Artificial Sweeteners

Are there statistically sound studies around artificial sweeteners and diabetes that you are aware of ? This one is about saccharine, sucralose, aspartame and glucose intolerance with gut bacteria as the mediator. Pretty damning initial findings reported in 2014. This is an animal study. Did they spare stevia ?


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  • Eu nunca havia ingerido adoçantes artificiais antes de ter diabetes. Então não posso concordar, para o meu caso, com essa pesquisa.

  • Eu concordo. Contudo, o risco para aqueles que usam adoçantes artificiais não pode ser descartada. BTW estou usando Traduz Google.

  • To my knowledge all artificial sweeteners have some adverse side effect attached to them. Only Stevia which is extracted from plant is relatively safe when used in natural form, i.e. in the form of crushed or powdered leaves

  • seems logical

  • Sugar is extracted from plants too, sucralose too of sugar. And i do not like Stevia. Não gosto, na verdade, não suportei o sabor da Stevia. :(

  • Is it not easy to find out? Just measure FBS and then consume it and monitor BS for two hrs at half an hour intervals.

  • Sucrolose is the best artificial sweeter available in the market Sucralose is manufactured by the selective chlorination of sucrose in a multistep synthesis, which substitutes three of the hydroxyl groups of sucrose with chlorine atoms. This chlorination is achieved by selective protection of a primary alcohol group, followed by chlorination of the partially acetylated sugar with excess chlorinating agent, and then by removal of the acetyl groups to give the desired sucralose product. As per the studies it is quite safe. The product is available in the market as Sugar free Natura both in tablet and liquid form, I prefer the liquid form as it is easy to dispense and get mixed easily, one drop is equal the sweetness of one tea spoon of sugar The MRP is Rs 140/-

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