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Hello all,

I was detected high blood sugar in September 2015 at company clinic during routine health checkup. My fasting blood sugar level was 200 and PP was 240 mg/dL. Subsequently, I got my HbA1C tested it was 8.3%. I was told I’m diabetic, my sedentary work took all the blame for it.

From that day I started walking a lot, I got myself a pedometer and started walking 20,000 steps a day. I have given up on all sweet/ sugary things, I have also given up on Rice. Due to all of this my weight plummeted from 83kg to about 66kg now. I got my HbA1C tested few days back, it was 5.7% my fasting BSL is around 90 and PP BSL is around 120 mg/dL.

My questions are

•How do I maintain my weight around 65 kg without any drop in further?

•I check and maintain a record of fasting and PP BSL. Do I have to do it daily?

•I was asked to take “glycomet-500” which I took for 1 month and then stopped it due to PP level falling lower than fasting BSL. Do I have to take any Ayurvedic medicine (Like BSR-34)?

Many thanks for the help,


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Maintain a healthy balanced diet with less of corbohydrates adequate protein and fat in your diet. Maintain about 45 minutes brisk walking everyday say 4 to 5 km. Check your blood sugar regularly and consult doctor at regular intervals. If you maintain a diet daily with 1800 k call it will be sufficient.

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Many thanks for your reply, point taken from your note.


Many thanks for your reply, My Active steps should be around 15K. Which i probably do in 2 to 2-1/2 hr of moderate to brisk walking. My BP has also come down because of walking from 140/90 to 110/80. I'll cut down on my walking.


Don't even try any Ayurvedic medicine. To my experience your pp level will go up.

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Thank you


diet is most crucial to stick to and also drinking water which purifies your stream


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