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Blood sugar reading in different hospitals and labs


Why almost all the hospitals have different criteria for confirming blood sugar level. Some above 100 in fasting and some above 140 after eating. Almost all the tests shows I'm in prediabetes or diabetes range. Some are under diabetes. I really don't know whom to trust.

My last random sugar level today result was 100.

Pls guide.

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Hi don't worry, for you it is only starting and your readings are not alarming these readings vary as the conditions are not same every time depending on various factors like food physical activities etc. Now just have some discipline on the food you take reduce the carb like rice chapattis have lots of veg and non sweet fruits. Mind this disease is not a killer one unless you don't keep you BS readings under control. Be happy and cheer up this is not end of life. I am diabetes for over 15 years and living happy and enjoying life at 65, the carbs restrictions is the secret.

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