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Hello all,

I was detected high blood sugar in September 2015 at company clinic during routine health checkup. My fasting blood sugar level was 200 and PP was 240 mg/dL. Subsequently, I got my HbA1C tested it was 8.3%. I was told I’m diabetic, my sedentary work took all the blame for it.

From that day I started walking a lot, I got myself a pedometer and started walking 20,000 steps a day. I have given up on all sweet/ sugary things, I have also given up on Rice. Due to all of this my weight plummeted from 83kg to about 66kg now. I got my HbA1C tested few days back, it was 5.7% my fasting BSL is around 90 and PP BSL is around 120 mg/dL.

My questions are

•How do I maintain my weight around 65 kg without any drop in further?

•I check and maintain a record of fasting and PP BSL. Do I have to do it daily?

•I was asked to take “glycomet-500” which I took for 1 month and then stopped it due to PP level falling lower than fasting BSL. Do I have to take any Ayurvedic medicine (Like BSR-34)?

Many thanks for the help,



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7 Replies

  • Maintain a healthy balanced diet with less of corbohydrates adequate protein and fat in your diet. Maintain about 45 minutes brisk walking everyday say 4 to 5 km. Check your blood sugar regularly and consult doctor at regular intervals. If you maintain a diet daily with 1800 k call it will be sufficient.

  • Many thanks for your reply, point taken from your note.

  • You are walking 20,000 steps a day -- that's about 10 miles (16 km) walk a day?

    Even I had bought an OMRON pedometer for ~Rs 1200 during initial days of being a diabetic. I got fed up of walking since I couldn't have walked for full life, I switched to LCHF diet and shortly will be completing fifth year as a TYPE 2 on ZERO DRUGS and land non diabetic numbers. Check my profile:


    I hardly walk 1 km to 1.5km a day -- ie ~2000 steps a day for daily chores-- nothing specific to managing sugar levels.

    As for qstns

    (1) on arresting weight drop -- Eat More or Walk less. Eating more will require walking more so this is a vicious circle. Trying to micro manage with calorie count, it will never work as whole calorie counting is useless theory. 1 Kg Peanut and 1 Kg Peanut butter the calories uptake will be far different between the two even if we eat same calorie from both.

    (2) PPBS to be monitored more aggressively than FBS. If your meals vary widely, then better to check PPBS for the largest meal of the day. FBS once a week is fine.

    (3) BGR 34 - Don't waste Rs 600/month on that.

  • Many thanks for your reply, My Active steps should be around 15K. Which i probably do in 2 to 2-1/2 hr of moderate to brisk walking. My BP has also come down because of walking from 140/90 to 110/80. I'll cut down on my walking.

  • Don't even try any Ayurvedic medicine. To my experience your pp level will go up.

  • Thank you

  • diet is most crucial to stick to and also drinking water which purifies your stream

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