How to recuperate an injury with high blood sugar condition

Hello All,

I would like to seek your guidance on diabetic condition of my mother. Actually, two weeks back she met with a minor accident and wounded her left toe.

She has a diabetic history of high blood sugar (200+) and until now she has not recovered more over the wound has become worsen.

Doctor has recommended her few oral medicines plus Soframycin cream. I am not sure, if Soframycin is good enough or gives better results in this condition/situation. Please advice and let me know if there are better ointments available in the market other than Soframycin. Thank you - Brij.


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4 Replies

  • Keep the blood sugar low will help in quicker recovery


  • Sadly, unless her blood sugar comes down her recovery will be badly compromised.

  • Get the 200 down to 120 for few months. It will help

    Anything above 140 for any duration is going to be really counterproductive as cellular damage starts the moment sugar level shoots up beyond 140.

    So, do whatever it takes to get the blood sugar down to 120. Doctors may discourage you but insist on it. 200 is dangerously high number for sure.

    So, even if this means taking a long acting insulin to begin with, go for it. Creams alone will not help.

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    Please find out the blood circulation condition to limbs by colour doppler.In case the uncontrolled diabetese is from quite a long time,there is possibility of poor blood circulation(less oxygen supply) to limbs.I have heard and does not know the detail of a treatment called "Hyperberic Traetment" for healing wound.As I know, the treatment is with controlled oxygen supply to wound.Please find out and see whether it is useful.In Pune the treatment is available at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital.

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