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Advise on taking medicine for type -2 diabetics

Recently ( 3 weeks ) back diagnosed with Type -2 Diabetics. Started medicine 2 x 500 mg metaform before Bf and Dinner. With regular walk in evening for 45 to 50 min and strict diet plan ( Having Less carbo and high fiber food items ) . reading after 3 weeks is FF 145 & PP 175. Without consulting doctor I am planning to take only 1 no's medicine before breakfast and stop talking in night , it is a wise decision to do so. However I would much more in my diet plan with continuing my regular evening walk.

Can anyone advise me on this ? or Sould I need to wait till my FF & PP level comes to normal range by consuming regular medicine and then try by avoiding one medicine ?

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Best wait till bs in normal range, and consult doctor before making changes. Search this site for anup and mike pollard for advice on low carb high fat diet. Very effective diabetes reversal. JanR


DO NOT make changes to your meds without consulting with your doctor or a medical professional. If you are making changes to your diet or get on an exercise regime, which results in decreased BS levels, talk to your doctor about it and they should be able to tell you how to reduce your dose.

While some members here have experience with medications it is not a substitute to medical advice from a professional. It is encouraging to know that several others here have undergone a transition from needing medicines to control diabetes to not needing any medicines because of revised diet and lifestyle changes. So the goal should be to become medicine free eventually. I urge you not to stop/ change medications on your own or based on advice from other diabetics.


Should continue medicine till fasting comes to 100 and pp 140.for early improvement I shall advice bgr34 which normalized sugar constantly.


Dont stop meds until your fasting nd pp comes below 100 and 140 consistently for a period...research and work on lchf diet, monitor your bs levels nd make the transition gradually....


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