the white poisons

The chinese say there are two white poisons in the world. Sugar and salt.Your daily needs of these two are met if you take balanced diet. No need to take extra.Likewise there are three white satans to disrupt your blood glucose level, White flour/maida,white polished rice and white polished sugar.Instead take atta with chokar or mixture of wheat,gram,barley and soyabean.Take brown or boiled rice and either avoid sugar or sugarfree in very limited quantity.Walk at least 3 miles per day.The central idea is,live as per Ayurveda and you can have a very healthy and happy life ...Guaranteed.


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10 Replies

  • you are right sir.

  • this is good advice and he is not trying to sell any herbal cure, book or ayurvedic clinic either!

  • thanks.I am only sharing my experience of controlling diabetes of 16 years

  • Yes and add following to the BANNED List

    POTATO. Eliminate everything POTATO from meals/snacks. It's poison for diabetics in general.

  • perfect

  • I agree with Mr Kamtadale.All itemes are acidic in nature,while in diet the ratio must be 80% alkaline and 20% acidic.Diet should be accordingly.All fruits have natural sugar,which is required by body.Add Yoga and Pranayam+suryamudra and vayumudra.

  • i agree and believe in naturopathy .it is highly useful dr s c bhageria

  • Good information.thanks a lot

  • Kindly add oil and fats to the list of poisons

  • I fully agree with Kamtadale Ji and he advised us information.

    Dr S K Kapur

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