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Green tea yogurt and Panner

Can any one may pease share your knowledge about

1 Green tea Which company greentea is good ? I saw so much company products

some of dip bags but to drink it is too much bitter

What R the neutrition value in green tea and howmuch caloriy and what R the nutritionals value of this

And how much of cup to be drink per day ?

2 Panneer I search here one product of Panner which is from NANDINI milk DAIRY it has somefat and some carbohydrate How much of quantity to be taken per day

3 Yogurt What quantity per day may be taken ?

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Thanks for early respond. Please inform how much cup (Ml) to be taken per dailcomposition

What are the ingredients it contains and how much calories it contains from 100 ML ? Thanks




I almost take green tea with tulsi, how bitter it may be, to quench my thirst. I take water only during meals or when I am not at home. Is it OK?


Thanks for the advice. I will go to dlife.


If you're a Type 2 Diabetic, green tea and paneer is to be taken with caution. Its impact on YOUR blood sugar needs to be specifically found out by you. All kinds of tea generally result in hike in blood glucose. However, effect of a food item on blood glucose varies from person to person. Please see for yourself what the effect of dates is by checking the BG values before and after consuming it. For further information on this, please read the book 'Bye T2D DEFEATING DIABETES available on-line from amazon.com.


I take organic India green tea with tulsi and it taste very good.you can try.


Now I start organic tulsi green tea. thanks


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