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My age is 56. I have been taking Homeo Medicines for the past four months along with the Allopathic medicines, but the Blood sugar is not improving at all. Fasting Sugar 150 + and After Food Sugar 220 +. When I checked with the concerned Homeo Doctor, I was told it will take some more time for the gradual decrease in Blood Sugar. I do not want to wait further. Any suggestions please?

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pl state the symptoms of diabetes like excessive thirst/urination during night,the appetite to choose the remedy for you.


I am taking allopathic medicines for the past two years. Since it was not coming down, I started taking Homeo along with allopathic. But the reading as I said earlier is not satisfactory. Shall I continue with Homeo? I want to know whether Homeo medicines can be taken along with allopathic? What will be the reason for the delayed effect?


My request to all diabetic. ( from my own experience )

Please follow this if possible.

Drink 1.5litres light hot water before brush in morning mandatorily nor normal or cold.

make amix of (100gm janun churna,100gm amla churna,& 40 Gm Giloy from Baidyanath100gm haldi powder ,100 gm Satabari, 100gm Swet Mulsi from Patanjali)

Keep 2 teaspoon in 200ml water over the night and drink this in loke warm position after 15 minutes of drinking 1.5 litre light hot water.( water to be reached gradually up to 1.5litre)

Take break fast boiled barley broken piece or plain oats with ( 5no almond 5no dry grapes 2 no dates 5 no big channa+5no desi small chann +5no ground nut+10 gm meethi+10gm moog green with screen all to be kept overnight in i glass of water)

Take lunch all item you want but those item insisting sugar hike must be in limit, after lunch take 2 capsule of gurmar from Herveda also repeat itr after dinner 2 capsule gurmar.

If any one have more passion the he may continue 20 drops of Jamulin Q 2 times 20 minutes taking after any food.

When any one reach 1.5litre light hot water drinking habit in morning will be definitely 90% free from all complication of diabetes.

Be care full do not stop your present medication immediate before improvement achieved.

thanks to all sufferer with a hope to diabetic free world


Hi Basudev,

Many thank for your detailed mail. Please let me know where I can get all the items you have mentioned. I am placed at Chennai. Awaiting your response.


Medicine you will get from ayurvedic shop i.e. authorised Baidyanath brand and rest from Ramdev group shop called patanjali, homoeo medicine from any homoeo pramacy near to you.and gurmar capsule from Herbveda purchase on line.www.shopping.indiatimes.com


Dear Basudev, You are quite right regarding medicine and also intake of water upto 1.5 ltrs.

but I would like to suggest that if the patient takes one glass of boiled and cooled water before he takes coffee/tea will also help. He should also do some yoga( padma-asana) for atleast 5 minutes and also pranayam too. He should take green food in good quantity also.


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