Today I am very much happy as my sugar level comes down to what it was 8 years before. When I joined this group, I was very much confused, which way to follow LWMDR, low G. I diet or LCHF. I decided to try one by one. What is important for me is that I regain my confidence that I can do something besides medication. At first I tried LWMDR, it won't help much in reducing sugar level. In spite of that I feel better in my marital life. Then I cut ZITA PLUS from medicine. Now I only take glimepride1 & metformin500. Now take only low glycemic food of 300-400 calorie per meal and the result is better. My sugar levels are as follows

24.05.16 fbs 120,ppbs 210

12.06.16 fbs115,ppbs158

07.7.16 fbs117, ppbs164

17.07.16 fbs100


31.07.16 fbs76,ppbs118

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  • Congratulations!Thanks for sharing your happiness!!

  • Congratulations....plz share you diet for help of all members.

  • Good control Congrats what is your daily diet to achieve this figure You have taken glimepride1 and metformin 500 mg morning and evening

  • Can you please share yoru low calorie diet?

  • I take glimepride and metformin once in the morning. I have no specific diet plan. I googled for low g. i food and take accordingly. Sometimes barley, oats, long wheat, 60% of my food is vegetable. I rarely take nonveg.

  • One thing I forgot to mention that I take my dinner before 2 hours of going to bed

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