For reducing BS

My BS was about 120-fastening and 175 PP and was taking medicine twice a day. I am 65 . One of my senior friend told me" 100 gms ripen pumpkin (pukka kaddoo) duly peeled no seeds_ - boil it in pressure cooker( 5-6 whistle). Take the material out from cooker and squeeze it through a sieve (chalni)' make the volume about one glass by adding water only. No salt no sugar no spice. Take it daily as first drink in the morning. "

I got results within 21 days. I had to reduce medicine. Now I am having 95 fastening and 140 PP even after enjoying sweets daily rice daily no special restriction.

Try it.


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  • cure ,You are invited to clarify it!

  • Amazing.... na kabhi suna na kabhi socha...

    Well Pumkin seeds are rich source of Zinc...

    and many times Diabetes is associated with Zinc deficiency.... And supplimentation of Zinc help in regaining sugar control...

    But Pandey ji toh kah rahe pumkin smoothy without seeds...

    Let some one try...and tell us if this really happens....

  • Good achivement

  • No seeds as mentioned by writter. Means only Pumpkin and not seeds.

    Then how he will get Zink ?

  • This is the quiz ....can you solve it??? anirudh

  • cure

    Ask pandeyji for any other diet modifications. Let us also know the carb content of kaddu - the pumpkin.

  • where is quizzzz ?

  • aniruddh

    The quiz is to do what pandeyji does and find out if it works to reduce bs.

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