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When to give blood sample for hba1c test

My hba1c value with fasting blood sample is 6.7 and FBS at lab is 147. Accucheck meter shows 113. I am not convinced of this value as I regularly test with accu check meter at home and maintain good readings. However my fasting values remain at 130. So, next day I gave blood sample ramdom at 7.30 pm. My accucheck meter shows 108 at home 10 min before I gave sample in lab and lab result is 113. Hba1c is 6.3. One more observation is accu check meter always shows lower reading to the lab reading why? What is the best time to give blood sample for hba1c?

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Which meter you use sir?


With one Janumet 500 Tablet if Hb1c is 6 or 5.6 only, whether you will be considered diabetic or not?


I always find difference of only 2 or 3 points in meter and Laboratory testing.

Not much difference.

But I have heard that Diabeties can get reversed also sometimes.

Is it correct?


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