Please suggest Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes.I have measured my diabetic yesterday it came 380 at 9:00 pm and at around 11 PM it came 420

Hello every1,

Please suggest me the medicine.I had symptoms of Diabetes since many days but yesterday when I measured it came 380 at 9:00 pm and at around 11 PM it came 420.

If any1 of u is following the diet plan.please share the diet plan also.

Kindly suggest me the Ayurvedic or Homepathy medicine as I don't want to use allopathy medicine at this point of time.Please suggest

Please share the details over my mail




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5 Replies

  • With such a high sugar, IMHO ,you go to allopathic doctor.

  • No medicine will bring down such a high BS level without diet control -> carb restriction.

  • Following proper diet is one of the most important part. For natural medicine, you can take gotirth diabnil or pathmeda Madhumehantak ghanvati.

  • No Ayurveda medicine will ever help. So look at diet first.

    Also, your sugar levels are DANGEROUSLY high.

  • Do not waste time .Consult a diabetologist. Reduce your carb content to 100 grams per day from all sources. Hope to find you in shape range.

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