Health Benefits of Traditional Rice Varieties of Temperate Regions

In Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medical system, colored rice has been called shastika rice and claims that it can restore imbalances in the human body. Pigmented rice is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols and has two or three times as much zinc and iron as white rice [17] which possess the desirable quality to boost, strengthen, regenerate and energize the body [18]. It is also used as baby food and replaces white rice on special occasion in the state. The red color, varying from light to dark red, is confined to the bran layer. Red Rice (Zag, Tel Zag, Gull Zag, Shel Kew, Kaw Quder) Keeps You Away From Obesity, Diabetes and Cancer. Rice with a red bran layer is called red rice. Susruta (400 BC), Charaka (700 BC), and Vagbhata (700 AD), the well-known vriddha trayi (Trio of Elders) of Ayurveda, considered red rice (rakta shali) the best among the other rice varieties, due to desirable property as they had the power to redress the imbalance in the tridosha or humours (the vata, the pitta, and the kapha – are collectively called the tridosha) whose imbalance in the body causes various types of diseases. In recent times, interest in red rices has been revived because of the presence of antioxidants. The antioxidant and scavenging activity of red rice is higher than that of white rice [19].

Ancient Ayurvedic treatises laud the red rice as a nutritive food and medicine. They are known to be influential in the treatment of various ailments such as diarrhea, vomiting, fever, hemorrhage, chest pain, wounds, and burns [20]. Colored rice has been preferred in the past for their special features such as medicinal value and exclusive taste. A large number of these varieties are still grown in various parts of the sate by tribal’s and small farmers who are deprived of modern technologies and health care systems, where indigenous rice with their nutritional and medicinal properties are a rich alternative for the same. This indigenous rice variety in state and India seems to contribute tremendously to the health of the women including adolescent girls, lactating mothers and pregnant women [20]. Ayurvedic properties of Raktasali (red rice) and their effect on human physiology. Red rice (Raktasali) was the most efficacious in subduing deranged humors [21,22]. It was considered good treatment for fevers and ulcers, Improves eyesight, voice improver, semen enhancer, diuretic, spermatophytic, refrigerant, cosmetic, and tonic and was antitoxic.

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  • In the mountainous regions of central Kerala, the chill in the air signals the planting of medicinal Indian red rice, navara, a crop cultivated only once a year, usually between February and April. Navara, with its red bran layer is characteristic to Kerala.

    Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medical system, calls it shastika rice and claims that it can restore imbalances in the human body. Navara rice is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols and has two or three times as much zinc and iron as white rice. It has the rare capability to enrich, strengthen, regenerate and energize the body. It is also used as baby food and replaces white rice on traditional days of partial fasting in many parts of India.

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  • navinsinha

    No idea.....since diagnosed as diabetic.....I am even scared to type rice.....


    joke apart....few days sister got some rice from assam....the rice is grown specially for 'Khir'/payasam was very tasty....and texture was like wheat....

    May be some north eastern members can contribute.

  • navinsinha

    Guess Shashikantiyengar will be able to throw more light on this variety....

    He is from Mumbai...and I guess he knows about red rice....

  • besides this statin the most popular drug to control cholesterol was first derived from red rice.... but that was some sort of red yeast growing on rice....


  • thank you shrisamarth

    Nice info.....hmmmm let us find out where we can get this....

    As I am consuming chaptti of Khapali Gahu/Long wheat...if at all sometimes I want to eat rice...I can consume this.

    Further...I got information that there are few tribal in Chattisgarh area who still cultivate wild wheat....

    Looking for that info...may be that is better than long wheat.

  • Sastika is available on Amazon.

  • Many ayurvedic remedies are gone. Whatever knowledge is available is partial.

    You must have used "कैलास जीवन" The formula is only with the owners.

    Can we learn "नाडी परीक्षा" without guru. Ayurveda's CT scan.

  • hmmm...guess yes....but very few know the technique...

    I know the basic..I mean how they do...but never

    U know long ago I visited my fathers friend who was ayurveda doc at Nagpur.

    While I was sitting at his clinic..he was checking ...and he said to patient he is running 102 fever...

    I did not utter word...but after his clinic we were sitting on lunch table ..I asked can he tell fever in exact number just by counting his pulse.

    He gave me some formula....pluse / something....

    I forgot :( but guess that can be searched out

  • Yes there were some expert vaidyas in previous generation in Pune. But AFAIK now there is no one.

  • I use to visit sr.Khadiwale many he is no more....his son is not that good

  • फक्त पुड्या विकायच्या. :D

  • हो बांधायच्या दुसर्यांनी .... हे टोपी विकत नाहीत ते बरे आहे. ...फक्त टोपी घालतात

  • He prescribes same like allopathic doctors. Long list.

  • lol

  • hmmmm ok.....let us check in gultekadi.....

    by the way halad milali?

  • "by the way halad milali?"


    Not desperate.

    ".let us check in gultekadi....."


    कोणाला माहितच नसेल. :)

  • are baba it is available.....तू ये..मी दाखवतो तुला दुकान... वेळ काढा एकदा...

    कुठे राहता तुम्ही?? सदाशिव पेठेत??

  • पुढल्या आठवड्यात नक्की.

    मी सदाशिव पेठी नाही. :D

    शुक्रवारात होतो पण आता कोथरूडला.

  • ok

    done...gheun theu ka???

  • महाराज घेऊन ठेवायला नको.

  • का हो?? त्या निमित्ते भेट होईल

  • त्यासाठीच.

  • ok

  • ".let us check in gultekadi....."

    I thought you are talking about sastika rice.

  • shastika don't think any trader knows....

    I was talking about haldi.....

    may be if we ask ayurvedic rice....they may guide us...

    Balaji Tambe???

    मी त्याला पिच्चू तांबे म्हणतो....

    काहीही झाले की हा आपला femisan तेलाचा पिच्चू सांगतो..

  • Balaji Tambe??? :(

    मी त्याला पिच्चू तांबे म्हणतो.... :D

  • His advice for diabetics is to eat sugar, rice etc. etc. :D

  • हो त्याच्या बापाला ९०व्य वर्षी नवीन दात आले म्हणे....

    हा बाबा roadside mechanic होता... एकदम सुकड्या होता... आता कसा गरगरीत झाला आहे

  • :D :D :D

  • गांधीजींची तीन माकडे माहीत असतीलच .... ह्याच्या लोणावळ्याच्या आश्रमात चार माकडे आहेत.... चौथे माकड गमतीदार आहे...

  • तीन माकडे शांत बसलेली आहेत. चौथ उद्योगी आहे :D

  • lol....he is mr tambe

  • Did you try sasthika/navara rice ?

    Last month I got it from 250 gm only. It is heavy on digestion.

  • yes...I got it from is black rice actually....I just had little...pan bhata sarkha nahi lagat....ugich samadhan.... :(

  • मी सगळा खाईन अस नाही. उगीचच प्रयोग . :)

  • nahi re baba bhat nahi khat....fakt khapali chi poli khato....

    ok tell me what is ur HDL??

    Is that HSD means u??

  • HDL 58

    HSD yes.

  • great HDL....

    jai ho.....

  • His TG is bigger jai ho :)

  • My lipids are stable since DX as a diabetic. Never tested before that.

    TG are always 50 +- 5%

  • tu great ahes....SGPT and SGOT levels??

  • 19 and 25.

    BUN is on higher side but in range.

  • hmmm ht figures ajun khali alya tar fayada hoil ka??/

  • कसला फायदा ?

  • hmmm Shashikantiyengar che reports varun his liver is functioning more efficiently now... may be fatty liver cha problem sampurna gela ael....

    Hba1c improve zale....

    also BCF pan improve zale

  • IMO my liver enzymes are sufficiently on lower side.

    त्यामुळे त्यासाठी नवीन supplement किंवा प्रयोग कशाला.

  • hmmmm I agree...also ur Hba1c is also very good....

    may be you don't need more efforts...but ppl like me??? will they get some benefit??

  • Why don't you try some fasting ?

  • are yar.....hahahaha...dukhti nas pe hath rakh dete ho.... :P

    hiummat nahi hot.... pan karu...

  • tell me is this could be reason of improved BCF in case of Shashikantiyengar ??

  • No idea

    But interesting

  • Since you have settled with diet, IMO weight is the main issue for you. :)

  • yes.... weight ata reduce hot is stable for last 2 months.... waist is also stable not reducing...

  • त्यासाठी उपवास हा चांगला उपाय आहे.

    खिचडीचा नाही . :D

  • रुईची पाने चाटून उपास??

    नवरात्रात करू.... उपास चा उपास... आणि पुण्य ते पुण्य...

  • हो नवरात्राचा मुहूर्त चांगला आहे. जास्त फायदा होईल. :)

  • thank u....hmmm hemp oil baddal kay mat???

  • ani khas khas kadhi try keli???

  • kashasathi ?

  • Don't know anything.

  • अहो स्वामी मत विचारले... पुणेकर माणसाकडे एखाद्या गोष्टी वर व्यक्त करायला मत नाही म्हणजे काय??

  • मी पुणेकर असलो तरी माहित नसलेल्या बाबतीत हुशारी नाही दाखवत. :D

  • हाहाहा पण प्रत्येक गोष्टीवर मत व्यक्त करणे हे पुणेकर असण्याचे व्यवच्छेदक लक्षण आहे...

  • पुणेकर हा जात्याच हुशार असतो... आणि हि हुशारी मुळेच्या किंवा मुठेच्या पाण्या मुळे आलेली नसून श्री गणरायाची ह्या नगरी वर कृपा असण्याचे लक्षण आहे किंवा कसे.. ह्या वर वैशाली मध्ये ४/५ तास सहज जातील.

  • पुणेकर

    विरळ होत चाललेत. :(

  • पण प्रत्येक गोष्टीवर मत व्यक्त करणे

    "हा माझा जन्मसिद्ध हक्क आहे."

    तो पुण्यात जन्माला आल्यावर आपोआप मिळतो. :D

    ह्या बाबतीत सर्व जगाला पुणेकर हरवतील. :)

  • आणि शुक्रवार पेठ पुण्याचे हृदय ..... तिथल्या माणसाने मत व्यक्त करू नये?? अरे पुणेरी पगडीची चोच लाजेने खाली वाकेल ना ???

  • आता तो प्रांत आमचा नाही.

  • अहो वाघ तो वाघ... तो सुंदरबन मधून रणथंबोरला गेला म्हणून काय मांजर होईल???

  • वाघ नाही बदलत पण माणस बदलतात ना.

    वाघही परिस्थितीशी जुळवून घेतो. :D

  • अहो पट्टेरी वाघाचे पट्टे कधीच कमी होत नाहीत... हा थोडे स्पष्ट अस्पष्ट होतील... पण ते तेवढ्या पुरतीच...

  • ही पुणेरीगिरीच चालू आहे. :D

    कोणी मागे हटायला तयारच नाही.

  • व्यासोच्छिष्टं जगत् सर्वं

    हि चुकलेली ओळ असून मुळात ती पुणेकरच्छिष्टं जगत् सर्वं..अशी आहे असे नुकतेच भांडारकर प्राच्यविद्याच्या एका संशोधकाने सांगितले....

  • :D :D :D


  • भेट एकदा मस्त गप्पा मारू....

  • हो जमवू एकदा.

  • 78 replies. Most of them not related to the thread.

  • that always happens.... but some thing u should note.... not a single time ADA appeared... :P

  • daibetes च नाही.

  • ani ha thread hijack pan nahi zala

  • हं

  • ghal tyala ek ....

  • ?

  • वेडा आहे तो. स्वतःला जास्त शहाणा समजतो. मग अशी फजिती होते.

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