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English / Allopathic Medicine will destroy you more and it will move you far from the very natural system of your body. Artificial insulin will again reduce bodies chance to make natural insulin. Here is a package for you with natural safe way to cure diabetic

1)Natural Medicine 1: Prepare 100g Dry Amla (Indian Goose berry ) Powder which you can get from local Ayurvedic shops in India. 50g fenugreek powder, 30g turmeric powder; mix all these powders together and keep it in a dry glass bottle. Every morning mix 1 table spoon powder in to warm water, wait for 5 min and drink at empty stomach. Within few days you can achieve body’s immunity power and also will stabilize the blood sugar level. Better use it with a portable blood sugar analysis meter so you can understand the progress. According to sugar measurement one has to increase or decrease the amount of medicine intake. After some days you can understand the ideal amount of medicine powder suitable for your body. One have to do body exercise along with this treatment.

2)Natural Medicine 2: Prepare dry Basil leaves (Indian basil is best with dark blue color) 50g , dry neem leaves powder 50g, turmeric powder 50g mixed together and use as described in section 1 or mix it with 1 tbs honey and drink early at morning. Do good exercise for sweating

3)Natural medicine 3: If people cannot follow section 1 and 2 then they have to do the following things: (Anybody can follow these method)

Stop all the non-veg food and completely turn in to a vegetarian. Use more half boiled vegetables or fresh fruits in your meals. Lime juice is very effective for diabetic patients so drink it as much as possible only with pure honey. Eat more fruits of different varieties all around you, the natural sugar in fruits is not a problem but eating meat will make more problem. Fish can be eat moderately. But don’t eat too much sweet fruits more which will cause sugar unbalance in your body. My suggestion is carrots, oranges, lime/lemon, mango, pine apple, green apple, all green vegetables, sprouted vegetables etc. An ideal diet is as follows

a)Morning honey with medicine powder, after that eat anything light weight without butter and full fat milk like corn/oats with moderate low fat milk, bananas, boiled veg, badams, any dry fruits or fresh fruits

b)Lunch time eat any veg food without too much oil.

c)Eat fruits/boiled veg/ oats/wheat/veg soup/

4)Do proper exercises daily until you sweat. This is very very important in our package. Without doing this all the sections above is not effective. Exercise will make your blood more pump and all your body’s natural system will stabilize. So, naturally you will make a tendency to produce natural insulin in your body. You can also play sports/games if you are capable.

5)Laugh as you can, it is a magical medicine for any disease and it will control your blood pressure and give you good immune. All your body systems will be stabilized and the healing will be faster.

6)Practice yoga if you can, otherwise listen to music as you wish and relax whenever possible. A little bit gardening or any other hobbies which will make you busy and cheerful is vital for your body.

For any questions please mail me.

facebook: rajeshkumarab

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20 Replies

  • thanks the best way to get best control of diabities god blessssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Thanks for sharing the natural remedy. Do you know of people who has used this and got rid of diabetes. Also adv if you need to take medicines while following this therapy. I would like to give it a try once you answer the above and will definitely share the result which will enable others to follow.

  • My friend already used and proven these medicines, also you can make a small research in google to find the authenticity and use of tulsi, amla and turmeric in diabetics. I have given these medicine to my mom too. Significant result will get if you follow proper exercise and diet daily. once you are in track then you can stop your allopathic medicines slowly by checking your blood. If you feel your sugar is very high then drink bitter guard juice half a cup. if your sugar level is low then drink honey with lemon (Qty as your recovery).

  • Dear Friends

    In my observation there are several factors that causing to get diabetic

    1) Tensed life with over food

    2) Over food and no body exercise

    3) Heredity and genes

    What is over food? Actually as per Ayurvedic point of view, one man has to take 1/3 of his stomach filled with food, 1/3 with water and 1/3 empty. why because that is natural. from nature you will not get full stomach food all the time and you have to eat fruits, leaves vegetables as you walk in the forest. so, your body is designed to eat maximum half of your stomach. But in modern days all foods are available in a home and people are eating full stomach without any breathing space. Also people are not hard working not sweating daily to utilize what they eat. This will create unbalance in the bodies natural system and it will cause many problems like sugar, pressure etc. Also eating too much non veg and freezer foods, artificial foods like ice cream, packed foods will make you far away from nature.

    So, My Idea is to be more close with nature by doing exercises and yoga, eating half boiled veg and moderate fish only, Eating fruits and honey and finally clean your body and do yoga.

    If you read my blog you will understand how you can prepare a healthy diet for you. But i can advice you to eat more half boiled vegetables in your main meal, so the quantity of rice and wheat can be reduced. If you feel tired and your blood sugar is low then you can drink lime juice with honey to increase it. If your blood sugar is high then you can drink bitter guard curries and fenu greek rice. There is no complicated package for this but read my blog carefully then you will understand what you have to do.

    Be cheerful as you can by seeing some funny videos or be with your friends/relatives for fun. walk and talk, eat raw carrots and cucumbers when it is possible.

    All these advices you can do along with your regular diabetic medicine if you are using any. Slowly you can avoid those medicines when you feel confidence with your body after practicing the points I described in my blog. Regular walking is a must. gardening or vegetable plantation for your kitchen is good for you.

    Paschimotasana is a sitting asana also referred to as the 'forward seated bend'. This asana is good for those suffering from diabetes. It is known to stimulate the functioning of the internal organs like liver, pancreas and kidney.


    1.Sit on a yoga mat in a comfortable position with legs outstretched in front.

    2.Bend your head to touch your knees and exhale completely.

    3.Grasp the toes with your fingers. Maintain this position for a few breaths and inhale when you return to the original position.

    4.Repeat this asana 2-3 times.

    Do it slowly under somebody monitoring while you are doing asana in the first time

    How to make fenu greek rice:

    Take one cup rice, 1/4 cup fenu greek, 1/4 cup grated coconut, 1/4 cup greem gram, 1/4 tea spoon cumin seeds and boil it all together in a rice pot and eat it hot with any vegetable curry as you like. You can also add any veg leaf or dal with this meal for boiling together if you like. This is a protien rich meals which will control your blood pressure and sugar. (avoid fenu greek if you have low BP).

    How to make healthy Gralic chutney for fish fry or any meals:

    Take 10 garlic pods without removing its skin just steam boil it (dry boil) 10 min. then remove the skin, 1/4 tsp crushed black pepper, 1/2 cup curd salt little bit for taste, pudin leaves 1/2tbsp, coriander leaves 1/2 tbsp ... mix it all together and grind it in a mixer grinder. make it a loose paste by adding 3-4 tsp water and use it with anything you eat, especially with fish. you can also drink it if you want ..nothing will happen bcs garlic is good for health.

    Dont eat fish with too much masala..fry it with pepper and turmeric powder only. (Only if you like fish)

    I am actually not a doctor but an Engineer working in Saudi Arabia. I am from Kerala in India. Thank you for respecting my words.

    Rajesh Kumar

    I&C Engr







  • Dear All Friends in this Network, What I understand about Diabetes (both Type 1 & Type 2) is in the 'triangle' of efficiency of the Beta Cell (in your pancreas), the quantity and quality of insulin produced and the red blood cell. Therefore, the entire problem and solution will differ from case to case. Hence, if someone cured by herbal natural medicine, it does not mean that everyone will have receive the same result. All types of medicine and treatments are beneficial according to the cases. Thanks. Singha. 09 May 2013.

  • This is true. Every antidiabetic medicine act partially of not at all because it does not cover the cause for the occurrence of diabetes. So you could try our herbal self-made medicine which acts at a deeper level up to each & every cell of our body which has the ability to cure diabetes & most of other incurable diseases. You can mail me at drkarthikbhms2015@gmail. com if you wanna try.

  • My Concern is why wild animals doesn't have diabetic problem, its because they live close to nature and they have a natural food and lifestyle. when man can do the same slowly your diabetic problems will vanish. It is not only drinking some natural medicine or karela juice. its about the life style how close you are to the nature. If you need a complete recovery you have to do good exercise, eat natural foods, tension free, Remove toxins from your body.

    Thinks to do to cure Diabetic:

    1) Games/Sports/Exercise depends on your capacity

    2)Taking of natural medicines described earlier

    3) taking only veg Natural food/honey/lemon described earlier

    4) Be close to nature/plants/gardens

    5)Attaining tension free life by yoga/meditation/music/friends/activities

    6) can eat natural sugar like citrus fruits/ lime/ mango pine apple etc

    Things to avoid

    1) Eating non veg rather than moderate level of fish

    2)Eating oily and white sugar and artificial foods / freezed foods/ Drinking alcohol

    3)Tensed life/laziness/every time sleeping/ angry/ eating heavy food at excessive quantity.

    4)drinking carbonated juices/ cool drinks/ coffee or tea with too much sugar,

    5)irregular food intake/ irregular timings for food with excess quantity

    So, if you can understand and follow then miracles will happen in your life sure..

  • Which plant? in English

  • Guduchi in Hindi,

    See this article

  • Quite useful article. Thank you. I know that many people try different ways to treat diabet. Also I`m aware of one place, , where you can buy such pills

  • Thanks for support

  • Can't wait to try this diabetic drink mix. Will let you know how it works for me ❤️

  • Dear Raj, Thanks a lot. I am struggling with diabetic. Last 10-12 yrs using tablets. Let me try this medicine.

  • Dear members, as far as I know diabetes could not be cured by any means. At the most, it can be controlled to a certain extent. But, recently I have prepared a herbal medicine ( I am a homeopathic doctor coming from a family of siddha physicians of 2 generations) that acts at very cellular level. It cleanses, rejuvenates & boots up the immunity power of our body by acting on each & every cell. It is like kayakalpa medicine. Diabetes occur due to various causes known & unknown to us but so far the anti-diabetic medicines in allopathy or naturopathy concentrates only on a specific organ, that is pancreas. That's why we can't see complete cure for diabetes. But our herbal formulated medicine acts on the whole body in a much deeper level as said above & can cure diabetes & most of the incurable diseases. If you want more details, you could contact me at drkarthikbhms2015@gmail. com

  • Hi karthik sir

    Can u tell me in email I'd is

  • Hi All,

    Take a small amount of dried Cassia Auriculata and prepare it like tea. It produces instant results. It is part of the Siddha system of medicine. You can check at your local country drug store.

  • Make what u saying real, how much did u pay

  • Sir please give me clarification. I am using Amla, Fenugreek and Haldi powder mix in the morning. I am using Haldi powder is Kasthuri pasupu (curcumin aromatica). Can we use Kasthri pasupu for intake... Please clarify my doubt asap.

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