ayurvedic medicine for type-2

Ayruvedic medicine will work , but one should not buy them seeing adds in internet or news paper. consult certified BAMS/MD doctor who can put you on a therapy and measure the progress by proper and regular tests. Diet ,medicine and exercise all play an important role in controlling this disorder.If you think that you can buy these herbs online , you are only wasting money and time. BAMS doctors may suggest these herbs (mostly combination of these herbs) based on your condition , age and several other factors so please consult your doctor.


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  • LCHF or...

    ...gymnema is used for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, weight loss, and cough. It is also used for malaria and as a snake bite antidote, digestive stimulant, laxative, appetite suppressant, and diuretic.

  • I tried gymnema from Himalaya Herbal - a renowned company with 8+ decades of history -- and it didn't help. I consumed around 500 capsules over a period of around 6 months during the initial days when i was experimenting with 8 herbs from them.

    Now, except for Ashvagandha, i stopped all herbal stuff :)

  • Herbal medicines of Indian origin controls the diabetes in addition to rejuvenating the system.

    Whereas the allopathic medicines just squeeze the system until to gives away progressively.

    But all these will work only if Diet is corrected.

    Just taking any medicines is no long term guarantee unless we shift from the carb based diet to fat + protien + sparingly carb based diet.

  • you are correct :)

  • I took much advertised BGR-34 2 pills twice before meals daily for 15 days. In stead of lowering the blood glucose level my fasting blood sugar went up to 190 which usually remains at 130-135. I immediately stopped BGR-34 and after two days I checked again, my fasting BS was 130. I don't think ayurvedic medicine can benefit me in any way. Earlier also I had tried RamDev's Madhu-Nashini with identical results and I had to abandon that too.

  • well said ayurvedic medicine are not good. My fasting blood sugar went up to 279 before it was not more then 155 any time. To all our members please don't go for any ayurvedic medicine.

  • You must have taken some cheap stuff from a Hakim. Don't worry you moving in right direction

  • No sir, I paid Rs.4000/= for month medicine. Not Hakim ayurvedic company from MP - Indoor.

  • Indore Gymnedime is cheap stuff inside sold at high price through TV and telemarketing. Govt does not ask for clinical study report and let public be looted.

  • Gymnedine from Indore (same city as me) is daylight robbery. Himalaya sells Meshashringhi for Rs 130 now (one month dose) and these guys want Rs 2000 :)

  • Visit Kottakkal Arya Vaidyashala centre near your residence, if any. They are the most genuine practitioners of Ayurveda.

  • I had similar experience. Patanjali med didn't help even after a year. BGR now used 2 months. Now seems better, but will revert after 2 months.


  • In reality Ram Dev and company do not produce anything except few 'controversial' drugs with 'Ayurveda' label. Rest all their merchandises are procured from bootleggers and spurious manufacturers and packaged under their banner Patanjali . Fssai of india must look into this.

  • WICH product carbohydrate metaboliser or Blood glucose metaboliser?

  • Where do we get this medicine under what name

  • consult a BAMS/MD doctor, donot buy it on your own.

  • most ayurvedic medicines may be useful but are ineffective on their own

    when they are diabetics

    most ayurvedic physicians themselves rely on oral allopathic tablets.

  • Agree. Pls. do consult a qualified Ayurvedic Physician. Himalaya Wellness has a program for Doctor Consultation in their stores once a month definitely in Bangalore. I feel they may have such facilities in other Metros also. You can check with them and consult. If not go to some reputed qualified Ayurvedic Physicians or Institutions like Kottakkal, Kerala Ayurveda. Once you find the right doctor and suitable medicines, you can postpone Allopathy medicines for several years.

  • It seems that different people have different effects with ayrvedic and alopathic medicines. I have been taking Himalaya's Diabecon DS tablets. One may try that.

  • Just one type of herb does not help buying and using them on your own is useless thing to do .

    for example , on medicine bottle you may read 2 tabs per day but when you consult doctor he may suggest 1 tab before each meal. do you get my point? drug administration is very important which people fail to recognise.

    Mostly BAMS doctors would give you combination of herbs with diet suggestion which will give results.

  • I used to have fasting 120 with gp 1 once a day..now i have started taking bgr 34 two times daily...gp1 reduced to half. And now fasting comes 100-120. Soon i will leave half dose of gp 1 too.

  • Ivy gourd (Tondekai), Ra Jack fruit and Jackfruit leaves, and insulin Plant have been left out. These are proven to be better than the 5 listed as important.

  • Guys. One last work in this topic from me.

    First of all don't go any ayurvedic medicines without knowing what's inside. May contain heavy metal bhasmas which can damage the kidney in long term.

    If you want to take such preparation that prepare it at home. Jamun seed powder. Methi seed powder. Pinch of cinnamon powder. Mix it and take it. Also can take karela+amla juice from patanjali. Also jamun vinegar diluted in a glass of water. From patanjali.

    Take 2 tea spoons fo apple cider vinegar 2-3 times a day diluted in a glass of water.

    All these will work only if you adopt LCHF diet.

    Diet remains the mainstay with the medicines and supplements additionally.

    Don't rush for any cure or any medicines which may do some harm. .

  • Very clear and honest directions...thanks for adding value to the forum...your style of post is as if you are talking to us :) :) ....(omg now i m making perfect smileys after a lot of practice)

  • There's some study which says that if you practice anything for 10,000 hrs you can become a PRO :)

  • :) ...ohh good you told me...now i came to know i am not so dumb...i learned much more earlier than 10,000 hrs...thank god...!!! :) :)

  • Many more to go :P

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  • Whats these empty rectangular boxes are :) there can be 100 of other smileys...but :) this is my favourite smiley ...anyway lets not discuss smileys...this is a serious forum...not facebook... :)

  • 8-)

  • Ayurveda is a total crap and very dangerous when it comes to diabetes. They blindly loot money from patients by giving therapies like panchakarma and flaunt their superficial knowledge by showing reports of improved bg levels initally. But patients, beaware of all panchakaram therapies which are expensive and nothing can replace lifestly changes, diet and good medication. Avoid ayurvedic doctors and their non sense theriapies for diabetes.

  • No medicine/drug can cover a horrible diet -- High Carb Low Fat nonsense.

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