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Where is Nitins & what happened to his comments?


I have some information for Nitins. Do hope that it will be useful to him. When I tried to place it, his responses are missing. The attempt to locate his user profile also failed. WHAT HAPPENED?

I am placing the information gathered for him, here under. Hope somebody will bring to his notice. The site admins will have his email ID, no? Please pass this information to him, if your rules permit.

Hi Nitins, I think I have a partial success in finding the Gujarati name of Long Wheat. I remembered about a Gujarati Hotel in my adjacent city & went there. It is Hotel Sourashtra. Unfortunately there was nobody who knows Gujarati now. Fortunately the manager was knowing one businessman, about a kilometer away from there, who knows Gujarati.

Immediately walked there & located him without much difficulty. I had taken my demo packet of ordinary wheat & Long Wheat samples. Even though he recognised both, could remember the Gujarati name of ordinary wheat only. He said it is GHAU.

Then he asked somebody over phone, with no useful result. Then he called his mother. Unfortunately she did not pick the call. He was kind enough to offer to find out & share the name from her the next day and gave me his mobile number & name.

Next morning to my call he promptly gave the reply: it is JOUV. When I asked him to spell it in English he said J O U V. I feel it can be searched as JOUV or JOUV GHAU. Now it is for you or somebody in Gujarat to locate or ascertain the correctness or completeness or incorrectness or incompleteness of it for the benefit of the Diabetic community.

Please share the outcome here.

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Rye grain is Long wheat, because it has mixed properties of Wheat + Barley, High in Vitamin B & Fiber, have low glycemic index etc. But still due to its availability I suggest to use barley ( jau) in place of long wheat. Mahesh Khandelwal

Thank you George. I have been bumped off this blog, for unknown reason. Anyway, I really appreciate what you did for me.

I did my own finding. In and around Ahmedabad it is known as Davud Khan wheat. It may be known by other words in other parts of Gujarat. Those living in Baroda/Surat and Ahmedabad can throw some more light on it.

That is sad.

In my place Long Wheat cost Rs. 50/- per kilo. Can you buy 100 or 200 grams of that wheat you told, get it photographed & publish in a post here? It will be useful for many members.

These are also known as Balia Wheat. I will get the sample and have it photographed and send it to you.

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Why not? Karachi is closer to Ahmedabad .

JAV means long wheat grass..it is like wheat but not that thick..also less in weight..Saurashtra region of Gujarat is full of festivals and celebrations..in Shravan..roughly July-August, the maidens..unmarried woman keeps Vrat..each will sow the seeds of JAV in small earthen pot..takes care that it grows nicely..grown JAV sapling..Pooja is done by KUM KUM of the sapling..all the Kumaries go to temple taking the pot of sapling and do Pooja there..JAV is a symbol of re-productivity..prosperity and makes bonding with mother nature..Normally Jav is also known as Barley..one can grow it at home..one can take 8 to 10 earthen pot and sow the seeds of JAV. it grows in a week or ten days..one can cut the green leaves from one pot and make its juice for using..next day the other pot will be ready..and thus cycle goes on..many naturopathy institutes and hospitals have plantations for their in house use..hope this would be useful..

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Thanks sir, but sorry to dis agree with your reply..what you say is not true..i hold my point..

Barley /jau is not the lang wheat, as shown on photographs by Mr George and some other friends on this site.

I can understand this,probably rightly, in hindi it ia jau जौ , it is longer than wheat and it has husk,which has to be removed by pounding, to make it edible,because of the sharpness of husk. Normally diebitic people

Should eat chapati or roti of mixture of barley( जौ) ,graam (चना) and wheat(गेंहू) .lately addition of moong and soyabean is added. For meating protein requirements also.

One more possibility is that there are two wheats one triticale and the other duruum wheat. In bundelkhand area both are grown,one is called pisiaa the normal wheat and the other is called katia wheat. Long wheat may be that variety, if it is not barley ( जौ)

What is the Tamil Name for Long Wheat? Is it ,,SAMBA GOTHUMBU ? In Chennai from which shop one can buy Long Wheat ( i.e the real one) with confidence? P.N.Kannan (imbu2008@hotmail.com)

Hi imbu2008,

That is one of the Tamil Names, as I know. What do you mean by REAL ONE? Is there an imaginary one? I do not know much about Chennai; had been there only 2-3 times.

Many others seem to think that I am either a Long Wheat farmer or trader and am trying to promote business. My explanation to those is a quotation from a very old book bible.oremus.org/bible.cgi?...

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