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Weight loss in Diabetes

I have lost my weight about 2 Kg in last one year.The accumass weight gainer can be taken or not by me ,pl suggest. I am diabetic since 1998. My age is 67 years. Height 5 f, 10 inches. At present I take Glypride 2 mg BD. Galvus Met (50+850) before break fast, Roimet 500 mg OD before dinner, and Winofit OD. My weight has reduced from 75 Kg to 73 Kg in last one year after taking Galvus Met in place of poiz 15. Kindly suggest to maintain the weight.After observing following test report Doctor added Zivast 10.

Blood test on-18/01/17

HBA1C- 7

,Average Blood Glucose- 154

Total cholesterol -237

,HDL- 59 ,LDL -162,Triglycerides109

LDL/HDL Ratio2.8

,VLDL Cholesterol21.72 ,Hemoglobin14.4 ,

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Hello clv1950; what make you think that you need to gain more weight? Your current weight of 73 kg seem to be healthy (58.5 - 78.5 kg) for your height. Your BMI is 23.2 which is considered a normal/healthy range.



What is the reason of your weight loss ? Your lipid profile is not good except hdl. Get hscrp done. I think you need to reduce your weight by healthy means.


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