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Blood glucose test strips

I would like to know about other's experience on using glucose test strips as they near their expiry date. My questions -

1. Till when they are safe to use (i.e., can we get reliable readings till they expire or we have to stop using them 1 month before the expiry)

2. Once they near the expiry, how will they show the readings. Will they show higher values/ lower values

3. What is the best way to store them (the manual says to store in cool dry place)

Based on my experience, they will start showing lower readings as they near expiry date.

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What brand of testing equipment do you use?


I use Accucheck active


Try to use the steps until they run out.


I use Freestyle Optium. The strips should be stored at a temperature 4 - 30° C and in a dry and cool place and away from direct sunlight and heat. This simply recommended but I do see some people store their strips in kitchen cupboard near stove tops or next to windows. I will only use the strips by the due date and really don't know whether their accuracy would be incorrectly as you've experienced of having lower readings towards the expiry date. That sounds weird but interesting to know if anyone would have similar experience.


Point 1. Properly stored, you will get reliable readings till expiry date;

Point .2 Not true;

Point 3. Store the container, with the lid air tightly closed, in cool dry place).

I have been using it twice a day, twice a week for years



Till expiry it is ok and I know how much more or less when nearing expiry I store it in my cool room these strip is only a broad way to see if the BS is more or less I have calibrated it with the lab reading and add and sub as required to get actual value.


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