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How to recude Hb1ac


On November 25 2015 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and my Hb1ac was 13% and fbs was 305 after taking the medicine for 3 days my fasting blood sugar is constantly staying below 100 and some time goes below 70 after workout and on 4th January 2016 I again tested my Hb1ac and this time it is 8.5% , can anyone tell me how many more months it will take to get the perfect Hb1ac and also one more question can I got to GYM for Active Exercises?

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70% of my meals are LCHF and 30% normal......

ok so for now my fasting blood sugar is less then 100 and pbs is less then 160 so should i go to gym or I should avoid....

Morning 3-4 almonds, after walking some time a small oat meal or Egg White after 3 hour half a cup of brown rice with some green vegetable curry and green salads after 3 hour one orange and after 2 hour 1 small pomegranate and 1 small green apple in afternoon 2 high fiber biscuits and in the night 2 small size roti with some green vegetable or pudina chicken.

Sometime I replace my vegetable curry with Sea Fish or chicken.

for 3-4 days I checked constantly from minutes after food to 3 hour after food in every 20 minute and it is always less then 126 in my Gluco Meter.

My weight was somehow more so can I eat more fat, I am getting fat from rice, chicken and oil else not consuming any other fat.

Istamet 10-500 (twice) and Forxiga 10mg(once in morning) and Rozavel-f(once in night) for cholesterol.

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without taking any medicine also my blood sugar is not going beyond 145 after food in my monitor

TG: 109

LDLc: 62

HDLc: 29

Cholestrol: 113

VLDLc: 22

shrisamarthVolunteer in reply to sknayak

Going too low on lipids is not good for health. At these levels why are you still on statin drug? Before starting statins what was lipid status?

sknayak in reply to shrisamarth

Don't remember others but the cholesterol was 299 and I will post others after checking my old report..


in my case the problem is my is not understanding about LCHF and they are giving me the food which is consult by the doctor, doctors should understand about LCHF, Seriously I don't know what to do and totally confused...

should I stop my cholesterol medicines? I think i am heaving heavy muscle aches because of this..

can u please just tell me some basic indian foods with low crab and high fat.......

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