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Heek pain

I am an IT professional. Diagnosed with diabetes in 2014 due to my bad lifestyle.first test was done in 2014 an it was 190 and 401. After that consulted with doctor and got 15 days treatment. After treatment my blood sugar came normal. Then i left the treatment and follow the diat plan, doing excercise and avoiding the sugar product in any form and my blood sugar never crosed 170 after having food. In jan 2016 my Hbaic was 6.2 and in may 2016 it wad 6.4 . Two days ago again i get my blood sugar checked at lab and it wa 86 and 160.

For last 3 to 4 months i am suffering heel pain, when i woke up in the morning or whenever i sit fir long tine. It is a bearable pain and goes out whenever i walk for 5 mins.

I just want to see if it is a any kind of life threat or i how can i get rid of it.

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Is it in both heels?

160 indicates a spike in blood glucose, which may be due to having a high-glycaemic food or too much carbohydrate, and would account for the slight rise in HbA1c.


Initally it started in left heel, but now it is in both heels.


Better check with a health professional. It could be an early signal for neuropathy.

If it was an injury, doing calf raises with added weight might help by building the muscle attached to the tendon.


Also i did my lipid, kft, lft and normal blood Repoort. If u want me to upload then i can do that.

My ldl also high around 260.


Actually i have a doubt, whome should i get consult. Neurologist or diabetologist?


Dear Induacratus,

It is a pain, not sensation. And what i feel is that it is increasing then before.



dear sir,

you need to do some exercise and Homeo treatment for this.you will get sure cure.

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Dear Kirubagaran,

Thankyou for giving ur time. Is there any specfic excercise or just walking and jogging? Also can u plz suggest some home remedies fir the same. I will be gratful to you.


It's Achilles tendinitis...

Very common in Diabetes....


I found a clinic "dibetacare" over internet. I read about them on internet and foind that, they have 4 clinic including, Bangalore, mumbai, delhi.

Can anyone please suggest me about dibetacare clinic. Should i consult with them or condult with general physician.

They keep on calling me over the phone regarding appointment. But i try to avoid them. Plz consult.


Hello All,

Can someone plz suggest me on my above request?


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