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Controlling Diabetes with herbs and spices

My Husband was diagnosed with diabetes 140/200mg one and half year back. Doctor suggested medication but we told we will work on food control and exercise for six months. I researched in few alternative medicine doctors - dietitians - websites like webmd.com and came up with our food plan. It worked and he is now at 100/134 mg (6.2% i HbA1c). Our pattern of food is as follows

We are from south india. But feel free to modify it according to your food culture.

The key to our food planning was : We reduced intake of white rice, dosa/idli based with white rice to only 1/2 serving per day. Rest all are only whole food and protein based. 2 litres of water is a must.

Ways to add more fiber to food. Every serving of our food will have either methi powder, cinnamon powder , flax powder to it.

Add powdered methi to chappathi - 1/4 spoon in every meal. Can be kneaded with chappathi, Grinded with idli/dosa dough (1 spoon for every 250 mg of rice)

Add cinnamon powder 1/4 spoon to north indian dishes, oats porridge

Use black skinned dhal instead of white urad dhal

Add millet along with rice for idli/dosa (1 cup of white rice, 1 cup of millet )

Early Morning: Bitter guard juice with 1/2 lemon, 1 amla, pepper and little salt (optional).

(lemon really reduces the taste of bitter guard) Use juicer and extract the juice

Breakfast - idli/dosa - 1 or chappathi -1 , sambhar or north indian dhal (methi powder added) - 1 egg white, fresh orange juice or lemon juice

or upma only wheat/oats upma or oats porridge with cut apples and 1/2 spoon cinnamon powder

11 AM - 1 cup of veggie salad (anything you can eat) + 1/2 tsp of apple cider vinegar + 1/2 olive oil, italian seasoning, pepper , 4-5 crushed nuts

Lunch: 1 chappathi/ 1/2 cup white rice with curd, side dish with either 1/4 spoon methi powder or cinnamon powder mixed OR chappathi dough kneaded with methi & flax powder

A green leaf curry or kuttu is a must

snacks - 4-5 almonds with tea or millet kanji with milk

dinner - dosa/idli with sambhar or tomato chutney

Once you get a hang of using methi / cinnamon/ bitter guard juice/powders you will find it added to your diet in regular basis. this will ensure your sugar level comes down along withh dependency of diabetic medication. It is quite true please try it.

Simple rule: Avoid all white ingredients be it white rice, white flour white sugar.. go for brown!!! rice is not your enemy white is

Eat fruits/veggies with skin. Juice only fruits/veggies you cant eat. Learn to love bitter guard, bindi - lady finger and other veggies that are good for diabetic and rich in fiber.

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i used to take the juice of bitter guard added with tomato ( to dilute the bitterness), i had gas problem with this and the smell of gas was so dirty that I was not able to call any meeting.

Can you advise me on this.


u may add some black pepper powder in the juice.


"vijaysar" herb helps in reducing blood sugar significantly. to learn more about vijaysar herb search "Vijaysar" on google.


What do you call Flax Powder in Hindi ( North India )? It is a common belief that Meethi Powder heats up body in Summer? Is it true? Similarly what about almonds and nuts? Is there another name for Apple Cider Vinegar/



Flax seeds are called 'TEESEE' in North India. Very good anti-oxidant.


thanks.really good advice.highly useful.easily followable.


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