Diabetes & Milk and its products!

Diabetes & Milk and its products!

Dear all,I just searched internet for effect of milk and its products on diabetes and I have got a lot of controversy.So,Please,answer the following:

i)Is milk good for a diabetic person or not?

ii)Which milk should be preferred-full fat or skimmed?

iii)A diabetic person can add milk in tea/coffee or not?

iv)Which milk products can be taken?

v)What quantity of milk and its product can be included in daily diet?

Please,share your experience and knowledge!

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  • Controversy around Western milk (A2 protein) doesn't apply to India at all. I prefer curd (strained) to milk, and curd made from full fat milk as toned/skimmed milk is useless. Curd should be > 1 day old with slightly sour but pallatable taste. Add fresh cream to up the fat content further.

  • Yoghurt spikes insulin, and it's the protein that does it, not the carbohydrate mendosa.com/insulin_index.htm .

    Tea or coffee are not good for us in themselves because of their stimulant qualities.


  • Straining (removing that whey+ sugar in the watery stuff) blunts the spikes. :)

    Depends. Coffee or tea may be bad for a High Carber. Have't found any thing bad about it over the last four years. Stimulant yes, but haven't seen it spike sugar when I take black coffee with VCO.

    Mendosa lives on a 50-60 gm carbs/day, IIRC. Too difficult for Indians to live on that range of carbs.

  • If anything your blood glucose may be lowered by the spike in insulin.

    As you know, I wouldn't advocate most people going that low in carbs/day; replacing the amount we use is the most sensible.

  • Yes we are in the same boat. I look for around 100 grams carbs/day and also insist on aiming for TG/HDL < 2.5 as that ensures lower/lowest insulin resistance, so lesser insulin does more work.

    TG/HDL lower the better.

  • How to obtain TG/HDL target of 2.5

  • Lower triglycerides by eating lower carbs.

    All processed food should be avoided.

  • What happened to your old account? I find none of posts which you had posted earlier from the old account.

  • If your account is deleted then I am sure few ANTI LCHF folks must have complained. It has happened in the past, so nothing surprising here I guess. Some don;t want LCHF to be discussed here at all.

  • I already have. You are already there. dlife.in

    No account gets deleted there. Only Commercial spams is one thing which is not allowed, besides of course engaging in war of words which is a strict NO NO.

  • Well, the software runs all BIG BOARDS around the world. So, I don't think there's any complain on user friendly part. In fact it's a commercial software with one of the best user friendly interface.


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    Custom site like yours will be way more, probably in the range that you have mentioned.

  • For example, the legal portal that I talked of, we have budgeted Rs 4,50,000 for the DB design and site design -- no profit factored in as it is our in-house project. This excludes the cost of data population ( 300,000 documents -- this itself ill cost Rs12,00,000) which will also grow @ around 40,000 documents per year. We are spending a lot of time on schema design as a bad schema design can take down server in no time under traffic.

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  • Thanks. You can contact me over PM from my site. Depending on your site requirements, one time costs would be around 8 to 10 lacs excluding data population but integrating with elasticsearch (which will need a single client server in any case).

    Recurring costs for a fully managed server would start from $500/Month and can go up to any limit depending on traffic and user-base.

  • I was on LCHF since 14 February 14. I lost 12 kgs of weight in one year. By BP came to 120/80. Then I was worried because I was loosing weight and every one was saying what happened to you are becoming very lean.I read dr.mcdoughal article on plant based diet .switched on to that as he says dairy products are killers. I changed to that had an other problem . I got hypotension .my BP came to 90/60. Now again I have changed to LCHF .

  • So,it is again proved that LCHF works!Is not it?

  • Yes it works .

  • So, how are your numbers and weight now that you are back to LCHF diet. I am not a big fan of PETA (primarily responsible for VEGAN cult movement).

    Try and up soaked peanuts, walnuts, almonds in your daily menu. If chewing becomes a problem then you can even coarsely grind overnight soaked peanuts+walnuts+almonds and add to curd+cream mix.

  • My BS 100 and ppbs 140 to 150. Little chea ting I do as I take coffe with one tspf of Honey .this is with no medicines..my bp is 110/70. And hope it come back to 120/80'again. I practice yoga sans and pranayama . Feel energetic . I took plant based diet for three months and now dropped it. I go for run and during the run I felt reeling sensation and came home and checked my bp it was 90/60. Then I continuously checked my bp it 100/60 and after yoga it came down to 90/60. I was worried. Thought over it and switched back to LCHF . I am taking nuts soaked in water overnight.

  • I think one of the guys here has been posting too many copy paste articles and then linking wrongly to authoritynutrition.com and host of other websites but his account did not get deleted because no one usually complains -- even on COPY PASTE here aka plagiarism.

    In your case, it looks like those who flout the rules themselves must have complained. My guess is that complains were made as you are preaching LCHF diet. This is the trend here. Talk LCHF and you get on the wrong side of a group of three or four people here as they do not like anything outside of ADA/AMA/AHA's FAILED dietary theory.

    Anyways, one is allowed to post link to same site once in 10 replies/posts even as per rules. On my forum, we don't restrict anyone from posting any link to source of information which is in the context of discussion.

  • I don't see three or four of the most vocal opponents of LCHF bashing LCHF followers now. The growth of diabetics on LCHF Diet is unstoppable now as that's the only thing that really works in the long run for managing diabesity.

  • Champak 045 as per your statement u have tried below 50 gms carb When u have tried it as per your other discussion your HBA1C is stiil 6.9 since u are non veg so u may possible to carb below 50 gms for vegetarians it is difficult. Further u may know in this forum so much members were used carb below 130 gms and some of them may also up to 200-250 but they also have hba1c 6- 6.4 Even good expert member in this forum CONCERNED also states up to 140--150 gms as low carb I think if u stick on carb less than 5o gms Your HBA1C must be 5 or 5.1 Even Anup also used carb uoto 60-70 gms his HBA1C is 5.4 can u clarify in details

  • Curds is better than milk . YOU can take up to 250 gms per day . Coffee as it is , is not bad . Three cups a day is in allowable limit.( black coffee is good for diabetics )

  • usually the curds sold in the Govt dairy farm with the top layer removed , since we don't prefer high fat products . I found out that coffee and curds both are good for diabetics . I didn't make a national survey .In my limited circle they didn't give adverse results . Especially for vegetarians curds give a feeling of fullness .

  • When one is in low carb diet , a tea spoon sugar with little milk can be added .

  • I experienced that there are no adverse results and after having coff ee with one teaspoon sugar ,no spike in the sugar readings was observed .But I specify that is for people with low carb diet.

  • NEVER, ever. The whole idea of LCHF is to get the residual insulin in blood down. Adding sugar would beat that purpose. Once in a while for cheating, it's fine. But, as a regular habit -- NEVER.

  • the whole idea of avoiding carbs is ok to some extent , because excess carbs contribute to the problem . But the high fat diet definiitly could result in arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis . That takes place slowly in course of time and not overnight . Why this factor is overlooked by the advocates of lchf diet . A record of 5 or 6 years is not sufficient to verify . Many times we see scientific research going back on its theories especially in the field of health . At least we can depend on the theories of Ayurveda because it had had been in practice for thousands of years.The root cause of all health problems is fast food & polluted food . polluted air and polluted water . If care is taken in these things all the health problems would vanish overnight.Even milk is not good now a days because the animals are given harmones for better yield.

  • There's no proof that Low Carb (20% CARBS) High Fat diet results in CVD/CHD. This lie has been systematically spread since Ancel Keys days. The whole CVD/CHD problem has ballooned after LOW FAT nonsense.

    If we cut carbs, we have to UP FAT because diabetics cannot go overboard on proteins. So, merely cutting down carbs won't help -- it has to be replaced by another source of energy.

  • Milk is definitely good for everyone if the person is not allergic to milk.

    One should take full fat milk.

    All milk products can be taken by a diabetic.

    Quantity of milk and its products will depend on individual.

  • people who are pure vegetarians get Vitamin B12 only through the milk and milk products .Absence of B12 could lead to diabetic neuritis in some cases .

  • As I already mentioned, strange things happen with followers and preachers of LCHF diet. In fact, I cannot find any posts with user MyDBGone. This means that the account is deleted, complete with all posts.

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