the tastelessness in food.

  • this is a real comment and a very positive one,the people offering and forcing as stated by you saying Kuch nahi hota are the ones should be deleted or avoided by you.

  • Very sincere and matter of fact advice. Yes, in addition to the diet suggested by you what more we need is prayer saying hum ko man ki shakti dena to exercise will power to avoid food we should avoid. God bless you. G L Nagpaul

  • I fully agree. Regular control of food (homely) and less stressful life with regular medicine will definetly control not only sugar, any disese.

    Thanks for the proper input

    Bhoja Raja

  • many many thanks. regards.

  • Sound advice to keep control on what you eat and how much you eat; taking exercise, walking equally important.

  • Apart from control of mind yoga and pranayam helps in maintaining blood sugar level. Stress free mind is first condition to control glucose level. Very rightly said control your taste buds.

  • realy

  • People liked the simple eating and slow walking idea. Don't you think it is too ascetic a life.

    Agar main jeevan jeeta raha to woh ek din khatam ho jayega. Dar ke ham jeena chhor den.

    One will have to have a balance between vulgar and ascetic life styles. T.B. was incurable but it is not now. Similarly diabetes is going to have total cure. It may be stem cell , pure medicine , Yog or what ever. I am waiting for that date and mean while trying to enjoy life like a diabetic.


  • Dear Mr Manohar,

    Thanks.What you have said is one hundred percent correct.I have suggested 'ascetic' life because I have seen diabetics getting amputed.I have seen them suffering blindness.I have seen them not getting cured as a normal person does.I have seen diabetics with the poorest cardiac condition.See only for taste and thrill we invite sufferings better avoid food that does it.Until scientists develop a total cure for diabetes.Please note AGAIN tuberculosis is not fully curable bur often becomes drug resistant.Rest everyone has right to live as he and she wishes.

  • Manohar Vermaji,who says T.B.was incurable in the past.It was cured by the use of Gold Bhasma and eating 10-12 Cod fishes daily along with complete rest,fresh and good food ,daily massages etc

  • Brother has suggested to have roti and sabjis as main food. Perhaps he is from north or west,His advices are good as it is but can not be followed by people of other parts of the country.The east has mostly fish as the main food with some Rice and pulses where as the south has rice as the prime food, supported by other dishes.Some variety of fish is understood to manage diabetes as it contains Omega-3fatty acids, a srtong anti oxydant, making life easy and retards the onset of diabetes. India is said to be the capital of diabetes and this is mostly atributable to heridity and marriage within close relatives even though the avoidance of same clan marriage is practised., without any specific restriction marriages within relatives.The on set of diabetes can only be retarded, but it can not be prevented or cured as this is not a disease, but malfunction of pacreas on reaching near about 45 years and more.Once detected, It has to be controlled with atmost care as suggested by Mr. Light 55.Only literated and urbun realise and manage with diabetes as they do not practice mannual work and are prone and positively get diabetes.. In rural diabetes is not felt or ignored for the reason that mannual work makes them to burn colories and they only eat Jowar, Raagi and such pulses. I appreciate the seriousness expressed and his advices are good in general.

  • Carbs intake from Grains has to be restricted by diabetics. Yes it's a lifestyle change and ion many cases it could be a drastic change but unavoidable for good control.

  • Light55,whether one is a diabetic or not to keep our limbs and the body system in proper order ,don't you think it is advisable to do yoga or any type of activity... like long walks maintain good health?

  • Dear MYKMTH,

    The body system is an integrated piece of creation.All organs are interdependent.It is very essential that every organ gets exercise to maintain optimum health.Baba Ramdev has shown us that internal organs can also be exercised.Everyone be he or she a diabetic or not must devote time for walks,yog,etc.It helps a lot.

  • '' Through Dr. M. V. Prasad continuous observation, he discovered that the tribal of the area, who weren't anxious about their future or past were free from such lifestyle diseases like cholesterol, BP, Type 2 diabetes- just because of their life style.

    So he came up with an entirely different approach towards diabetic treatment as compared to the regular practice. He started councilling them about the importance of food (which is the only source of all nutrients) and exercise (only way to burn out glucose ).

    In due course of time, he came to the conclusion that, instead of dead beta cells, there is more chance for sleeping beta cells in life style diabetes, keeping the fact in mind that the only thing in nature which can bring insulin out of the pancreas is glucose, so he advised sharp sugars for bringing insulin out of the active beta cells, to wake up the sleeping beta cells and the dormant beta cells, for which demand for more insulin should be maintained in your body.

    For this he increased the oral glucose day by day. The blood sugar may shoot up, which should be tackled with exercises in a particular ascending manner. Gradually with two or three months normal betacells will be refreshed ,sleeping cells will be aroused and the dormant cells will be awakened ,but take more time''(

    What you think about this....comment please...

  • I had the opportunity of consulting with Dr Viswanathan, the pioneer of Diabetes care not only in India but world wide. He used to tell me, idlis are the best diabetic food, because they contain fibres, protein and vitamins! He even said, you can take whiskey but limit yourself to a tiny shot ;-) What I mean to say, there are many approaches to diabetes treatment, but the patient has to come face to face with his condition and confront it.

  • Dear Mr Jayraj,

    I think Dr.Prasad is a competent doctor to research and experiment with the results.However, I have come across a diabetic of long standing and her doctor

    attempted to take off her insulin and oral drugs.Within a couple of days she recorded 676 mg. of sugar.Her family and other doctors put her back on medication immediately.When without medications she started reacting terribly - mentally and physically.When I talked to the the doctor physician he was of opinion that the patient would not need any medicines after a couple of weeks and sugar levels will then become normal forever.I think if this is possible and if I were to experiment with such a hypothesis I will do it very gradually and with constant observation.

  • thanks for the comment...

    I think Dr.Prasad is advising some special exercise with medicine.

    ur post was very good...thanks..I always keep in mind your few lines

    " Walk slowly and happily for three to five kms everyday.Junk that 'brisk walk theory 'Remember a diabetic has to walk for years and keep feet and knee fit.

    Do not be ambitious and be happy with what you have achieved. "

  • I realize this is an old thread. I met Dr. Prasad in 2012 and tried his approach. Made my sugar levels worse. Beta cells will not regenerate. As for waking up the dormant cells, that has worked in mice, all right, but no trials have been conducted on guinea pigs, dogs and humans. Many doctors say that people notice some difference in the first two months and then boom! it gets worse. Several people have been hospitalized in critical condition after following this approach of taking half a teaspoon of sugar five times a day. Try at your own risk.

  • Food suggested , no doubt ,will control diabitic but milk should also be included in the list to keep fit.

    R J Singh

  • Yes, exercise is good for diabetic people.

  • I contol my diabetes by medicins,insuline, regular walking in morning and evening,no stress and avoide the words CLEGA AAG KA DIN, i LIKE YOUR ARTICAL.

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