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*Rujuta Diwekar* is the highest paid *dietician* in India. She is the one who took care of *junior Ambani* to lose 108 kgs.

*Her advice to diabetics*:

1. *Eat fruits grown locally* ..... Banana, Grapes, Chikoo, Mangoes. All fruits have FRUCTOSE so it doesn't matter that you are eating a mango over an Apple. A Mango comes from Konkan and Apple from Kashmir. So Mango is more local to you.

*Eat all the above fruits in DIABETES as the FRUCTOSE* will eventually manage your SUGAR

2. Choose Seed oils than Veggie oils. Like choose ground nut, mustard, coconut & til. *Don't choose chakachak packing oils*, like olive, rice bran etc

*Go for kachchi ghani oils than refined oils*

3. Rujuta spends max time in her talks talking about GHEE and its benefits.

*Eat GHEE daily*. How much GHEE we should eat depends on food. Few foods need more GHEE then eat more and vice versa. Eat ample *GHEE. It REDUCES cholesterol*.

4. *Include COCONUT.* Either scraped coconut over food like poha, khandvi or chutney with idli and dosa

Coconut has *ZERO CHOLESTEROL* and it makes your WAIST SLIM

5. *Don't eat oats, cereals for breakfast*. They are packaged food and we don't need them. Also they are tasteless and boring and our day shouldn't start with boring stuff.

Breakfast should be poha, upma, idli, dosa, paratha

6. Farhaan Akhtar's New ad of biscuits - fibre in every bite... Even ghar ka kachara has fibre, likewise oats have fibre. Don't chose them for fibre. *Instead of oats, eat poha, upma, idli, dosa*

7. *No JUICES till you have teeth* in your mouth to chew veggies and fruits

8. *SUGARCANE is the real DETOX* . Drink the juice fresh or eat the SUGARCANE

9. For pcos, thyroid - do strength training and weight training and avoid all packaged food

10. *RICE - eat regular WHITE RICE. NO NEED of Brown rice.* Brown rice needs 5-6 whistles to cook and when it tires your pressure cooker, then why do you want to tire your tummy.

A white rice is hand pounded simple rice

*Rice* is not high is GI INDEX. Rice has mediun GI index and by eating it with daal / dahi / kadhi we bring its GI index further down

If we take _ghee over this daal chawal then the GI INDEX is brought further down._

*B.* Rice has some rich minerals and you can eat it even three times a day

11. How much should we eat - *eat more if you are more hungry,* let your stomach be your guide and vice versa

12. We can *eat rice and chapati together* or only rice if you wish. It depends on your hunger. *Eat RICE in ALL THREE MEALS without any fear.*

13. Food shouldn't make you scared like eating rice and ghee. *Food should make you FEEL GOOD*

14. *NEVER* look at *CALORIES*. Look at *NUTRIENTS*

15. *No bread, biscuits, cakes, pizza, pasta*

16. Ask yourself is this the food my Nani & Dadi ate? If yes then eat without fear.

17. Eat as per your season. *Eat pakoda, fafda, jalebi in monsoon*. Your hunger is as per season. Few seasons we need fried food so eat them.

18. When not to have chai - tea - don't drink tea as the first thing in morning or when you are hungry. Rest you can have it 2-3 times a day and with sugar

19. *NO GREEN tea please.* No green, yellow, purple, blue tea.

20. Eat *ALL* of your *TRADITIONAL* foods.

21. Strictly *NO* to packaged foods / drinks.

22. *Exercise / Walk*

to digest & stay healthy.


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Sure fire way of progressing to insulin shots





We are "pageless" people but talk science. I don't care for such page 3 people.


Please do not follow the advice.

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I don't know if there is some kind of propaganda going on for rujuta. Because this post has appeared on doctors' forums too and i have replied as follows.

1) Diabetics can't eat all the fruits. Apple, guava -જમરૂખ, avocado and all berries - straw berry, black berry, raspberry can be taken. Fructose is as injurious as glucose. F is metabolised only in liver and it's converted to glucose as much as 60%, to glycogen 10% and rest in fats. If a diabetic eats lots of fruits he / she develops NAFLD, non alcoholic fatty liver diseses which raises ggt levels. So a diabetic can't eat fruits in unlimited quantity.

2 ) the best oils are virgin coconut oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil for dressing, mct - medium chain triglyceride - oil, cow ghee and buffalo ghee made by fermentation. Sesame oil and mustard oil are good.

Any RBD - refined, bleached and deodorized - oil is harmful. So best avoided.

3) ghee and all good oils should be taken liberally. Fats are not responsible for bad lipid profile. But are carbs. Sounds crazy but true. I can explain if someone is interested.

4)Coconut good not because no cholesterol but having mct.

5) sorry. Rice, sugar and root vegetables to be avoided. Big no to refined flour - મેંદો. Upma, idli after calculating daily carb intake. Use brown or black rice. NO To BRITANNIA MARIE biscuits.

7) agreed.

8) sorry. No sugarcane. High gi gl sugar in it.

9) avoid cabbage, broccoli etc eating raw - uncooked.

10) absolutely wrong. No to rice as such. Brown rice is better than white because it's more fibres but just 5% difference in gi gl between the two. So rice in any form to be avoided.

11) if you are type 2 diabetic please count calories and carbs too. I prefer hypo calorie hypo carb diet. Eat only when hungry. Do IF - intermittent fasting. Please surf net to know what is IF.

12) in t2d there is lchf diet concept. Low carb high fat diet. The diabetics are poor at clearing carbs and the complications of D are because of tissue / organ edema induced by high tissue glucose levels exerting osmotic effect. So the concept is take c : p : f in 20:20; 60 proportion. You can't take more than 100 g in a day and 1 small wheat roti contains 35 g carbs. One has to learn carb counting and gi gl of the food we eat. Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load.

15) agreed.

17) utter rubbish 🙏🙏🙏

18) no sugar please. Instead take Bullet Coffee / tea. Add 1-2 tsf vco and 1-2 tsf cow ghee to your unmilked drink. The milk product prefered is a little sour hung curd. Please don't take skimmed milk. Take full fat milk. Milk and other milk products contain instant sugars.

Yogurt is better than curd. Take one with sugar free. The only sugar free recommended is STEVIA. Avoid aspartam.

19) green tea is best. Lots of anti oxidants. Best with vco/ mct and ghee.

21) and 22) agreed.

Sorry for contradicting and long answer.

I'm open to questions.

N : B : the same principles apply to obese people who want to and should lose wait.

The key to reverse type 2 diabetes is keeping s insulin levels low by IDM - intensive dietary management. None of our endo colleagues ever recommend s insulin level to be investigated but that is one of the basic investigations.


great response suramo





Thanks for sharing the information.. I am prediabetic. My A1C test result was 6.2. Is it possible to reverse the prediabetes? I m 37 years old female.



A nice humble reply for Rutuja's article, point by point and science based, with openness to questions and discussion if the author of article needs.


Very correctly put in a sentence about their immunity to nonsense and unscientific survival on propaganda. Anant Ambani's weight reduction is not solely on part of Rutuja. There are n number of variables and services to assist towards this scenario of weight reduction science.

She charges 1 lakh plus per consultation. Diabetics persons can analyze both, article as well as counter argument, themselves and decide what to adapt. A heavily charged round about consultation or a free proven and beneficial forum advice.

B T Shah


That is a lot of crap I have heard in long long time, please stop misguiding people, as such diabetics have a lot on their hands and very little on their plate so please stop this BS. Thanks



Sorry. I could not understand the reference of your post. Would you please clarify "That is a lot of crap I have heard in long long time, please stop misguiding people" for whom are these words ?


Comments read above from all members.

i clarify as follows.

1 Firstly i am given heading as IS IT BELIEVABLE FOR DIABETIC PERSON

So raj1461 I am not misguiding any members further I am also not justified *Rujuta Diwekar

Some of them says they have got this message from earlier.

2 @surmavo your answer is good one and you stated that you have seen the same in Doctors forum and given replay as the same.

However your replay is good one and it is good replay.

Any comments you have receivd from that forum by other members.

Are you not try to given replay to Rujuta Diwekar for clatification from those points.

Most of the person swere commented some other places but notspread the detail to concerned party either personnel or through any other magzines and audio or video media. Only written comments from one or two forumss not good one. Only some of members in that forum only seen the matter. Even most of themembers in this forum only active memberfs who read all discussion is very few

I once again congrats to you at least you have written in Doctors forum magzineat least some Doctors may be read the answer.

I want some more clarification from Pataliputra Indiacratus and Ragivrao for their opinion about this discussion.

Thanks to all the members to comment in this discussion

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I have not tried to find rujuta and send her a personal reply because the post was on her name but not mentioned that it was by her.

I wanted to inform all those i could contact to know the facts as i understand. I'm sorry to say that There were only one member on doctors forum who greeted me. This is the situation. We really have a tough road ahead.


@agrhar: I know that you have just quoted and my reply was not to you but in general towards the written matter posted here so take it easy ;)



Please be specific as to what is your objection. Be frank. We are here to learn and would love to know your view point."my reply was not to you but in general towards the written matter posted here " please make this sentence clear.


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