7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Ashwagandha Powder

Ashwagandha, popularly known for its rejuvenating property, is one of the most popular and widely used herb in Ayurveda.

Botanically Ashwagandha is known as Withania somnifera and popularly known as Indian Ginseng or Winter Cherry.

Ashwagandha is widely known for its following Health Benefits.

1. Helps To Reduce & Relieve Stress.

2. Improves Potency & Sexual Wellness.

3. Improves Thyroid Function.

4. Has Antibacterial Properties.

5. Helps Prevent Seizures.

6. Fights Cancer.

7. Reduces Blood Sugar Levels.



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72 Replies

  • is it an ayurvedic medicine or herbal supplement?

  • Ayurvedic medicine it is....but herbal and ayurveda is same...

  • in that case those who claim they are medicine free are they in fact not medicine free?if they are taking this aswagandha ?

  • those who are medicine free take karela, amla, fenugreek seeds, ashwagandha, fish oil supplement, magnesium, silymarin, vit D, vit. B12 etc. etc...

    ha ha ha

  • Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) defined dietary supplements as a category of food, which put them under different regulations than drugs.

  • Ashka9

    Good rhetoric. We don't consider condiments medicines. If you consider them medicines nobody on the earth is drugfree. Our food is our medicine and all those who are eating food take medicines 🐒🐒🐒. We add turmeric, pepper, chilly, cumin, dhania to our food.

  • suramo

    I am not telling condiments as medicines. But we all know that our food is our medicine...and it is correct since all foods have medicinal values to some extent...like Karela, fenugreek, cinnamon etc... useful for diabetes...no doubt about that? Now, somebody call it dietary supplement or herbal or ayurvedic medicine, it doesn't matter. In the end, it's "natural therapy" and not conventional medicines or invasive procedures. It's an alternative medicine branch, as all people call it. So, isn't it medicine afterall?

  • Ashka9

    No. They are not medicines but natural substances with medicinal values. Further they are not directly addressing the cure / reversal of D but are assumed to be playing a role in preventing organs damage.


  • suramo

    So, how these natural substances prevent organ damage afterall? They do it by lowering blood glucose levels by whatever mechanism of action...do not medicines or drugs do the same? I remember I read one post by cure where he said Metformin being made from some active substance in a herb...I don't remember the name...he may say it

    As per me, all allopathic or modern medicines including vitamin and mineral supplements are artificially being made synthetic by taking chemical structure of an active substance from herbs or whatever sources. Otherwise, how synthetic medicines are made? found similar structures from body also...and they make it similar synthetic ones...right or not?

  • Ashka9

    That's right but the extract has a definite effect on a particular disease. There are many ingredients in a herb and if you want to take a medicinal dose of that herb you have to take it in a large quantity. So extract becomes a medicine. How these herbs act nobody knows. The effect is learnt by our ancient rishies by observations. So science is yet to find how these herbs help but surely not by lowering bs or we might be taking herbs in stead of medicines.

    Some well known effects of food items and condiments - a few of there are as under.

    Garlic lowers ldl levels thereby preventing chd cvd.

    Fenugreek is a fat buster.

    Cinnamon also helps preventing chd cvd.

    Curcumin is a strong antioxidant. The claim that it's 400 times more potent than metformin is a hyperbole Or we have to take just 2.5 mg of curcumin instead of 1000mg metformin.

    Berberin - daruhalder is said to have pacreatogogue action stimulating insulin release.

    Lastly કેરડા ( keradas ) and ગુંદા (gundas ) also have some effect on organ damage.

    Ashwagandha helps by relieving stress. This might have effect on stress hormone release and thereby improving potency.

    So preventing organ damage is not equivalent to lowering bs levels.

  • suramo cure

    See, actions of all herbs in Diabecon DS tablet I take from Himalaya Herbals. Go to Results and discussion page of clinical study..page 655 onwards and read it for sure


  • Analysis of Fasting Insulin:

    Fasting insulin levels were analyzed in 20 patients who had received Diabecon and the results showed that there was a significant increase in the plasma insulin levels from 15.69 ± 6.47 µmol/ml to 22.45 ± 10.44 µmol/ml after the treatment (p < 0.047).

    Too HIGH FASTING insulin at start itself and that's further increased at the end. Useless way to control blood sugar. Fasting insulin ideally should be around 7. Here it is varying from 12 to 33. Too Bad. Very Bad.

    So, on this very issue, in one of your posts on same subject, when I said that these work by elevating insulin levels I was perfectly right in my conclusion. Even their own data shows this :)

    Increasing Fasting insulin from 15 to 22 isn't something to be proud of as far as the way Diabecon works. I am sure all churans also work similarly. Lowering high fasting insulin, and not increasing the already high insulin levels, is the key of real diabetes management. Just because it is made from herbs doesn't mean it's great.

    Controlling sugar by increasing the residual insulin levels is like filling air in a punctured Tyre N times a day to maintain the Tyre pressure. As days pass, N keeps on increasing.

    BTW, just y'day, someone posted that he could reduce A1C from 10+ to 5.1 in around 3 months just by diet change. And, this was without whipping the pancreas to produce more insulin. That's roughly 140 points drop in eABG which I am sure no churan can ever achieve :)

  • Dear @anup cure suramo

    I understand very well what point you always make about insulin. But I have counter argument. That is diabetes happens when 50% or more of beta cells already die...because pancreas will never let glucose levels remain high so will secrete insulin more and more if you have become insulin resistant for whatever reason...so this hyperinsulinemia you are talking about occurs naturally to protect our organs and cells from high BS levels. Now, once pancreas are already overworked, beta cells start dying and after more than 50% beta cells die, there would be less beta cells secreting insulin and you will become insulin deficient and that's why you become diabetic or carbohydrate intolerant since insulin is not available to push glucose into the cells. So, however and no matter what diet control you do, you will require insulin if you wish to digest whatever 100 g of carbs you eat in LCHF diet also. I asked endo and he said that this lab range of fasting insulin upto 24 is decided on basis of some research...right? So, in most cases, after sometime of diabetes occurred, it would be insulinopenia and not hyperinsulinemia....

    I completely agree with you that we should try to decrease circulating fasting insulin levels but we cannot go into ketosis by adopting ketogenic diet for lifetime...it has it's own disadvantages again...so atleast you would need to eat few carbs atleast which will need insulin...for vegetarians like us...it is even more difficult to follow LCHF diet...though may not be impossible....with time we can adapt ourselves to a diet change which we have taken since we are born....

  • One flaw in study you skipped.

    Insulin increased but no statistically significant increase in c-peptide levels. How come?

    Many vegetarians are successfully following LCHF. Term difficult is just in the mind and inability to cut off addiction to wheat and rice.

    beta cells died because they were forced to produce more insuin. Diabecon will kill them still faster if it is squeezing them still harder.

    For us, diabetes management is all about controlling residual insulin levels. There are studies to show that use of insulin in Type 2 causes more problems. In short, elevated insulin causes more problems and mainstream INCORRECTLY tries to associate it as a collateral damage because of diabetes.

  • @anup cure suramo

    Diabecon and all other natural medicines or herbs regenerate beta cell function by proliferation and not squeezing or whipping beta cells. In diabetics, if there is insulinopenia, you will require either herbs which increase beta cell function or allopathic medicines which increase insulin release which may be by whipping pancreas or at a stage...where no insulin is produced, you may require insulin injections.

    I will read the report on diabecon again regarding C-peptide and will come back to you after doing some research.

  • You could not prove regeneration. So I would not ask for proof again. It's a belief and has no proof. Keep eating diabecon with belief that your beta cell is regenerating. That belief will fall flat once you are forced on insulin shots, which will happen as it is elevating insulin levels. Even TG did not reduce to any statistical significance. That's another proof why Diabecon is horrible.

  • @anup suramo cure

    dear mr. anup singh...I gave you the proof as well before in some other post...I will give it again...

    pl see below study in detail ...don't skip...anything for you to understand...


    one more article...


  • I don't skip anything and that's why i pointed the flaw in your link of Himalaya, which you probably skipped and that's why you have to go back to that paper again.

    Might as well study in detail with open mind instead of trying to prove the impossible that beta cells regenerate because of diabecon or gurmar.

    You know what? I decided not to go for Diabecon only because of the studies where increased insulin levels are shown incorrectly as a positive sign of the churan.

    Rat studies, I normally don't read seriously. Leptin injections worked great on rats and failed on humans. That's when the prospect of a trillion dollar new obesity management medication fell flat on it's face. So, first link becomes irrelevant and second has only repeat of usual "belief" and no science.

  • Ashka9

    "Diabecon and all other natural medicines or herbs regenerate beta cell function by proliferation and not squeezing or whipping beta cells" well if you believe in this postulation then after some time - few days or months you should have generated enogh beta cells so that you can stop all the medicines. Let's all know if that occurs.

  • suramo

    Well, after 6 months, I will get my blood work done again so we all will review it that time. I will post it here as a separate post for all to know. By the way, I don't plan to stop Metformin because it is also said to be preventive in case of cancer...it is said to be anticancer also. I will continue medicine ...only Metformin and Diabecon DS I take and Gymnema extract I started before few days for lifelong...because I got to know from a case where some person was controlling diabetes without medicine with only diet and exercise for 10 years but after that he had to resort to medicines and insulin injections both for controlling BS levels. So, no point in stopping medicines if it makes worse after some years.

  • Ashka9

    Now you don't like my telling your explanation bizarre 🐒🐒. So you will be taking metformin to prevent cancer !??. I think you would be the only person in the whole universe to do that.

    Since you claim that diabecon ds regenerates beta cells you should be off whatever medicines and condiments you are taking for D.

    "I got to know from a case where some person was controlling diabetes without medicine with only diet and exercise for 10 years but after that he had to resort to medicines and insulin injections both for controlling BS levels." I have time and again posted here that t2d occurs because there is a script written in our genome for beta cells to die gradually and also the extent of the death of beta cells. I had also cautioned those who have reversed their D to monitor periodically and take care of their diet for ever.

  • Anup

    "beta cells died because they were forced to produce more insuin. " i hold a different understanding. Beta cells die not because they are forced to overwork but as per the script written for them in genes.

    But important fact is that they die or become dysfunctional.

  • Ashka9

    You put a very bizarre theory. Sorry i can't buy that.

    I can't understand your logic for taking carbs.

  • suramo

    Will you please explain how my theory seems bizarre to you? It's not logic only but it is understanding gained through reading, consulting doctors/endos and experiences on personal basis.

    See...all plant foods contain more than 50-60% of carbs....so avoiding carbs is not possible for me as a pure vegetarian. You can eat eggs or LCHF or Ketogenic diet. Does your eating eggs control your FBS? No...naa? Then, pl try Meshashringi tablet (Gymnema extract) from Himalaya Herbals 250 mg each morning and evening. You have to continue it for life long and it will be effective within few weeks but for a complete effect, you have to take for about 18-20 months continuously. Come back to me, and blame me if it doesn't. You need insulin to decrease your FBS and since you are insulin deficient due to your reduced BCF, you are having hard time reducing your FBS. Gymnema will regenerate beta cells if at all some BCF is left...it can revive and secrete enough insulin to reduce your FBS.

  • Ashka9

    The theory about 50% beta cell death etc are postulations.

    I have controlled my fbs reasonably well. From 184+/- to around 120 . I'm not in a hurry but one day i will surely control my fbs too. I had to increase my calorie intake because there was a fall in my hb levels 9.2. Also this is a winter season and i found out from trial and error method that whenever i took carbs in form of Thepla or bajara - millet loaf in dinner my fbs shot up next morning. Also i have to reduce my weight to achieve fbs control. My weight is static at 68 i think for last 2 months.

    Madam i'm also a vegetarian and take only one egg in dinners once in a while say once in 10 days or fortnight.

    But being vegetarian is not the excuse to take more carbs and control bs. One can't take more carbs than can clear sugar from blood. Whatever carb - simple or complex are gonna put pressure on your pancreas. If you take high gi food your pancreas would be tormented to produce more insulin and if you take complex carbs pancreas will get some time and will not be whipped to produce more insulin but at the end of the day P will have to produce equal amount of insulin as GL.

    Also i think my fbs is lower than 140. It should not affect my organs. Well i'm working on that. Yes i know there are various studies that show that fbs >110 has detrimental effect on organs. But then we don't know their diet structure. Yes i firmly believe in the science of lchf diet. I may not get the desired result because my bcf has been lost to a great extent. This doesn't mean the logic of lchf is wrong.

    I don't want to be in a delusion that beta cells can be regenerated. I want my bs to get controlled naturally. So yesterday only i decided firmly not to take any grain in whatever form.

  • suramo

    It would be however difficult to be grain free for lifetime....your weight is not much according to me...you need insulin to digest carbs even if you take LCHF diet because for that 50-100g of carbs you take in the form of milk or milk products like yoghurt, cheese etc also contains carbs....even fruits contains carbs...even seeds and nuts contains minute amount of carbs...so what you would not eat then?

    Curing naturally can happen only by herbs and ayurvedic medicines and not only by diet. Disease once happened, it has to be controlled by medicines however.

  • Ashka9

    I said grain free, not carb free. But carbs as low as possible and that too in complex form. I don't think one can't get grain free.

    Hung curd contains mostly proteins and very little carbs at all. Making it sour further decreases carb content.

    "Curing naturally can happen only by herbs and ayurvedic medicines and not only by diet. Disease once happened, it has to be controlled by medicines however" i have a contrary view. Only and only diet can help you control D. No medicine or herbs can help you. They are just supportive. D is not a disease but a metabolic condition. Simply putting D is that we can't assimilate carbs and we can take in the quantities that will not raise our bs. You will not have any queries once you accept facts about D.

  • Anup

    well said. When the doctors and endos would learn this fact real D care would start. And pharmas would cry.

  • Ashka9

    Not new to me. All pharma companies always put hyperbolic claims about their products.

    But fine if you buy the claim stop all your medicines and control your bs with herbs only. I'm not advising you to do that.

  • suramo

    hnn...do you feel people are foolish to follow which doesn't benefit them?

    Herbs are very effective without any side effects that modern medicines offer. As I said before, I don't intend to be foolish enough to stop medicines at all. Herbs I use as an adjuvant therapy.

    For blood pressure, I take Arkamin..can I stop that? ha! I don't wish to have stroke at all in my life.

    For thyroid, I take Eltroxin. Can I stop that too? hormone replacement is a must.

    Then, why to stop Metformin being it so effective and anticancer also? Once diabetic, always diabetic....not sure why people run after CURE of diabetes when they know it isn't possible.

    Low carbs or moderate carbs is favourable to control our BS levels for sure...but afterall you can't remain on ketosis for lifetime....otherwise go ahead...and instead of measuring BS levels regularly, measure ketone bodies in urine while on ketogenic diet.

  • As I said before, I don't intend to be foolish enough to stop medicines at all.

    Those who stop them and yet attain better numbers than you are more intelligent I would say. Gulping medications isn't a sign of being too intelligent, specially when dietary changes works better.

    BS levels for sure...but afterall you can't remain on ketosis for lifetime

    Why not? Don't confuse LCHF with Ketogenic diet, which you always do.

    For blood pressure, I take Arkamin..can I stop that? ha! I don't wish to have stroke at all in my life.

    And, what's the guaranty that you won't have stroke, despite medications? People take statins and have repeat heart attacks, despite them.

    See...all plant foods contain more than 50-60% of carbs....so avoiding carbs is not possible for me as a pure vegetarian.

    Listen to what many vegetarians on LCHF have to share. They are living examples. No one is avoiding all carbs. They are just limiting to what is logically sound -- below liver's glycogen storage capacity of the day.

    and instead of measuring BS levels regularly, measure ketone bodies in urine while on ketogenic diet.

    That's an "intelligent" way of controlling things rather than blindly trusting gurmar based on some rat studies. BTW, those on ketogenic diet also don't test urine ketones so regularly. One strip of ketone costs less than 1 day's dose of Gurmar.

    When we talk of LCHF it is not Ketogenic diet. Those on LCHF don't really test ketones in urine. So please get the facts right.

  • Ashka9

    I want people to be wise and find out what really benefits them.

    Herbs are yet to be proven very effective. They may not be harmful ( some life gudmar and daruhalder may be by whipping P ) but surely they may be intolerable to many.

    We doctors have long back given up arkamin - reserpine alkaloid still used by ayu people. Very risky drug. Causes rebound hypertension and beings centrally acting continues its effect for a long time after completely stopping. Please go to a good physician or a cardio to have a better options. Lisinopril / ramopril and telmiride group is the best for D people.

    Eltroxin good. There is no alternative except cheaper brands or generic medicines.

    Metformin and anticancer - even if it's true must be very weak and never intended to be used as anticancer. As a hunger suppressant - fine. That's is a positive side effect but never recommended as a drug for suppressing hunger.

    Madam. Lchf doesn't mean ketotic diet. Yes. But if you can adopt ketotic diet it'll be very good. Actually ketogenic diet can reverse your kindey damage. But ketones should come from your own body fats preferably. So carbs < 50 and at least 30% reduction in calorie intake and proteins at 1g per kg body weight is the best or if you're cachexis and require more proteins maximum 1.5 g body weight but at the cost of carbs and not fats.

  • suramo

    Arkamin has clonidine in it...not taking reserpine alkaloid.

    For me arkamin works better than others because I tried others for a couple of months and it was creating havoc with my health...once I started taking arkamin, I am ok

  • Ashka9

    Yes. It contains clonidine. But what i said about it is true. Centrally acting, rebound hypertension etc. May be presently used for malignant hypertension. If you have controlled you bs you can switch to ramipril and ace inhibitor. Ramipril is cytoprotective also.

  • Berberin - daruhalder is said to have pacreatogogue action stimulating insulin release.

    And, I would avoid all such *gogues that whip the pancreas to produce more insulin. Counter productive as one will then tend to eat more carbs.

    Additionally, I know of two Indian diabetics on whom one particular brand of Berberin did nothing.

    So preventing organ damage is not equivalent to lowering bs levels.

    Reducing blood sugar to near normal will help in preventing organ damage.

  • Anup

    you are absolutely right but the context of my both the sentences are different.

    Yes. I'd not advise anything that whips the pancreas but the reference was if condiments are medicines or not. But daruhalder may be useful to the people like me who can't control fbs despite all efforts like omitting dinner, taking eggs only in dinner and all other kinds of low / high carb food. High carb tried to know if high fbs is due to somogyi effect. Daruhalder may help in controlling fbs. Although it's a different issue if controlled ppbs and a little high fbs <140 is detrimental to our health or not.

    My other statement was in reference to the effect of condiments. Ashka9 had an opinion that condiments have their effect by lowering bs. Well i'm sure you are also not saying that condiments act by lowering bs.

  • Anup

    thanks you wrote to me. I have a definite findings to declare that cholesterol and fats are not the primary factor responsible for causing cvd / chd.

    My friend 69 yrs who i referred to in my earlier posts to be having strong genes and eating everything including icecream parathas etc. Unfortunately 15 days back he suffered from a silent heart attack. He was admitted in Apollo hospital. Did angiography and was found to have all 3 vessels 99% blocked. Ef only 15% on admission. He was kept there for 5 days and surprisingly or ridiculously discharged without doing 2 d echo and more frustrating is that they didn't get lipid profile done in those 5 days. Charged 3lakhs after slashing bills !! What a cost.

    I got his lipid profile done yesterday. Asked for extended lipid pr but didn't do. Also asked for fasting insulin by personally talking to the lab. Didn't do. The results are as follows.

    A1c 8.3= 191 bs.

    s cholesterol 125

    ldl 54

    s tri 154

    vldl 25

    hdl 48

    total lipid < 500 ( i don't remember exact figure )

    Ef 30%

    With such a good lipid profile how can one get chd cvd if fats are the primary cause ? No. Now at least and i have always been saying that the fats are wrongly incriminated for the atherosclerosis. I'm of the opinion that in this case the high sugar cause inflammatory damage to the coronaries and he got his all the coronaries blocked despite very wnl lipid profile. He really has wonderfully good lipid profile.

    So all our exercises and theories to criminalize fats for vascular damages stand wrong. Even lp(a) and particle size and numbers stand irrelevant. He doesn't have any bad habit.

    So as i use to firmly believe i hereby say firmly that lipids are not the primary cause of atherosclerosis.

    What do you say ?

  • A1C 8.3

    TG 150+

    These two numbers hold the key.

    What causes these two climb up? CARBS. Fat is wrongly blamed.

  • anup

    ya. Uncontrolled a1c because of bad diet.

    TG is 127.8 . i had made a mistake. What i'm trying to emphasize and i firmly believe that in D bs levels -a1c is more important. Fats are not the primary cause. So those who oppose high fat diet - good fats should review their belief and more efforts should be directed to controlling bs rather than fats. One should give up bad habits like smoking and chewing tobacco etc. Alcohol i'm not sure if in small doses would be helpful or harmful.

  • Alcohol i'm not sure if in small doses would be helpful or harmful.

    I think will be helpful in small doses...

  • Anup

    i'm worried about cirrhosis. Though small doses may not cause it but we are special cases. We are recommending vinegar which is also just short of alcohol.

  • Theory of Dietary FAT is bad is a failed theory. It's the 60% carbs which cause all the problems. One should not be eating carbs beyond liver's glycogen holding capacity for a day.

  • Anup

    just a day before while surfing the channels i came across a talk of 3 Bangalore based renown diabetologists who were very seniors. One of them was a lady. But when asked about diet i was severely disappointed to hear from one if them that " D people can take same diet as others. Punjabies can enjoy there food and keralians can enjoy their rice." And the last nail in the coffin was the advice " take very less fats / fat free diet." For god sake such a learned doctors are totally out of logic. I don't think they don't know about insulin and its anabolic effect and would have very well known why DKA occurs in t1d - lack or absence of insulin and severe lipolysis and ketoes not getting into tca cycle to be metabolised. It's very logical then to conclude that low insulin is the key to shed off fats from body and reduce ir. I felt that someone should file a pil so that these people are forced to update their knowledge and apply their wisdom. They can't play with the lives of their patients just because they are ignorant. I am worried when shall medical field come out if wrong fear of fats. This is criminal.

  • I am worried when shall medical field come out if wrong fear of fats. This is criminal.

    Probably when our clan grows more and more. It is growing. But, people have to start challenging these diabetologists and so called nutritionists.

  • Anup

    we are literate and can think logically. Doctors are also intelligent but ill trained. Also the standard books are still under influence of food and drug industry. So legally and as per the training - may be wrong - they are following blindly what has been written in those books. There are few who update their knowledge and revolt against " standard " practice. I'm disturbed by the wrong practice by the stalwarths of medicine. I again emphasize that our present medical system requires a big overhauling. At present we can't do anything because the people won't believe us howsoever right we might be. There are a few who know the truth but do not dare to go against " standard " practice.

  • Word of mouth will spread awareness. Someone from Udupi, who had diabetes and thyroid problem, benefited immensely on LCHF. Then he was invited to write an article in a local daily. He then went about posting banners and distributing pamphlets in Udupi at one festival recently. Now another local daily has contacted him to write article. Here's that thread:


    Bottom line: Message of LCHF will spread and LCHF community of Indians is also growing. Yes, it needs a lot of dedication to spread the message. When people see others on LCHF benefiting, they are convinced -- even one in 10 is a great success for us. All those who switched have stopped listening to doctors and dietitians when it comes to diet.

  • Anup


  • Ashka9


    See how costly cow ghee is. These are fantastic prices.

  • suramo

    I prefer VCO to Ghee most of the time.

  • @anup suramo

    here is one web link...


  • I would still prefer VCO. Second would be butter. Ghee is too dicy a market.

  • hmmmm how about Home made ghee???? is that also not good???

  • 1 Kg Ghee will need how many Kg of malai/makkhan and that in turn how much cow's milk? If the volume can be managed, no harm. But, still from MCT/LCT point of view, I would settle with VCO.

  • Well I get direct cow cream...mix that in cow milk.... then ferment the same...churn and get butter...

    You can opt to consume it as butter or can boil and make ghee

  • I prefer VCO because of 2/3 being MCT

    As for butter, I have settled for Amul Butter. That's pretty less.

  • mentalhealthdaily.com/2015/...

    Not everyone can handle supplementing MCT oil in their diet, which is fine because MCT oil certainly isn’t a necessity. However, it should be understood that MCT oil is capable of providing a quick, efficient source of energy for the body and brain. MCT oil will not take long to metabolize (particularly C8/C10 formulations) and work great if you’re looking for an energy boost.

  • Sir ji,

    Mat lo phir.

    You will find thousand links from each side. Again Dave Asprey theory of C8/C10. All marketing gimmick. Except for hyper responders (who in any case will respond similarly to any SFA) VCO is great.

    If VCO stressed a liver, SGPT,SGOT etc won;t come down.

  • lol no anecdotal examples @anup bhai

    Let us understand science.... :)

  • Ask the author what diet he is basing his theory on? Then we can discuss all the science.

    Medical reports of 100+ are not anecdoes. But, yes they did not follow High Carb diet.

    Real anecdote is Gurmar regenerating beta cells :)

  • LOL...we are talking about MCT yar..why Gurmar and butter nd ghee???

    Let us understand science....

  • cure


    I have my reports with me. Koi sikha do how to paste them here. But i'm very happy. See my reports and Ashka9 i'm sure you will still have questions but i'm dumb struck with my reports.

  • suramo you can save the file as JPG image and start new thread... thereis option to upload image in new thread...

    Posting image in reply is not possible

  • chal chod....jane de....

    Bhai most likely next week I will be in Indore... free ho??

  • cure

    "Not everyone can handle supplementing MCT oil in their diet, which is fine because MCT oil certainly isn’t a necessity. "

    What else could one take then if opting for lchf diet.

    Anup. Vco and butter both are good and both have equal place in our diet. They are supplementary to each other and not the competetors.

  • suramo

    which prices you are talking about for cow ghee? patanjali is selling for Rs. 495 per kg.

  • Ashka9

    I'm talking about the fantastic prices at which cow ghees are sold. Pathmeda cow ghee is considered to be the best. Many goushalas in my ares are selling at 600-1200 / kg.

  • herbal and ayurveda is same..

    Herbal Vs Ayurveda

    Herbal Products:

    What are they made of?

    Herbal products are made of plant extracts, plant roots, leaves, etc and used as per their properties.


    The word herbal is derived from the mediaeval Latin liber herbalis (book ofherbs)

    Are they completely natural?

    Herbal products are free of chemicals. However, pesticides may have been used in their growing.



    Ayurveda Products:

    What are they made of?

    Ayurveda is medicinal science which includes use of herbs as well as heavy metals like gold, silver, copper, tin, mercury, sulphur, animal extracts, etc.


    Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit word Āyurveda which means ‘life-knowledge’;

    Are they completely natural?

    Ayurveda products may contain toxic levels of metals, etc.



  • what are side effects of ashavgandha

  • Drowsiness.

    That's why not preferred in morning as people normally step out to drive to work. Usual doses after lunch and dinner.

  • What are side effects of ashawgandha? Is it good for kidney problems also

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