How to bring down HbA1C?

Hi All, I have joined recently. My mom is a diabetic and takes insulin injections (upto 25 units) every day. She has problems with her knees so not able to walk. Also, she wears dentures so has problems in consuming certain foods eg. chickpeas, beet etc even though they are boiled. Her FBS and PPBS keep varying. Her HBA1C count is >8 since past few months now. How do we control it? Please suggest.

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  • Welcome to the group. Feel free to do more postings, comments and meet the other members of the group.

    As for the A1c and exercise.... Can your mother do chair exercises? Has her doctor suggested what and when she should do the exercises? When was her last appointment?

    Please check out the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation website for the free leaflets on "A Healthy Diet and Diabetes " and "Exercise and Diabetes ". Go to:

    You can download, read and/or listen to the leaflets anytime. Hope this helps.

  • Hi! Thanks. No, the doctor has not suggested any chair exercises. We visit this doctor every 3 months. Next visit is due in Nov end. Thanks for your help. shall try the same.

  • Very Very useful link.

  • check the below link and sure to help


  • Hi. Sure. will Try the same. Thanks a lot.

  • She needs nothing but carb restriction to get her BS levels down.

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