GTT test for Dm2 - can we take this test ( Dm2 ) and is it safe ?

I am recently diagnosed for DM2 with HBa1c 11 and Fasting@211 and Post meal @245

I was on metformin for few days and reduced fasting to 100 and post meal to 150-160 .

and from last 15 days I am on no medicine and completely OFF . and still I am maintaining Fasting @95-110 and Post meal 120-160 ( max of 180 on two occasion)

I am planing control my Dm2 with just Life change and diet( that I am doing from last 15day ) for that I want to know what is my current condition of diabetic status .. Someone suggested me GTT so that I can come to know how my body react to glucose and what is current capacity to handle glucose , I want to use this test result as REFERENCE POINT for the future management to determine Progression of DM or reversal of Dm


I have fear that taking 75G of Glucose may take BG levesl 400's or 500's and can lead to coma, I spoke to doctor regarding taking up this test , he said its not required and refused to write test for me .. but I want to take it So I went to Lab and Booked GTT test .

Now I am feeling little worried, I feeling that I COULD go to coma and I cant handle 75 G of Glucose , My Moderate meal takes me to 180's so 75 G of Glucose would go behind 400's ...

I want to know from the people who taken this GTT and What was your numbers and is it safe to test if my fasting @125?


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  • It is up to you to decline whether you have to undergo the test or not. In early stages, you can control type 2 diabetes by food and exercise.


  • Yes. It is my opinion too. But, doctor is the best judge to decide and advise.

  • I disagree strongly regarding doctors. Most quacks are either ignorant or on the take or both. Its best to do your own research and follow some of the stalwarts on these boards like Anup.

    I have given you my frank opinion. Its your body and hence your call.

  • i feel GTT is not required for you. FBS,PBS at regular intervals and HbA1c at quarterly intervals are enough to fine tune your diabetes control measures.

  • GTT not needed. You are confirmed diabetic when your A1C is 11.

  • yes, I know . I am diabetic but I heard that it gives some indication about my metabolic system's current status

  • BangaloreMate

    You are not gonna in coma with gtt or 400 mg blood sugar.

    Better you take following tests.

    Fbs along with

    Fasting insulin from the same blood sample

    A1c you have already taken.


    microalbuminuria in fasting

    lipid profile at least once


    sonoscan of abdomen.

    Liver enzyme study if fatty liver on sonogram.

  • Measure fasting insulin, FBS, TG, HDL.

    Then check IR on HOMA 2 using fasting insulin and FBS.

    TG is worse thing to have on higher side. Ideally should be below 100

    High TG/HDL ratio = IR

    That will be more meaningful

    Why punish yourself with a super high blood sugar for 3 to 4 hrs by taking OGTT?

  • It is confirmed. You are diabetic but control it with drugs , diet and exercise. No need for gtt.

    Do HBA1C regularly after 3 months time.

  • GTT has given way to H1Ab. Get it done once in 3-4 months. Nothing like trying to control through effecting life style changes needed............even to know that you are on the right track, the H1Ab is needed. Good luck.


  • It is safe to undergo GTT.

    Serious side effects from this test are very uncommon. With the blood test, some people feel nauseated, sweaty, lightheaded, or may even feel short of breath or faint after drinking the glucose. Tell your doctor if you have a history of these symptoms related to blood tests or medical procedures.


  • not needed for sure. go for tests suggested by suramo & others. forget oggt

    aim for a1c of 5.6 max

  • As once you have detected as diabetic,GTT test is not safe.Rather Hba1c is ideal test.if your diabetese is controlled, it will be less than 6.So dont go for GTT test.

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